Why I started this blog:

Because I’m fed up with the lies and nonsense the jews have been feeding us for over 70 years. (And before that, too).

Because I’m sick of seeing everything I know turned into a cesspit of filth.
Because I’m sick also of seeing corruption of every type promoted, encouraged and praised like a badge of honor. I’m sick of living in a world that awards prizes and makes role-models and heroes of people who belong in jail or in an insane asylum, at the worst, or at the best, do not deserve the position and acclaim they do have.
Because I’ve had enough of seeing that every value, custom and tradition –the very foundation of things and nature– being turned topsy-turvy — and nothing better emerging as a result.
And also, I see my people getting killed every day. Not necessarily with bombs or guns -yet-, but dying a slow and worse death than that –the killing, raping and maiming of their minds and souls–, of which there is no turning back.
Because I found out what is really the truth — and is not what we were told it is.
And last, but not less important:
Because it’s imperious to me to speak out. It’s not only a personal need — it’s also a duty.

I know that these truths are considered “politically incorrect”, “offensive”, plain lies born of malice, or simply, too inconvenient.
And in a world that is getting increasingly more repressive while it claims to be “tolerant” and “inclusive”, and where people are taking
the shroud of victimhood as a job-career, when they are literally looking out for opportunities to get offended (so it furthers their goals and get sympathy), all at the same time, without doing any real work of value and making excuses for their incompetence blaming somebody else but themselves for it, well, it takes guts to speak out.

But, as Julius Streicher said:

“Who knows the truth and does not say it, is a miserable creature”.

And who wants to be a miserable creature? Not me! Not anymore! And I urge you to speak out as well! I urge you to improve yourself, clean yourself of your bad habits (everybody has these, including me) and man up and resist the Jew World Order!!

If we stand up united and strong, no jew can take us. We are better, stronger and smarter than them in all counts. We ruled the world and we
can still do it today. We only have to be TRUE TO OURSELVES as White men and women, and no amount of jewish lies will make us bend to their
demands. We will rise again!!

And for people of other races who think that White supremacists are “baaaad”, they’ve lied to you too. The only real supremacists that are really, really bad, for everyone, are the jewish ones. Ask the
Palestinians. Ask any person who ever lived in a communist dictatorship. They opress and enslave everyone that is not of their own.

That includes you too.


So, if we want to stand a fighting chance, we must take action NOW!!


Autor: Gas Mask

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