Race Traitors, Race Traitors Everywhere

Looking at the recent posts on WordPress, I found something that caught immediately my eye.

Someone harping ‘bout peace and… enemygrants:

Ideas for Peace, it’s the title of the blog, in English.

The post title means: Migratory influx(es) and safety.

Yeah, you guessed it, it talks about the waves of “immigrants” (more like enemygrants) and to make, basically, Europe safe to cross for “unaccompanied minors”.

It claims that these “unaccompanied minors” are forgotten and left out, even for those that have to “help them” cross Europe. It also says that those minors are interesting, not only because of the migratory influx point of view, but also for the security point of view.

And then, it quotes the case of a 17-year-old minor from Africa, that stabbed people in a train in Germany last week. Very funny, huh? I’ll tell you what comes next.

He is not worried for the poor guys that got stabbed by some moo-slime nigga that shouldn’t have been there. He’s worried for the, you guessed, stabber. Because he is a minor, and his friend of 16 also got arrested for that. Someone won the Special Olympics, and it wasn’t neither of those shitskins.

I’ll quote his blog. My translation goes in italics.

“Como vemos la participación de los servicios sociales que atienden a estos menores, es también clave en la seguridad, pero poco se sabe de ellos, no de sus nombres que están amparados y protegidos lógicamente por la ley del menor, sino tampoco de sus origen, perfil, lugares a donde pretende llegar, motivación, religión, etc..”[SIC] If you happen to know good Spanish, you’ll realize that it’s poorly redacted, as well.

As we see, the involvement of the social services that tend for these minors, is also key for the safety, but we know little of them, we don’t know of their names, whose are logically protect by the minor laws, nor either of their origin, profile, places of they desire to reach, motivation, religion, etc…

And more:

“Cádiz es una provincia frontera del territorio Schengen por donde consiguen atravesar una media de un menor al día. Es decir, hoy que me está usted leyendo, está entrando un menor procedente de África al sistema de protección, y no solo eso, sino que va a permanecer en él para poderse integrar sociolaboralmente.”[SIC]  I’ll try to translate faithfully, even if it’s poorly redacted like this paragraph.

“Conocerlos es darles visibilidad, es ser concientes de esa realidad, es atenderlos mejor, es anticiparse a malas praxis y a hechos que nadie desea. Conocerlos es en definitiva también seguridad para ellos y para todos nosotros.”

Cadiz is a frontier province of the Schengen territory on which a mean of one minor a day gets to get across in. I mean, today, you who are reading this, a minor from Africa is entering on the protection system, and not only that, but also, he’ll stay there to integrate socio-laborally. [My enfasis]

To know them is to give them visibility, is to be conscious of that reality, is to tend to them better, is to anticipate to bad practices and to deeds that nobody wants*. Knowing them means also definitely safety for them, and for all of us.

*”Deeds that nobody wants”. Like sand-niggers chimping out and stabbing poor train users. I bet that most of them (if not all) were ethnically German, aka White Germans. And our Spanish friend is worried for those sand-niggers not chimping out. Good luck with that, amigo! (O traidor a tu raza, así no vas a ser mi amigo.)

Integrate socio-laborally?! Why, last time I checked, there were lots of Spanish youths who were jobless. And those Spaniards even have university degrees and all! I wonder how they are going to integrate niggers who may not even know how to read and write in their own language! (Let alone Spanish).

While Spanish youths are in “paro” (unemployment), ‘varsity title holders like this hapless traitor get to give crash courses in how to treat well those “unaccompanied minors” that can stab peeps in trains and stuff. I’m sure of something, these “unaccompanied minors” are not defenseless, au contraire, it’s the Germans, or Spaniards, or Whites everywhere, who are at the hands of the jews and race traitors like this guy.

The Spanish youths need jobs more than any nigger from Africa who claims to be from Syria. And these niggers need to be told, and it needs to be enforced, that they can not go to Europe like that. Nor to any White country. They don’t work, most of them can’t work, they displace and dispossess the poorest Whites, they want to worship Allah and follow Islam and Sharia laws, and they want everything that even Euros can’t have. Niggas need to be in their own countries, and to forget about us. They wanted independence, now they have it. Let them govern their countries as they wish, and let them shoulder the error of their ways, too. If they screw up, we shouldn’t run like big momma to soothe their pains. It’s demeaning, even if you happen to be on their side.

And do you know what it angers me the most? The ignorance of history by this guy. He happens to be a Spaniard. Now, you probably know that Spain was ruled by the Moors for more than seven centuries. And it was the jews who opened the doors and facilitated the Moorish invasion of Spain. That’s also why the Moors ruled for over seven centuries. The jews have good organizational skills, and they probably lent those skills in more than an opportunity to the Moors, I’m afraid.

The Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, must be rolling on their graves when they see guys like this betraying their race and nation like that. And the thousands of Spaniards and even other Europeans that gave their lives so that Spain could be freed of Moorish dominion. He’s betraying them, too.

And there’s is a little more. Look:

Invaders with cellphones.
Serious invasion is serious.

I’ll translate the Spanish paragraph:

We love to play. Who doesn’t? And now we can do it with our portable gadgets in any place and time. One of the most important things that we have found out in the field of immigration is a characteristic that all the migrants have: all of them travel with cellphones.

He means it…

Nigger invaders with cellphones in Italy.
“Italy. Lombardy Region. Como. Homeless african migrants living in the park below the San Giovanni railway station. At night, men and women are charging their mobile phones.” 10.08.2016 © 2016 Didier Ruef…. that’s what the original says. I say that they might be homeless, but they aren’t cellless, at least. And Italian cucks and jews will see to make them lose their status of homelessness.

