Sometimes I see comments about the bad things that happen in this world. And when the people that writes this kind of comments speak about the entities that do these deeds, they compare them to the “Nazis”.

Because we know how bad were those Nazis, right?

We know that Nazis are the epitome of evil.

We know that Hitler is evil incarnated. Hitler is Satan and the Antichrist, together.

We know how many Jews Hitler did kill. No?


They lied to you.


Because it never happened.

Not as they tell you.


It’s painful to see these kind of comments, especially coming from people that knows that things aren’t like they tell you. That this world that we live nowadays, it’s built on a farce.

It’s like listening to someone say “2+2=5”. But we know that 2+2 is not 5! Even worse, they tell us all the time that 2+2=5. Again, we know that 2+2 is NOT 5!

But, those who know that 2+2 is not 5, many times say: 2+2 equals 3.5.

Or 3.99.

It doesn’t equal 4, neither.

It doesn’t.

It’s painful to see that people that knows a bit of this stuff, to keep perpetuating the “evil Hitler” myth. “Hitler is bad, Hitler is Satan”, “Hitler killed six million jews”, etc.

Because many things for what they are against, have to do with this myth. And the German defeat in ’45. The entire world lost, not only “Nazi” Germany.

Because, in fact, the National-Socialist Germany opposed this system of exploitation. And if you say that they didn’t do it, because they weren’t communists, I tell you: COMMUNISM IS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SAME COIN.

Communism is an answer to capitalist abuses. But who invented capitalism? Who invented communism?

It was the jews. On both counts.

Marx was jewish. His real name was Kissel Mordechai.
Mordechai. The same as Mordecai. Do you remember the Bible? He was Esther’s cousin.

The same Esther that seduced king Ahasuerus and made him execute Haman and his ten children. Why they were executed?

Because Haman opposed the Persian jewry. He did it because he saw what effects had their presence on the native population. And Haman was loyal to his king, but more important, to his COUNTRY. To his PEOPLE.

But Mordecai, through his cousin Esther, had more influence over the King than someone born and raised like Haman. Like nowadays, right?

Exactly like nowadays, no?

And this fact breaks your balls, right?

Well, Haman paid for it with his life. And also his children. He also was pissed off about the fact that a bunch of foreigners controlled everything, even the King.

But, Haman was baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Like Hitler, he was bad.

That’s why the jews celebrate, even to this day, the Purim fest. When they remember that they killed Haman and his ten children. And also, 75,000 Persians.

And all of this, in front of the King.
Think about it.

It was sooooooooo good to have a King like that!

And speaking now about capitalism, it was also invented by jews. David Ricardo was a Sephardic jew, whose parents hailed from Holland. And Adam Smith looks like one, even if they don’t say it…

Even more important, do you know who financed Karl Marx? Nathan Meyer Rothschild, the son of Amschel Rothschild.

Yes, exactly the same ROTHSCHILDS that you keep reading in the conspiracy theories that claim to tell you “the truth”. Yes, the same ROTHSCHILDS.

That same ROTHSCHILD family. And also, do you know what? They are also jews.

And something else, the stereotype of the fat capitalist, fits very well with the stereotype of the jew.

They overlap. Even more, the first is based on the second.

The only thing that changes is that they take out the label of “jew”, and put the label of “capitalist”.

To divert attention.

To deviate guilt.

And this fact has a lot of good, smart, and also, angry people with the way the world is ran, confused.

2+2 equals 3.5 for them.

And they say that the “Nazis” are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

So bad, that that’s why they wanted to kick out the communist and capitalist jews.

That’s why they are bad.

Because they wanted to oust the parasites that corrupt, from inside and outside, the nations of the entire world.

During centuries, even millennia.

Like Haman.

Against Mordecai and his jews.

The “gas chambers” were in fact, “delousing chambers”. Why? Because lice are vectors of typhus. And typhus can be fatal.

And jews sometimes had lice. That’s why, they took the jews’ clothing and it was treated with the cans of Zyklon B. Prussian Blue. They used this insecticide, that came in capsules, and they left those capsules inside a closed room.

A can of Zyklon B, the insecticide used to kill lice in the camps. Not jews.
Zyklon B. The so dreaded lice-killer. Not jew-killer.


And they also treated jews. Not inside the same chambers, but they did it.

Why? So the jews could live and tell that they were in a concentration camp and the Nazis treated ‘em badly and they starved and they had to work in those camps, and due to all of this, Germany (and other
European nations), have to pay a big fat check, with several zeros in front.

That’s why the Nazis are “eeeeeeeeeevil”

Because they wanted to kick out those who were corrupting the moral of their nation.

Because they wanted to oust those who controlled a good chunk of the industries, professions and relevant positions on their nation.

Because they wanted to throw out those who controlled the monetary influx, for one side, and on the other hand, those who were revolting hypocritically against those who had the money influx, sucking it all and freeing it only when they believe that it’s convenient.

Because they wanted to toss that devilish coin to hell, and heal the consequences that this way of life brought to their country.

That’s why, the Nazis are bad.

Think about it.


Autor: Gas Mask

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