Nazism or National-Socialism?

by Rienzi

We are bombarded day and night by an endless series of articles, series, mini-series, maxi-series, films, pseudo-documentaries, books and any other form of audio-visual propaganda. The purpose of this almost unbearable onslaught is to make very clear that all the problems of this world are the responsibility of a sect of evil, bloodthirsty White men known as Nazis. This sect flourished in Germany between the years 1933 and 1939. We are told that, by some strange satanic twist, they managed to “brainwashed a civilized, cultured people, who embraced their horrendous ideas wholeheartedly”. I know it sounds a bit simplistic but, the more simplistic the better!. Only sick people devoid of any “rational” political ideas can support “the most evil regime in the history of mankind”! Otherwise how can we explain or understand that this people ( the evil Germans!) not only fought virtually alone against the most powerful military alliance history has ever known (and they almost won!), but they also spent the last three years of the war under the most horrendous campaign of massive, unrestricted aerial bombing (another name for ethnic cleansing) without turning against its leader? Isn’t this enough evidence that this people had been brainwashed by their satanic rulers? Otherwise, how can we explain that, in the middle of the most awful misery and desolation, this people kept working with more determination and energy than ever producing, in 1944, more planes and tanks than in 1940? How is it possible that, in their main cities, reduced to rubble, one could see large signs that proudly said: “Our walls had crumbled but not our hearts!” Of course! (we are told) Those signs were written and placed by the staff of the Ministry of Propaganda! Funny thing is: Nobody seems to note the strong correlation between the signs and the behaviour and spirit of the people. Such a behaviour cannot be enforced by government regulations…

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Autor: Gas Mask

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18 comentarios en “Nazism or National-Socialism?”

    1. Yes. I only use it myself when I’m going sarcastic, like when I say: “evil Nazi” or “evuul Notzee”. Sometimes I use it so to make people find posts more easily on the omnisearch… but now I prefer using the tag Nationalsocialist or NSDAP whenever possible.

      Me gusta

        1. We have something similar going here in Argentina. The enemies are the “fachos” (despective term for fascists) and represión (repression, usually of any illegal act). If nobody repressed himself, the world would be a battlefield… And they would be the first to go (die).

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. Timw ago I have typed a post on linguistic manipulation. We must reject all their terms because they havw been minted to shape the mind of the sheeple and cause subliminal acceptance of their constantly aired crap.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. Apart from the abuse of the zio imposed cheapest ‘merikan english terms- never cultured english ones- in all european languages & more (and even in british & american english itself) they use to trans-literate, that is to actually reverse the meaning of term they adopt. This is aimed at perverting cultures & brainwash people. I have said that ‘we are what we talk’ because thw language is not a simple tool for communicating purposed, but it shapes the categories of Thought.
          Thus when they say ‘fascist’ in small block letters (or ‘fash’ etc) they mean the opposite of its original meaning. There are plenty of examples: nazi, conspiracy theory, racism, white supremacy, social acceptance, democracy, war on terror, intl community, gay. The latest one is gross indeed. In its intended manipulation the transhumanists intended to stats that the brokebacks live the life fully, with no mental and cultural barriers.. So they havw kidnapped the term, actually forbidding anybody to use it for its real, intended purposes. No onw would dare to call a joyful guy a gay man..nowadays.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        4. Where is your post about semantics? Can you send me the link, please? Also, I’m nodding at every word you said. The jews know the power of words, that’s why they use them a lot… (And do not forget their high verbal IQs, higher than anyone else).

          Le gusta a 1 persona


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