Of «feminazis» and real female-communists

Disgusting feminists of the MST showing their drooping tits.
Not pictured: Real sympathisers of the NSDAP. Notice the MST flags, it’s an Argentinian leftist party called «Movimiento Social de los Trabajadores» = Social Workers Movement in English.

Are you a female sympathizer of the NSDAP?
If yes, don’t feel bad!


Do you happen to be both a female and also a sympathizer of the NSDAP regime, and/or, but not limited to, the person of Adolf Hitler?

Don’t feel bad about that!

Nothing gives away more a «semiawoke» person than the expression «feminazi».

Specially if they aren’t being ironic or using it for the sake of convenience.

(And please, if you use it out of convenience, please stop). It doesn’t help us one iota, and makes you look like an ignorant ass.
Hitler’s Germany was exactly the OPPOSITE to the nightmarish hell on earth the feminists «femi-marxists» want to create.

Even if you think Hitler was a «baaaaaaad» guy, you can see, if you research for more than five minutes on the actual NSDAP program (hint, it doesn’t say anything about zykloning-b-gassing the pesky jews), that his politics were FAR, FAR AWAY from making women filthy, green-colored screaming hags that harp about «toxic masculinity» and «hetero-patriarchy» (The fuck?)

Hitler did give medals to women who had four o more German children, of course. (That means REAL German kids, of the Aryan race). Not black kids or mongrels of any kind. No. Ius Sanguinis it’s always superior to Ius Solis. Ask the jews on that one, they know it better than anyone else in this planet.*

Now, tell me how a guy that gave medals to women for having children (for having children, gosh!) can end up being compared to lesbian (and not so lesbian) lasses that yell «Down with patriarchy!» «Lesbian and proud!» and similar slogans. Tell me how Hitler’s Germany did end up in all that mess?!

Well, like I said before, for most people Hitler and the Nazis were «baaaaaaaad». And for those who see that these bloody feminists (and some of them when they get bloody down there they just don’t give a damn), as bad, well, they put 2+2 together and somehow end up with 22, but they do really believe they have 4 there!

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if it was actually the jews who started with that meme. They have a penchant for destroying the meaning of the words, by using and overusing them, until they don’t mean the same anymore. Or they use a word, to design exactly the OPPOSITE of it.
For example:
Gay = homosexual. Now, there is little real fun and happiness in the life of the average gay man. Unless you count as fun and happy the endless amount of couples, the empty lifestyle, the endless parties, the drug-abuse, the higher prevalence of some diseases on their population, the suicides, their self-segregation, the lack of stable relationships, their inability to have children in a natural way, their emotional problems (most of them derived from abuse), their unfulfilling sexual relations (they are akin to try to get a well-fed stomach with air)**, their (mostly) one-dimensional relationships, due to some of the above reasons, and probably more that I can’t think off right now.
Gay, in the original, real sense of the word, means «happy». Or cheerful.
It doesn’t mean «man who likes having sexual intercourse with people of his same sex».
They began to use the word «gay» in that sense to design a homosexual dude who likes partying until the cows go home, and then, to party a bit more.
But, is there a meaning to be found into partying every day? What if there’s nothing to celebrate? Dude, parties begin to lose their sense pretty soon!

Or the «R» word. No, not that word that got replaced with the euphemism «individual with mental disabilities»! Not that one. That other word! That one, that one hears nowadays, more and more, and usually attached to the word… White. White people.

White people that care about their race and people = racist.
Black people that care about their race and people = good to go, do it brother!
Asian (yellow) people*** that care about their race and people = good, you can do it too!
Red people (Amerindians of various colors and ethnic groups) doing the same = good, you can do it as well!
Mestizos (Latinos) that care about La Raza = good to go, vamos manito!

Only White people can’t be racist.
Only White people can’t look out for their own.
Only White people have to look out and care for the interest of others not their own. Only Whites have to help non-Whites.
And when Whites complain (and even if they don’t) they get called «racist».

Racist is a term that was coined by Lev Bronstein… sorry, Leon Trotsky. He coined it as a weapon word. It has functioned so well against us.

