A Jewess Goes to the Synagogue [On a Presidential Visit]

[It’s short ‘cause original content is short too… My comments in italics. Translated from Jewgle Translate because I’d take me too long.]

Merkel and jews on the synagogue.
Oy vey, my jewish buddies… Do you like the organ? I taxed the Germans for that. HAHAHAHAHA!


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Argentina for the first time. On her arrival, after breakfast with businessmen, the president went to the synagogue of the Israelite Congregation of the Argentine Republic, better known as Temple Libertad, located on Libertad Street, in the neighborhood of Tribunales.

After eating with our businessmen (other screwy rats) she went to the synagogue… Speaks volumes, if only my countrymen knew…

In the religious temple they recently restored a Walker organ with German funds, which is why Merkel decided that it was appropriate to visit it.

Yes. Reparation funds come in handy. Poor Germans, the fucking jews milk them to death.

This synagogue is the same in which is Rabbi the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sergio Bergman. The official attends regularly to the temple that was declared National Historical Monument in December of 2000.

That juderatt! This last summer, while we had forest fires due to the (official explanation) high temperatures, Sergio Bergman sent us to pray. Literally, he say that the best we could do was pray. He knows less about the environment than I, and that’s saying a lot…

Let’s check the nice synagogue those jews have…

Pretty ass synagogue, shame it has jews on it.
Pretty synagogue…! It’s like saying that a cancer tumor is pretty, however.

Another personality that has a connection with this synagogue is the Director of Programming of El Trece, Adrian Suar. He was born in Queens New York and at age three came to Buenos Aires. His father, Leibele Schwartz, sang at the New York Synagogue and asked to be transferred to the Liberty temple where he continued with this activity.

Ah, that talentless jew actor. Seriously, he is a fucking disgrace as an actor, and still, he managed to act in several series (still does that). However, he does worse shit than that. He produces a good chunk of all the crap we Argies have to endure. Channel 13 (El Trece) it’s a fucking disgrace. Degeneration everywhere.

Here is a mugshot of the perp jew…

A fucking disgraceful jew called Adrián Suar.
Here he is. He’s nicknamed “El Chueco”, due to his lack of grace.

My countrymen just don’t get it. The fact that she rushes to visit a fucking synagogue, (while not being the president of Israel, she’s a president of a Christian country) speaks volumes… We are (at least nominally) Catholics. Why she is not visiting a Catholic Church? We have several good churches and cathedrals there in Buenos Aires. Probably better than that shitpile of a synagogue she went to. You see that we have a fucking rabbi as a minister of Environment. Yes, we are very fucked. He doesn’t know shit, and, even worse, he doesn’t give a fuck about us. Also, this is not casual. That rabbi has more influence than it seems. There are several synagogues in Buenos Aires, why she went to his synagogue?

Ah yes, even if the original it’s on Spanish, you need the source.



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53 comentarios en “A Jewess Goes to the Synagogue [On a Presidential Visit]”

  1. All world leaders have to (or willingly) pay homage to the fucking jews. They are all under jew thumb. If they don’t want to get bombed, like Iraq, Syria & Libya, they’d better.

    Read Hellstorm to see what the jews did to Germany in WWII.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Yes. That’s why I don’t vote. Voting is mandatory here, but the levels of abstinence are so high that they can’t prosecute everyone for not voting. Democracy is a farce. It took me several years to realize that, but it finally struck me.

      Me gusta

      1. I’ve never voted, I always knew it was rigged and now I know it’s the jews.

        We are actually a Republic. Ben Franklin said after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, by a lady what kind of government they gave us: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

        By constantly calling us a democracy, the public’s recollection of what our founders bleed and died for, as long been forgotten. I have not. When people complain that the U.S. bombs other countries to make the world “safe for democracy” it is the jews that do the bombing and change the concept of government.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Maybe you are right. I don’t know everything about that case. Probably happened in the 90’s, and maybe that’s why it escapes my memory. A lot of key witnesses to different corruption affairs of the ex-prez Menehem (Menem) died in pretty mysterious circumstances…

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. Nisman tried to smear the ex-prez Cristina Kirchner because of her involvement with the Iranians… I don’t shill for that zio-whore, but facts are facts. All of the parties involved are guilty of something. The Kosher mafia has decieved us so well, that we are giving them a run for their money…

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. We are still in the dark. You are closer to the truth than all the prosecutors that investigated the matter… To me, after I got aware of the JQ, it was damn obvious that it was a psy-op.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        4. After all those bombings, the Brits gave in. They already had signed the Balfour Declaration, and thirty years later, the jews wanted their share of the deal… Like the devil when somebody sells his soul to him, sooner or later he comes to “repo”.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. LOL. I did it anyway before you answered. But, I guessed you wouldn’t have much problem with that… Thanks man. Away from laptop, and stuck with 2G speeds (and roaming!) for the weekend. So, don’t expect new posts.

