Thou shalt not kill… But who thou shalt not kill?

Thou shalt not kill thy brother. But who is thy brother, anyway?

When the jewish god, speaks to Moses in the jewish bible, and tells him about the sixth commandment, in which he says: “Thou shalt not kill”, we think as Christians: “I shalt not kill”, to the letter. We think: “I shalt not kill ANYONE, because EVERYONE is my brother”. A black person from Nigeria is my brother. A yellow person from China is my brother. We believe in the universal brotherhood of man, and that ALL men, regardless of creed, race, country or whatever, deserves to live, and not to die at our hands. In more extreme cases, some people won’t kill, even if it is in self defense. Be it man or animal, or man turned into an animal, these kind of extreme pacifists won’t kill.
An example of this behavior were the Cathars. They weren’t allowed to kill (even beasts!) like wolves or snakes, because killing is forbidden (by the jewish god).
But, was it the original spirit of the letter? To not kill anyone? Sounds nice and dandy, but…

… except it never was intended to be taken this way.

Consider to whom it was destined. It was destined originally for the jewish people (not even israelites in those times). And the jews in those times (remember their book, we are assuming they had just escaped from the Egyptians that were chasing them) were chased out of Egypt because of their usual treacheries (old habits don’t die fast). And so, the jews were dwelling alone in the desert, without a host people to leech. Without no one to leech in square miles.

They needed a strong leader. Every people in one point or another needs at least one strong leader. But more so the jews, who were an unruly bunch. Imagine this. A lot of filthy desert jews, that probably didn’t have it that bad as they want us to believe, who had posessions, who had SLAVES! (please tell me, in olden times, what kind of slave had other slaves to lord over?) If you have slaves but are a slave yourself, there are only two or three options.
a) You are a slave, but your lords trust you enough to give you the command of other slaves. Either you are a doormat or a cunning son of a bitch. Guess where the jews fall in? (heh, if you tell me they fall in both counts you’ll be still correct.)
b) You were a slave, but you bought your freedom and now you dedicate yourself to enslave others. Usually freed slaves are worst masters than the guys who never were slaves in the first time to begin with.
c) You never were a slave at all. And like the jewy jews they are, they cry because they don’t control everything they want. Until they don’t control everything, they will cry and whine about their slavery and opression.

Anyway, they needed a leader to keep the order. And they had it, in the form of two brothers who may have existed or not. Let’s assume they existed, and that they aren’t lying on this one…
The brothers were cunning and strong-willed. And they disposed of a kind of council to keep people in control. The recently freed jews.
They, like I said before, were quite a bunch. Exploitative, lazy, cunning, ruthless, loan-sharks, pimps and more. The Egyptians probably tossed them out and didn’t chase them. Unless they wanted the jews to give back whatever they stole, or they wanted to kill them because of their misdeeds. But Moses couldn’t rule over a people like that. They would be too indisciplinated to withstand the conditions of the desert. Too indisciplinated to fight, which it would happen sooner or later. In short, they would be wiped out by the desert, be it in the form of famine, thirst or internal revolts and wars against their neighbours. So he and his brother would have to devise a way to keep ‘em in check.
And so, Moses had a good idea. He would say that he was given a set of commandements by his mysterious god of smoke. (Refer to the jewish bible to see how his god was presented to him). And the jews would have to obey the commandements and the laws that this mysterious god gave to him. Why not? He was a wizard, after all. He could split the waters in two, thanks to his smoke god! He could turn his staff into a snake! And more! And if you didn’t like it, or didn’t believe that, well, tough luck. You were a jew in the desert, and there it was Moses and his bro ruling over. And where would you return to? To the Egyptians, who were royally pissed off because of you. So you were screwed.

And well, there we have Moses with his commandments. Forget the talk about the golden calf, we are speaking business now! The golden calf was a cult that didn’t catch on (at least, not oficially), because Moses was the head honcho. Or because he won the internal struggle between the brothers and their rudimentary nobility. Or whatever, it probably got lost in the sands of time. Maybe not even the jews know that one themselves. Remember, that we are assuming that these characters did exist! And that these events, more or less took part as the jews tell them! Remember, we are speaking about jews!!

Well, Moses has his basic code of laws in hand. And he tells his people to listen. And he begins to say: thou shall do this and thou shalt not do that. All fine and dandy. However, he says a little more. He says: thou shall not do this to thy neighbour (something bad). Notice something off? TO THY NEIGHBOUR, he says. He says nothing about other people! Thy neighbour in this case, is, literally, another jew!!

If their slaves were not jews, they could consider themselves screwed! And since they usually didn’t keep other jews as slaves, and even if it happened they would have to give their fellow jews their freedom anyway, they would keep solidarity with their brethren. They would be nice to their NEIGHBOURS (the other jews), and screw anyone else. Which they did. And they still do it, to this day.

