Blood Called & Spilled

[This piece comes from Cartier’s blog Since she has a good (and very personal) point there, I’ll post only the primer. Read all of it on her blog. Here lays a question in the heart of every sincere Nationalsocialist: are you willing to fight for your race? That doesn’t only mean fighting in the physical sense (which is necessary, and will be probably the only way out), but also, in the spiritual sense. There are heaps of lies everywhere about us.

Here’s the history of an ordinary man who felt the call of his blood. He wasn’t a “hater”, nay, he loved his race. That’s what real Nationalsocialism is about… It might sound sappy and cheesy, but there must be a reason more than sheer hate. Hate it’s important too, and it’s a reflection of the love we feel. We do care about the future. It’s only that we know that the future sucks.

Life is about struggle. Small struggles, big struggles, titanic struggles. We are reaching a point of no return. This happened back in the ’80s, way before I was born… Things have worsened since then, everybody knows that. It will take giant pains for straightening things out. Everybody, no matter what you do, should do his part at the best of their abilities. All of us have some special skill, use it!]




by Dr. William L. Pierce

THE LONGEST-RUNNING national news story of recent months certainly must be the one about the Aryan Resistance Movement, also named in various news accounts as the White American Bastion, the Silent Brotherhood, and the Order. (ILLUSTRATION: Robert Mathews challenging an “anti-racist” protester.)

Newspapers have reported, week after week, on multimillion-dollar armored-car robberies and a counterfeiting operation intended to finance a violent overthrow of the U.S. government, fiery shootouts between White revolutionaries and SWAT teams of Federal police agents, an assassination of a Jewish radio commentator and alleged “hit lists” of government officials to be killed, and massive FBI manhunts for surviving members of a group that is said to have involved no more than 40 members. Interest in the Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM) on the part of the television networks and the nationally circulated print media seems still to be growing…


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