WTF this world is coming to…

Notice the numbers of likes that photo has… OVER 12,000!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!? That’s not a girl (it’d be bad enough if it was a girl), but a BOY. What a sick bitch.

See the original at: Yaaaasss child abuse!

Autor: Gas Mask

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6 comentarios en “WTF this world is coming to…”

      1. If it can be useful remember that the script of degeneracy has been aired for long so to deviate the minds of the sheeple and compell them to accept degeneracy as normality. The agenda has skyrocketed in the last decade. Trannies in movies, ads, music, sports, politics, social platforms, LGBT unions, gay prides have become normality for the boobuses. Not to talk about thw deballwd pussified men and manly women offered by ads of perfumes, fashion etc. Hence, socially acceptable for the masses.The trendy trashy fashion itself pushes the Unisex beyond any reasonable limit. Men become tragic faggots. And they even think they are cool! The PC system covers the filthy trashumanism with a veil of egalitarian fairness. Pedophily will be definitely cleared to pass soon.

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    1. We can’t, by law, but heck, that’s something that should be done regardless of legality. At least take the child away from them, and give him to some couple/family resembling normality…
      It’s sickening. These people twist little kids’ nature. It’s child abuse, plain and simple.

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