Fake News, or… We are A+ Class Whiners Because We Don’t Have the Monopoly of that Anymore

[Because a certain someone asked for the translation, I’m doing it. My comments go in italics, as usual… Also, I’ve translated this stuff from Jewgle Translate again. Tell me if there are grammatical errors or weird phrasing, I tried to fix all of it but maybe something might have escaped me…]

[This is an article that comes from the newspaper PERFIL… It seems that’s written by a son of Fontevecchia (the founder of the newspaper)… or, at least, some relative of his. He bleeds from the wound that they self-inflicted themselves, poor thing. Yesterday was the day of the Journalist in Argentina, that’s why we have this «reflection» that more than a reflection seems to be an attack…]

My comments are in italics, as usual.

«Although using fake news to manipulate the public is an age-old practice, this new iteration we call fake news (link on Spanish) is much more powerful because of its speed, power and low cost of production. Fake news are a kind of web cancer that are born as a result of the business models of Google and Facebook, in conjunction with the decline of traditional media.»

Well, at least we are recognizing the problem. Do not play dumb here, you have been lying the Argentine people for over 14 years. And before that, as well. The lies became nauseating about ten years ago, however. A bit of background for you English readers: you have Trump attacking the mass media, right? Well, Cristina Kirchner (that other jewess) did exactly the same. For over seven years (her term ended in 2015) she was attacked back and forth by an ex-ally, the Clarin newspaper. With the Clarin newspaper as an enemy, she needed to make several new TV channels, television programs and newspapers to counterattack the «lies» (and not so lies) that their ex-allies aired out. In short, we have a media polarization that is extreme. You’ll see more examples of it below.

«To face it, then, what we need are better professional media that can inspire confidence and earnestness, which will win the audience with courageous and objective coverage, taking advantage of both technology and historical journalistic techniques. If we fail to value journalistic work seriously, getting both readers and platforms to pay for good content, then we end up doing ourselves harm, living in a society less informed and therefore less free. »

Better media? Yes, the truth is that you have much to improve. For example, the grammatical errors you have. You can no longer hide it. Courageous and objective coverage? Mea culpa, mea culpa. You can’t be brave nor objective because you would be out of business. If you uncovered all the scandals of the powers that be, you would be out of business. Simple as that. You guys are also part of the problem, you Jewish journalists.

«We could define fake news the falsely descriptive information that seeks to manipulate the audience regardless of purpose. That is why we can say that fake news are not a invention of the digital age. From the Egyptian pharaohs to the great populists of the twentieth century, all abused the audiences by deceiving them with falsehoods.»

You are guilty of that, too. You just lie and report what suits your Jewish boss. Why do you complain so much? From Página/12 to La Nación (two Argentine newspapers), everyone lies as it suits them and their bosses. The only difference is that Página/12 looks like the semi-official organ of a synagogue, and La Nación is a little more dissimulated. Always being cocksucking whores to the diabolical axis US/Israel. The Americans, helplessly duped, are victims as well. They die fighting for the Jews, while they believe they are doing good to the world. (Not hating on you guys, just hating your shitty government). We also have shitty governments around here.

«What changed was the platform. Until the web was created, access to mass audiences was monopolized by those who concentrated political power or the owners of newspapers, radios and TV channels. Internet allowed virtually unlimited access to information and gave anyone who wanted a platform to communicate. The arrival of the social media multiplied the reach of Internet users exponentially, dynamiting that control of the information, which was largely owned by the mass media.»

BAWWWWWWW. «Now I can not lie as much as before!» BAWWWW, we are so many now and the cake is getting smaller. BAWWWWW. Free information market, can you see that?

«That means that we contributed to our own destruction. We read the game wrong, then we went out to capture that seemingly infinite audience that the web contributed to try to sell more publicity. First we gave away the content and, when the revenues began to fall – because the readers switched to the digital platforms – we reduced editorial staff and we lowered the quality of our content, entering in a vicious circle that repeats until today.»

Vicious and slimy too. That’s why you guys are official organs. Always lying for your masters. Always hiding everything that is inconvenient to your jewish bosses.

«Ontologically, we equated the value of our columnists and star journalists with any search results from Google and with all the posts on Facebook, seeking to get clicks. While, to write in a publication like the New York Times or Perfil one has to have certain certifications (i.e, not anyone can write there), the web accepts everyone, since the space is infinite. Google and Facebook, which capture a large part of that global audience, generate multi-million dollar profits with content from others while we newspapers and magazines bleed ourselves to death competing among us, and with bloggers and influencers, for crumbs.»

Quiet. Here is a NaZZi talking about you. Does it bother you? I have three readers who speak English, but hey. You can’t have everything you want in life.

«This is where the digital ecosystem controlled by Google and Facebook, and fostered by traditional media, opened the doors to fake news. Ovidiu Drobota, a 24-year-old Romanian, is the founder of Ending the Fed, a Facebook community that has more than 350,000 followers that generated four of the top 10 fake news items during the presidential election that consecrated Donald Trump. Drobota earns approximately $ 10,000 per month using Google AdSense, the advertising platform of the Silicon Valley giant.»

Easy, Fontevecchia. You must earn well since you are probably a relative of the founder of Perfil, baby. However, the poorly paid interns who write articles for you guys can feel jealous of Mr. Drobota.