And there’s more translations for ye:

“Por ello creemos que una de las armas mas poderosas para el futuro será toda[SIC] aquellas herramientas que les podamos dar a estar personas para que se enfrenten al viaje migratorio con la mayor información posible. Nosotros queremos incidir en la trasformación social, a través de esta nueva herramienta, los llamados Serious Game, o juegos con intención educativa, con el que hemos hecho algunos pinitos coordinando el proyecto que dio lugar a la app “Survival”, un juego en el que uno se pone en el pellejo del migrante.”

“En este blog encontraras, artículos relacionados con este campo, donde uniremos nuestra ganas de jugar, con la de enseñar, empatizar y aprender.”

That’s why we believe that one of the most powerful weapons for the future is going to be every tool that we can give to these people so they can face the migratory trip with the biggest amount of information possible. We want to influence on the social transformation, through this new tool, the so-called “Serious Game”[SIC], or games with an educational intent, with which we have done some attempts to coordinate the project which started the app “Survival”, a game on which one is in the role of the migrant. [Bold is mine. Added some stuff for clarity.]

On this blog you’ll find articles related with this field, where we will unite our desire to play, with those of teaching, empathize and learn.

So, basically, they are aiding invaders with games and apps of which they can download on their cellphones. Now I go Philosoraptor and ask: How they can have cellphones, if supposedly they are so poor they can’t afford them? Why, they say that in some places of the world people live only with two dollars a day, or even less. How the fuck are they going to have cellphones? And clean clothes… a la Western fashion? Huh? Take a good look at the niggers who are using their cellphones… you’ll notice that they have Western clothing and such.

And, straight from the pig’s horse’s mouth, he is basically saying that they want to help such transformation. To facilitate such a transformation.

This is what (((they))) want…

The new Europeans. Don't look like your classical Europeans,
The new Europeans. They aren’t even hiding it anymore.

That’s the maximum cuckery you can do. He’s aiding invaders… and even worse… read the last paragraph of his article about migrant influxes and safety:

“Tómese este artículo como una puntualización constructiva para completar un curso bien orientado, necesario y capital en el devenir de la construcción de Europa en la que muchos creemos y cuya militancia es cada vez necesaria ante los nuevos movimientos nacionalistas y xenófobos que soplan.”

Take this article as a constructive conceptualization to complete a well oriented, necessary and capital crash course on the coming of the construction of an Europe in that a lot of us believe in and in which militancy it’s more necessary to face the new nationalist and xenophobe movements that are on the rise.

Oops… maybe that’s why he didn’t publish my comment. [I’m still waiting, when I sent that comment it was 8:54 in Argentina. (GMT -3)] I’m still waiting… Three hours have elapsed, but I gotta have patience. I understand that some people must be busy aiding invaders.

Comment on some invader-friendly blog.
Comment pending…

Son, it’s better that they return to their countries… In Syria’s case, they are destabilizing that country in purpose. These migrants will never be able to adapt, because there are too many things that they do differently, and besides… why the hell it must be always the Europeans who bear the brunt? The only thing that you are going to get will be a civilization clash… like in the Kosovo of the 90’s… they are manufacturing it in purpose. Don’t come to me with the tale of “bad Europeans, we must help them.” Everyone tries to do his best, and charity begins at home. The European countries already have too many problems, to import other problems on top of them.

I give you an idea for peace, or better said, two. That the Israeli friends* stop destabilizing Syria and the North of Africa. And second, that everyone can have their country and govern it as they wish. That goes for all, Europeans and non-Europeans. Have a nice day. [Obviously, “Israeli friends” is a sarcasm].

Better be polite, even if you wish to scream “YOU MOTHERFUCKING CUNT TRAITOR PIG!!” Trust me, I had to bit my lips at this one.

Let’s see if Mr. Medina answers me, or if he leaves my comment on the Nether of comments. I’m not holding my breath on that one, and anyway, he is a race traitor scum bitch…


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16 comentarios en “Race Traitors, Race Traitors Everywhere”

    1. Still he hasn’t published my comment, nor he has responded to me. I made the comment relatively fast when he posted the post, so maybe he just deleted it. I’m not holding my breath, he definitely is an enemy… I happen to be of Spanish ascent and that betrayal of Spain and its history happens also to make my blood boil.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Not only that, he probably marked my comment as spam as well. That’s why I’ve been having a bit of problems commenting in some places. Also, that’s why I decided not to argue in the blog where I found the fags’ photos. Spam spam spam… my canned “hate” is spam.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. The first time you commented, I had to dig up your comment from the spam folder. Then, I think that I didn’t have to moderate your comments anymore. But I clearly remember that your comment was on the spam folder.

          Me gusta

    1. Ho hum. I just log on automatically with the wordpress button. Maybe we are being a bit too bothersome? LOL. But I tell you, my comment on that traitor’s site was completely civil. I bit my fingers to not call him “a traitor pig” and I even wished him a good day. Oh well, that’s how the “tolerant” people are.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I’m using TOR. That’s why my IP changes all the time… I don’t trust much Chrome, and besides, it has gotten too RAM-hungry for my liking. But I tell you, sometimes Tor browser can get wonky.

      Me gusta

        1. Tor Browser it’s just a modified version of Firefox, that runs the TOR program before actually starting the browser. So yes, it gets sticky. Now I know why, because I haven’t used the vanilla Firefox in ages.

          Me gusta

        2. Only if you are willing to put up with more wonkiness for a sense of security. As I said before, it’s built on top of a Firefox version. I use it so I don’t get caught… However, you’ll have some tradeoffs to shoulder.
          For example, videos might not work properly, although now that issue is almost completely solved. Some pages won’t work as expected, due to Javascript disabling. And your connection speed will suffer, because you are using a chain of proxies “a circuit” to connect.

          Me gusta


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