The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

Check this article about Coudenhove-Kalergi’s evil plans to make Europe a 3rd world shithole and every person in the world as disgraced as he was (a.k.a a race mixed mongrel). This article, found on one of Cartier’s blogs and written by the guys of Golden Dawn (yes, the Greek Notzee party) also shows Kalergi’s ideas about the “ideal citizen”, and the new “aristocracy” (more aristocratic was my dog, BTW) of 75 IQ brown mongrels.

Autor: Gas Mask

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8 comentarios en “The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”

  1. Thanks. It’s not just about what’s happening now, we all need to dig into the past and show how this agenda came about. I suggest all our readers pick up a Bible and read the Old Testament, written by the jews, and see how this is a blueprint for all their future plans.

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    1. Yes. All of it. Even their “Revelations” book. In fact, as you say it, the entire book is a damn revelation. Stay tuned, because, although I probably will not mention the Bible there, my next post will deal with some of their tactics of persuasion. Of conning (does that word exist in English?) but anyway, I mean pulling cons and cheating the unsuspecting goyim.

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        1. It also helped that the “founding fathers” of the Romans were losing influence. Rome became a multicultural cesspit on its last couple of centuries… The only good thing that came from that is that the Germanic “barbarians” took over, instead of mongrels of inferior stock. At least they preserved what the Christian mongrel hordes couldn’t destroy… after their lootings and stuff.

          Me gusta

    2. BTW, if you check your stats on your Stand or Die blog, you’ll probably see that someone clicked on the Holodomor link you posted on the Hot War against Whites. That was me. Or maybe it won’t show there because I’m using TOR, as usual. Anyway, that’s a good link to acquaint ourselves with the Holodomor. Spellcheckers try to correct you when you write Holodomor, but not when you write Holocaust. Cohencidence? I think not!

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        1. Errr… If you refer to which IP entered in an article, then no. But you can check who clicked the outgoing links… Anyway, IPs don’t mean much ‘cos I use TOR and they change all the time. But good to know that I boosted your stats 😉

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