Normalizing Race Suicide: Argentina Edition.

Some White family working on virtue signaling, in Argentina.
Guess who has more chances to get eventually culturally enriched by friendly natives. (I can’t avoid feeling REALLY bad for that person, however).

Yeah, it seems that not only Americans or Europeans have the “privilege” of feeling virtuous by helping peeps that would stab them in the back if given a chance. Here is a “nice” article, translated via a little help from Jewgle Translate (I’m a bit of a hurry).

The municipal official Gustavo González took a risky decision with his family: move from Dina Huapi in Patagonia to Guinea Bissau. Next November he and his wife and three children will leave for Africa where they plan to spend the next two years collaborating with Agua x vida, a non-profit association whose objective is to provide aid to those who can not have access to this resource.

Yeah, right. Helping niggas to get water. Nice nice. Good virtue signaling to us people, as well.

Guinea-Bissau is a country located in West Africa bordering Senegal to the north, Guinea to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Its official language is Portuguese, although it is mostly used in commercial and business, while most people speak kriolu.

Yeah! Thanks for telling us where it is located. Honestly, could you point in a map where is located Guinea-Bissau? No, I don’t think so. Me neither. This makes everything even more ridiculous.

“You get out of the routine and you spice your life with this.”- Yeah, you do. Niggas be funny, unlike boring Argentines.

Since January, the González family is working to move to the African continent at the end of the year. They plan to rent several of their properties in Patagonia to be able to sustain themselves during their stay. In addition, in a while they will begin to sell several of their belongings, like their van or the television, to gather more money. Each of them will travel with two suitcases and a hand bag, a total of 15, in which there will be mainly medicines and basic necessities, plus a ukulele and a keyboard for Giuliana, the daughter.

Oh boy, that last part reminds me of Jesus telling people to forget about material possessions and leave everything to follow him! Except that is Leave Everything:Nigger Help Edition.

By that time Matías, the eldest, will be 18 years old, Giuliana will have turned 12 and Juan Marcos, the youngest, will have 8. Last Friday all the corresponding vaccinations were given.

Oh boy, that kid is going to have his ass kicked. If he goes clubbing and stuff. And don’t forget the extra-important detail of the vaccinations! We Argies have some unique illnesses indigenous to our country as well, but we don’t need to get extra-prickled for that. Yes, even with our collapsed public health services, we still have one of the best sanitation services of the continent. Bolivians and Paraguayans and Chileans (who have everything privatized so some of them can’t afford healthcare) can attest to that.

All five are excited about their move and want the remaining months to pass quickly to undertake their imminent adventure. However, they do not have the support of some family members who see their decision as crazy. “Part of the family does not agree and, although we understand, it hurts,” Gustavo said in a telephone interview with PERFIL.

Of course, not everyone in Argentina is a complete imbecile, like them.

“We changed our direction last year”.- Silly White father.

Gustavo traveled on March 14 to Guinea-Bissau where he stayed a month to see where they were going to live and have a first contact with their future home. When asked why they made this determination, he did not hesitate to answer: “For love of God and my neighbor*.”

He looks like he needs to read my evil essays about who really is his “neighbor“. He probably won’t need a Spanish translation for them, but if he wanted, I could do one. Of course, I have more chances of getting the first prize at the lotto than changing his mind. Silly me, and silly him.

– How did the idea come to collaborate with Agua x vida and move to Africa?
– We went to Cordoba in 2015 and there was a stand of the association. My children became interested and sold their toys, books, etc. They collected 1500 pesos, we went to the bank with them, they deposited it and through two radio interviews that I did to the director, Alejandro, we got to know his project. He was an oilman and while on vacations he took a month to make water wells in Guinea-Bissau, until finally he moved there with his wife Paola and his 3 daughters. There they adopted last year a fifteen year-old boy called Djiro. And we caught the virus as well.*

*Yessire, even more virtue signaling!! And he tells us that his pal Alejandro adopted a male nignog on his teens! That guy is completely irresponsible, he has three daughters and he brings an almost fully grown negro to them. He should have his daughters taken from him. Sadly, no one will intervene. Judges be venal as hell. Also, I did a bit of “editing”. Sometimes I have to do it, because Jewgle can’t translate our argot accurately, but still, I’ve overblown it a bit. Can you guess where did I edit with a bit of “malice”?
– Are not you afraid of the fact that in Africa the health and political situation is more risky?
Yes, the diseases are risky but we got all the vaccines. That is the point where one else has to apply the faith and make a decision. We carry medicines. There is not doctors, you do not have OSDE, neither Swiss Medical nor Garrahan* but everything that we humanly can carry, what is on our side, we take it. If we have a problem, we can go to Portugal, there are direct flights to have medical attention for us there. We have tools that the villagers do not have. We also are afraid that something can happen to us here, I have to commend myself every day to God because our children are the most important thing we have. I also have to work just as well to raise awareness of Africa.