          Me gusta

        2. Only take care, some arguments might be taboo in some country..some -Italy for example- can prosecute the author of a holoHoax post, if at least two or more people share, comment it. Hence 3 is the kabbalistic number..

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. Holy maccaroni, then I’d be already fucked if I were in Italy… Technically they aren’t censoring anything, but they throw you into the gutter if more than a handful know about it… Truly demoniac.

          Me gusta

        4. Time ago they jailed a guy in his 30s married and with a son. His great crime?
          Posting on Storm Front, Italian section & being noted by the zio community’ hasbaras.
          I have translated in a post the reason why he was harassed & publicily put to the pillory. He is an engineer.

          Le gusta a 2 personas

        5. http://olodogma.com/wordpress/2015/03/19/1000-la-catena-di-montaggio-dei-morti-olocautici-magda-goebbels-nel-database-dello-yad-vashem/

          Dr M. Viola happened to test the credibility of the yad’s database by providing an invented profile of an alleged ‘gazzed jew’ , so to check which kind of scrutiny the zios down there operate on the provided data. Lets remember this growing list of gazz’d fair ones is extensively used to extort reparation$ & brainwash the goyim by installing an eternal sense of guilt. Now the chosenite want to add the grankids of the holoHoaxed among the vicSims. They suffa…! Oy!


          Important. PUBLISHED DATA

          1) The name is Edith Frolla (which is an anagram of Adolf Hitler)
          2) date of birth April,20 1889 (as Adolf Hitler) 
          3) profession painter (likee Adolf Hitler)
          4) lived in Roma in via della Lungara, 29 (actually address of Regina Coeli jailhouse)
          5) the pic provided was a popular one of Magda Goebbels
          Miss “Frolla” was allegedly gassed in Majdanek via CO.

          NOTE: this alleged jewess was a mythical unicorn promaning from M. Goebbels & A. Hitler

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        6. They can keep going the milking doing things like this. Remember that the organ that was supposedly “restored” was destroyed during the war… Now, the problem is that that “organ” is from the synagogue in which Merkel went to… that happens to be situated in Buenos Aires, not Germany nor Poland… LOL. And at the same time, sad. The Germans are taxed to death so to “reparate” the “sufferings” of the jewish devils. They say that entire families were destroyed… Bullshit! Their family reunions are GIGANTIC. All their extended family members show up… Bullshit!

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        7. A thread about this yad vashem criminal fraud screams to be published. I will see if it is feasible.
          Can you guess they have uploaded the profile to their list & have taken it down only when Dr. Viola shared the info on the operation on SF?

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        8. You know, I might add the Olocausto blog to my links of interest list… Even if it in Italian, and I don’t understand all of it, it has a lot of interesting things on it. Since my readership is international, maybe some Italian might be interested on it.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        9. It is more likely. In fact they have jailed Dr Viola who was posting in America based Storm Front.
          But if some rabbi(t) or some prominent member of the jewish communities starts whining, the puppet authorities kick in.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        10. I see. I guess the Americans extradit and cooperate fully with the authorities of any country that goes with the narrative of the six gorillion dead jews. They gotta kiss jewish ass. Also, net neutrality, my ass.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        11. Now it makes me think… I remember that your friend had to stop posting, due to the jews complaining… If I recall correctly, the Italian law prosecutes people if their posts are shared more than three times, or shared for three different people… Maybe I’ll screw up your friend’s situation, rather than help it… I am interested, but now it makes me think…

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        12. What you say it is right. It was a pronounce of the ‘supre court’ the one stating that if >2 people discuss a holohoax post, then they could be held accountable of Hayt Crime.

          The problem is not my friend here but the reaction of the globo zios.
          Anyway, I have posted many links of Ologogma anywhere.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        13. Can hurt then. I was only going to post a link to the main page of Olocausto… But you know how are lawyers. They can find a loophole and exploit it. If your friend is on their sights, it might hurt more than help… He doesn’t control me, he never asked for a link, but, you know what they do in these cases. “The truth is not valid for defense”, as it was said in the Zundel trial, if I’m not mistaken, right?

          Me gusta

        14. The Truth is useless in Germany because they apply the statute of Nuremberg with all the enclosed lies.
          The handler of that site has left it online, because it is useful for many and obviously the threads can be shared. The comment section has been closed on 2014 circa for the reason we have commented already.
          Probably and hopefully the portal will be re-opened and updated as soon as the environmental conditions allow it.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        15. At the end my suggestion for you is to check the athmosphere in your country and around. You can detect whether something can put you in some trouble. I post many hot issues and so do you. Nonetheless I cant state what exactly its better for you.

          Le gusta a 1 persona


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