We believe, again, in the brotherhood of man. But they do not. And it only takes one person to not believe in such a thing in a group to make things go awry. So imagine if an ENTIRE PEOPLE refuses to believe in such a notion. And, to make things even worse, they don’t keep to themselves. They stretch their legs and arms and begin to make wars and squirmishes. Like the jews did against the peoples that they talk about in the bible. Even if these events didn’t take place, they are dangerous, because they believe in them as if they had HAPPENED. And they behave in consecuence. And, seeing that they couldn’t conquer all their enemies and win all their wars manu militari, they began to devise tactics to subvert their enemies from within. So we have Sodom and Gomorrah. Two debauched cities to the extreme, that they infiltrate, and begin to plot the way of conquering them both. Aided by a prostitute, which is not casual at all. Prostitutes play an important part on their mythology. They despise foreign women as prostitutes since their birth. It’s a way of telling jewish young males: “Foreign women are off-limits. No matter how pretty, charming or smart they might be, they are off-limits for you! You must marry jewish women! Your own women are more than enough for you!”
However, they understand that women are fire, and men, no matter how high or low are in the social scale, are wood. So you see the book of Esther describing how this tactic of sex and control works at its finest. And prostitutes, jewish or not, can be very exploitative. And they know that.

They manipulate the vices and weaknesses of man, be them small or big, to gain the upper hand. While keeping an apperance of sainthood (and sometimes, even being saint-like). But they keep themselves virtuous not for the sake of virtue, but simply to not offer a weak spot on where an enemy can exploit them. And if, they do have such a fatal flaw in their armor, they make up for this weakness in one way or another. Either by being overly exploitaitive, subversive or hypocritical. Or, in extreme cases, their fellow jews either help them, or sink them. (It depends on the case). The more extreme cases are the high-level jews. But the low level jews are also like that as well. If they are not, chances are that they will never stop being low-level jews anyway. Jewry is a matter of blood and genes, not a matter of religion and beliefs in smoke gods nowadays. It has always been like that, even if they didn’t do it as they do it today. Ask yourself: Why they keep the genealogies in hand? Why, when they speak about a man (and of a woman too), they say “he’s the son of such, and such is the son of somesuch. And somesuch is the son of somesomesuch. And he begat suchie, suchsuch, and after he begat suchie, he begat like 39 more sons we don’t care to describe now.”? They know that jewry is a matter of blood. And brotherhood, or neighbourhood, in this case, is about blood.

But opposed to that, we believe (now more than ever, thanks to the hippie-flowery Vatican Second Council) that everyone is our brother (or our neighbour). And no, that’s not right. We aren’t brothers, nor neighbours. We may belong to the same species, but that’s it. Specially, we can’t rush to save people who aren’t our brothers. Because they won’t do the same. In some cases, they will simply take advantage of our bad situation. Look around. It’s happening right now. And if you add to the equation a people who NEVER believed in such an idea, moreover, they believe that EVERYONE who’s not like them is fair game to be exploited at, subverted at, and finally conquered, well, you begin to have a glimpse of why things are so fucked up now…

It’s not the people who take advantage of the situation (without creating it) the real problem. The real problems are: a) the bastards who create the problem (the hook-nosed you know who) and b) the people who willingly believe the lies of the hook-nosed vultures. We.
Obviously, the biggest part lies on the bastard that exploits the good feelings of his victims. We tend to be good natured, even in war. Compared to other peoples, we are pretty merciful. If we are becoming less and less merciful, and more and more cowardly and ruthless, is because of the jews. We aren’t perfect, but we strive to be. And the jews, unfortunably, know that very well. So they manipulate the very meanings of the words themselves. What it means to be perfect, nowadays, or close to perfection? Being a good cog in the machine. Being obedient, nice, politically correct, willing to help anyone but your own kind, over-obssesed with some ghastly privileges that we supposely don’t deserve because of some guilt, not willing to say what you really think because it’ll land you in dangerous waters and more. That is what it means. The system is rigged, ran, invented and subservient to jews. No one else.

And since we aren’t brothers (and we will never be, btw) we are losing the fight. Because we aren’t even showing up. Of all falsehoods, this is probably one of the worst that circulate nowadays. Brotherhood is a matter of blood. The jews always knew it, and they are working actively to make us forget this simple truth.
When I speak about who are or not our brothers, just look at the people who look the most similar to you as your brothers. To find out who are not, just look to the people who look the most different to you. That doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to regard them all as your enemies, but, please, diving your head to save them as if they were your own children (which you may or not may have), it’s insane! Don’t be like a jew, who hates everyone who is not his own, but neither be an extreme do-gooder to people who probably won’t return the favor and even worse, would take advantage of you if they could! Use a bit of common sense there, please!


NB:If you think that I’m advocating killing, maiming, or any kind of (senseless!) violence, you are a moron. I’m not saying that. If you believe that you need to do EXACTLY the opposite of what these commandements say only because the jews claim to have invented them, you are playing for them. Scoring in your own side. The jews probably didn’t invent these commandements, and even if they did, they have some kernel of truth. But remember, the jews were in Egypt at that time. A culture far more advanced than theirs. More sophisticated and complex than they will ever hope to be. Over 3,000 years have passed from that, and still they haven’t surpassed the level of sophistication of the Egyptians. And guess what? The Egyptians were White.

NB 2:What I call senseless violence, or senseless killing, it’s killing for the sake of killing. I believe in self defense, even if it gets lethal. Whoever screws with you needs to have his face used as a mop to clean the pavement. Simple as that. Specially if you didn’t provoke that person. Now, if you did, and you did it only for the sake of being an asshole, it’s YOU who needs to have his face used like that. Or least, man up and don’t cry as a sissie. Don’t be a jew, please, that’s something they love to do.


Autor: Gas Mask

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