*OSDE and Swiss Medical are medical insurance companies. Garrahan is a children’s hospital based in Buenos Aires. All aside, he shows that he is completely insane. He is betraying his children… by not telling them “Enough of this bullshit, guys!” Working to raise awareness of Africa? Why, the only thing that you need to be aware of is that that entire continent is a MASSIVE failure. Not because of “evil White men” who used to colonize those countries, but the opposite. The little improvements they have are because “evil White men” used to govern there, or because they gave them niggas our technology. The Africans (specially the blackest ones) can’t develop that stuff on their own.Dem sheeeet is way too hard, nigga!”

“What can you bring in there?”
“We change them to the locals who have to walk 5 km to go get water, to have it in the village. They are also taught hygiene measures they do not have. Like, for example, they threw the batteries in the water, or they made a latrine next to where they got water or they laughed when they saw a toilet paper in the truck because they thought that they were napkins that came round, they when they go to the bathroom wash with the hands. They get sick and never know why. We teach them to become aware of that.

LOL. I love the napkin part. Priceless humor is priceless.

“How was your first trip there?”
-When I arrived I saw that there are many people from other places, Portuguese, Brazilians and Spaniards who are living there with their children and I didn’t see anyone worried, the one that was the most worried was me. One of the things that caught my attention was the joy of the native people. They were all happy, I did not come to any house where they tell me about inflation, people are not as bitterly affected as here. They are very affectionate people.

OMG. He is numbering other people who are race traitors as well. Silly them, silly them. Of course the locals are happy. They have 70 point IQs, so they don’t realize how bad they are. Like retards. In fact, with that IQ you are officially a retard, in any White country. Let that sink for a moment… Besides, silly whiteys are bringing them free sheeeeet, they just love that.

– What plans do you have to communicate with others?
“We’re going to have a teacher for the first six months from here.” We are going to do errands with him to learn in the most practical way, to be sitting at a table for hours bores the boys, we will go for a walk, we will go out. That’s engaging for them [the boys].

Do not worry, they got’s ya covered! If it happens to be like in other African countries, or even tribes, that only have dictionaries of like 1000 words, you’ll learn the language faster than you can say: “Dat’s raciss!”

– While there is a part of your family that does not support you, do they feel happy?
-We have a lot of friends from different places and in different parts of the world who are supporting us, I have a family much larger than the biological.

Of course, screw your family, as well! Forget about race, family, country and everything! We are all the same in Jew-sus Christ, don’t you see that, goy?

Gustavo and Matías are going to work in the construction of wells while his wife, Laura, will focus on the education of the other two boys, who for some time already do homeschooling. “Knowing the staff, surely then my wife is going to be working on literacy, when she is fluent in the language she will get to that, I would bet a couple of chips in,” Gustavo explained with a laugh.

Homeschooling is not necessarily a bad thing. Except when you have a bad case of the derps and bend yourself to help the Kunta-Kintes. Notice that he allegedly points out that it was his kids who derped like that. However, is his job to say: “Hell no! Enough of that bullshit of helping niggers, we are staying here! Our country needs us, dammit!”
“I would love my children to learn and continue like this, that their treasure is to love God and their neighbor and not have a title, that’s not bad but losing your life trying to be the best and there is always someone who beats you, it’s better to devote yourself to save lives”, said Gustavo.

Of course they will do. Wasn’t them who had the idea in the first place? Unless they get culturally enriched by a wild pack of “friendly natives” and some machetes, maybe they might change their minds. If they survive.

Also, I have the pleasure to say that most of the comments in the news made via Judebook are bashing this family of silly Ben-Dover Whites. If you have a hold of Spanish you might want to check the original source (with the comments) here.

BONUS: Over-sized toy plane crashes… made by a black dude:

Cue niggers laughing. That’s priceless humor, folks.


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    1. LOL, you are so “evil”. So “racist!” Have you seen the gif of the nigger kid that says: “That’s racist!”, surrounded by watermelons and a bucket of KFC? I can’t find it. That one always made me crack a laugh.

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