Those are only two examples of their M.O. You can add your examples; like «multiculturalism», «diversity», «freedom» and many more…

So, if only for the sake of using the correct words, stop saying «feminazi», unless you refer to a female who REALLY sympathizes with Hitler/the NSDAP****. And also, for the ladies out there who happen to be on the same boat than this blog, don’t make a big fuss about this, either! Don’t get mad if you heard «feminazi» to refer to the stupid screaming sandycunts who prance about «equality» and «muh patriarchy». Say something like «Did you know that Hitler was loved and revered by the women of Germany, because he cared about the mothers and their children? Or, that he REALLY, REALLY loved his mother? He loved his mother so much, that, when he found out that she was sick, he flew (not literally, but you get the idea) back home so he could take care of her (and of his little sister, too), until she died.
Yes, he even wrote a poem about mothers! Search for it, and tell people about it.

Hitler wasn’t a monster, my fellow feminazi (I know, you already know that). Hitler wasn’t a monster, my non-awake friend. The jews lied to you. They are the monsters. Just think, if Hitler wasn’t a monster, and the jews say that he was a monster, indulging in the vilest campaign of character assassination you can see on modern times, then, who are the monsters…?

Makes you think about it, huh?

Well, think about it!! (And hurry up, there’s not much time left).

*Ius solis refers literally, to the rights of the soil. But there’s more than that. In practice, is the basis for naturalization of foreigners (you accept them as your own citizens, born and raised) and dual-citizenships (those pesky jews, specially the top ones, have citizenship on Israel and 《insert country name here》). The problem with that, is that in modern times, anyone can move to any country with relative ease, and that, obviously, uproots entire communities. And makes a multicultural mishmash of cities, regions and even entire countries. That’s why the jews push so hard for immigration (for other countries that are not Israel, of course.)
Ius sanguinis means «the rights of blood», those who only are for people of that ethnic group, that have been living for entire generations on the solis (the soil). Since blood and flesh people work on the soil, well, you can see why it’s superior to the rights of the soil. It’s people who make a nation. The jews are a nation/ethnic group that for more than 3000 years have managed to live without a soil, and not disappear. The rights of soil are those that have a meaning in the papers, but, if you take those papers out, they lose their meaning completely. It gets more obvious the more dissimilar (difficult to assimilate) an immigrant is and the most recent he is. His roots are not attached to the soil. His destiny is not the same as the nation that hosts him. He has another destiny, another nation where he belongs to.

**It’s akin to fill your stomach with air and pretend you had a good meal, because, simply put, they cannot have natural children (not in that way). Men may derive pleasure from having penises entering their rectum (they get some sexual stimulation from doing that), but they still can’t have children. Women may masturbate or use dildos (a bit more natural, I have to admit), but still, they can’t have children. And the ultimate end of having sex, the real one, is to HAVE CHILDREN. To procreate. To propagate the species. Men and women have pleasure from having sex, yes, a lot. Is not bad that it happens. It gets bad when is the ONLY REASON OF WHY THEY HAVE SEX. It gets worse when they OVER OBSESS WITH IT. It’s worst when THEY USE AND ABUSE PEOPLE OF THEIR OPPOSITE SEX, OR OF THE SAME SEX FOR ITS SAKE. That’s why we have so many problems between the sexes today. It’s the hedonistic approach to sex (and relationships in general) that has made things so screwed up between us.
BTW, don’t bother to argue with me over this point. You won’t convince me. It’s not that I invented it, it’s just simple facts of nature. Sorry.

***Except, maybe, if you are from Japan. Since the Japanese are the closest to Aryans (in behavior and even social maladies), it might make sense that they seemingly are being targeted too.

****Or don’t use it. Really. I might seem to contradict myself back and forth, but I’m also aware that the word «Nazi» has bad connotations. If you don’t care, and if you want to explain people why the Nazis and the feminists are not the same (which you should be doing anyway), then do it. Only don’t use it to refer to those female communists, they are as far away from real Nazis as Timbuktu is from Kalamazoo.


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  1. The Mother by Adolf Hitler

    “When your mother has grown older,
    When her dear, faithful eyes
    no longer see life as they once did,
    When her feet, grown tired,
    No longer want to carry her as she walks –

    Then lend her your arm in support,
    Escort her with happy pleasure.
    The hour will come when, weeping, you
    Must accompany her on her final walk.

    And if she asks you something,
    Then give her an answer.
    And if she asks again, then speak!
    And if she asks yet again, respond to her,
    Not impatiently, but with gentle calm.

    And if she cannot understand you properly
    Explain all to her happily.
    The hour will come, the bitter hour,
    When her mouth asks for nothing more.”

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