A Bombing of Peace

Originally posted on VikingLifeBlog: 1940. Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombing England… with peace leaflets! TheGreatestStoryNeverTold.tv

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    1. Yeah, but there’s a more important question that needs to be solved. Will the people be supportive of a such a man? The levels of degeneration we have now make the Weimar Republic pale in comparison. And the people now seems to love such degeneration.

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        1. Yeah, but if you compare with… let’s say, five years ago, things have changed a bit. I rest my case, five years ago I still believed all the jewish lies, now I don’t. Let’s hope that is not too late for people to wake up. Or they’ll wake when SHTF.

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        2. That’s true, but we’re running out of time. I was in my twenties & engaged to an intelligence agent; we were arguing about the jews & in my ignorance was defending them. He said: “The jews have been thrown out of every country they entered for the past 3,000 years. What are they doing wrong?” That turned my head and I’ve been digging at them ever since, not persistently but, well here I am at last.

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        3. Now I’m freezing my butt. Last year we had “El Niño” phenomena… lots of rain around here, and autumn coming in February (I live in the Southern hemisphere, BTW)… And now winter has come a bit too early, we feel that it’s gonna be pretty fierce this year. If you have researched a bit this topic, or if you have good memory, they used to talk about “global cooling” back in the 70’s. And after that, they began to push the “global warming” theme we hear now.

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        4. Exactly. The sun is the main driver of the weather; plenty of sunspots means more radiance generated and the warmer the solar system becomes. Our current sun cycle shows a dearth of spots for the past several years, which means less radiance and cooler temps. I’ve been studying this for several years. MMGW is, as you know, politically driven. Where are you, exactly? I’m in So Calif.

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        5. Argentina, on the Patagonia. So, it’s kinda normal to be cool in winter here… but the shocker is, I’m at the north of it… you wouldn’t expect that much coolness that soon. And, like three or four months ago, in Comodoro Rivadavia, futher south, a heavy rain hit the city. It was terrible, they said that it fell in a few hours the rainfall they have in 6 months. The entire city was drowned in a river of mud, and houses were uprooted from the ground, if I’m not mistaken, nor exaggerating. It was truly terrible for them, and, AFAIK, it never happened that in Comodoro Rivadavia before. Heavy floodings are hitting our country, and it might be also caused by deforestation and mass cultivation of soy. The Kirchnerist superavits were fueled by soy, and our economy is pretty dependent on it.

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        6. I’ve checked the sunspots. I compared November 2016 to November 2012… the difference is abysmal. At the end of November 2016, there were three sunspots… the most sunspots for that month. However, there were entire days that the sun didn’t have any sunspot in that month. At November 2012, there were FIVE sunspots, or even more, in most days… Is the sun getting “lazier”, for lack of a better word? I’m a layman, so most of these scientific things escape me. But even a layman like me can spot something like that.

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        7. The sun goes into hibernation every few thousand years or so which precipitates global cooling. Toward the end of the Little Ice age in Europe, people were ice skating on the Thames. During this time, astronomers noted how few sunspots there were.

          Wouldn’t you get “tired” if you were on fire all the time?? Hahaha!

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        8. Lol, yes. I guess so. I’m kinda lazy, so it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, lol. If I haven’t forgotten, it was warmer 1000 years, ago, right? That’s why Greenland was called… well, Greenland. I thought the Vikings couldn’t be that trollish.

          Me gusta

        9. Yeah, me too. Haha! Yes, Greenland was settled by the Vikings because……But eventually it was the climate that drove them off.
          “It was a sustainable lifestyle for hundreds of years. But in the 13th century, economics and climate began to conspire against the Norse. After 1250, a cooling climate posed multiple threats to a marine-oriented society reliant on seal and walrus. (Global average temperature fell by about a degree during the Little Ice Age, although scientists have struggled to quantify local cooling.) Even before the big chill set in, The King’s Mirror describes ships lost and men who perished in ice. Historians and climatologists agree that as the cold spell continued, ice would have clogged the seas farther south and for longer each year, disrupting voyages. And concentrations of salt particles in glacier cores indicate that seas became stormier in the 15th century. Norsemen hunting migratory seals or walrus on the high seas would have been at increasing risk. The nomadic Inuit, by contrast, hunted seal native to the fjords, and rarely embarked on open-ocean hunts or journeys.”


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        10. I’ve finished reading the article. They literally got their asses frozen… no offense. But, if they are so worried about losing the samples, due to thawing, why they don’t keep them? I’ve found another article kinda interesting to read. A bit short, but it made me think…


          Why are they so worried…? If Antarctica was getting warmer, we would have more plants growing. Heck, even here where I live would be a bit easier to grow stuff (probably quite easier).
          Unless you think of the places closer to the Equator. Probably there it would be hellish to live… but I have my doubts.
          Yes, yes, I know that they are pushing the global warming scare… but it clashes with another thing that’s actually pretty simple… the so-called “greenhouse effect”. We put plants in greenhouses to make them grow in a smaller space, a bit faster and stronger. Why it’s bad, suddenly, to have a “greenhouse effect” across the planet? Tee hee hee, I smell a very fishy rat through the gas mask.

          Good article, by the way. It clarified some things to me. I thought that the Vikings settled Greenland, but they didn’t stay long because they simply got tired of it. But no, actually it shows that they couldn’t stay longer because of the climate. Had not happened the mini ice age, they would be still there in the 21st century.

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  1. I couldn’t pull up your Antarctica article on that site but found another here:

    And yes, more CO2 means more plant growth and life. I noticed that ScienceMag is a proponent of MMGW here:


    I wonder if they get some kind of government funding. You might enjoy following this guy:

    He is spot on. He’s especially concerned about global food shortages coming.

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