«Although he claims to be a follower of Trump, Drobota did reverse engineering and found that writing fake notes in favor of the Republican candidate managed to generate high engagement posts on Facebook. Those users, mostly from the US, came to their fake notes through the social network and then entered his site, where Drobota monetized CPMs (values) several times higher than those that a Romanian or Argentinian reader could generate because of its high value for advertisers.»

«Drobota was not the only one that got wise. In Veles, Macedonia, the average salary is $ 350 per month, but there are more than 100 sites pro-Trump generating fake news, where the best of them can earn more income than Drobota

And those who are even better than those may have a stunned audience for ten years. You do not believe me? Look at La Nación and Página/12, Clarín and Tiempo Argentino. (Those are newspapers). TN and C5N (those are TV news channels). They are two sides of the same coin, brother. Some speak poorly of Cristina Kirchner, the others speak badly of Mauricio Macri. But no one tells you that the two are Jewish garbage. Same as the third in dispute, Sergio Massa. They are all the same Jewish garbage.

«All this responds to the new habits of reading that arose from the consumption of news in digital formats and, especially, in cellular and smartphones. In the US, there are studies that show that 59% of shared postings never are opened. In a funny experiment, a fake news titled «NASA confirms that marijuana contains alien DNA from another solar system» generated more than 140,000 comments, while the NPR portal published «Why Americans do not Read?» as a joke. (The content of the post explained that it was a false news), generating hundreds of comments from angry readers at their countrymen for not reading more.»

«The real problem is that neither Google nor Facebook, much less the authors of these blogs and spurious sites, make themselves responsible of what the audience consumes. While in Perfil we have legal responsibility for what we write, besides a pact with our readers and advertisers, on the Internet anything goes because anonymity is king. There are places like Snopes in the USA and Chequeado in our country that seek to limit the impact of false news, but the problem exceeds them. And we must ask ourselves if we really want Google and Facebook algorithmically deciding what kind of content is reliable and is checked.»

Deciding algorithmically? Do not pretend to be stupider than you already are. You know well that the «deciding algorithmically» motto is just a tale. They are going to censor what you, Jews and Judaizers, do not like to be brought to the light. Trump reminds me of Perón when he said that he (Perón) won with all the mass media against him. Trump is not going to save the white race or anything, but the attack they pulled on him was (and still is) strong. Also, don’t forget that some of us don’t like Trump because he is not good enough (aka, he won’t fulfill any of his promises).

«What can we do? As Laura Zommer of Chequeado said: educate and innovate. We have to value our content, and make readers understand that it’s expensive to do good journalism. Society has to learn to differentiate the professional content from a blogger’s work. And for that the media have to continue doing top-notch journalism, using all platforms and new technologies to tell stories increasingly attractive to the audience.»

With the grammatical and spelling errors you guys have, forget about that. Laura Zommer? Could she be jewish?

«At the same time, technology platforms like Google and Facebook have to accept that multi-billion dollars can not be made with our contents at zero cost. We need to regulate digital rights and require them to pay, while improving the digital advertising ecosystem to eradicate fraud and lack of transparency. The clicks don’t matter, what it should matter it’s the time of permanence of the reader. These changes are already beginning in Europe and we do not have to be left behind. (Here are two specific cases where Google and Facebook abused advertisers, and, obviously never returned the money).»

Jews fighting with other Jews for a few shekels! How cute. In the Middle Ages, the wealthiest Jews paid the taxes of the poorest, if they could not afford to pay them. Only Gentiles can be fucked shamelessly by Jewgle and Faceberg.

«There will always be fake news. In addition to the con-artists that take advantage of innocent readers to win a few dollars, there are also hackers, trolls, intelligence services, and all sorts of actors who seek to manipulate us. The battle has to be given by the media, the advertisers, the technology platforms, and, more than anything else, the web users who are increasingly reliant on them.»

They will always exist. Especially when the «responsible, objective and impartial news media that makes truth its motto» are greater liars than anyone else. Con-artists who take advantage of innocent readers to earn a dime? You have been taking advantage of the innocence of the Argentine people for a lot of time as well. What bothers you is that you lost the monopoly on the fake news.

SOURCE (The original in Spanish. Some bloggers can do top notch stuff as well). Also, the other sources you see come from the original article, which I decided to copy anyway. Some of them are in English.


Autor: Gas Mask

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    1. Errr… only the things in italics are mine. The original (the things what are not in italics) comes from somewhere else. Anyway, I live too far from Buenos Aires to send the copy with my satire. Thanks for the idea anyway. The postal service sucks around here!

      Me gusta

    2. I’ve spammed my other essays on their sites… Maybe their spam filter caught them up anyway, but at least I tried.
      Also, try looking at this site and not rage:
      In Spanish, but the only thing worth seeing is the paintings… OH WAI- not even that.

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        1. The inordinate amounts of money they ask for that shit… With the conversion, it’s not that much, but it’s still money you wouldn’t throw away in that, LOL.

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        2. Did you do the conversion to dollars? Prices are in Argentine Pesos… unless they do that conversion for you. Yeah, I saw the vase of flowers on the butt. Shit is insane.

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        3. Ah, so $9,000 photo is really 562.50 in dollars? Still too damn much. Over here are about 3cents on the dollar, if that. Back in the 50s a loaf of Wonder Bread was 35 cents. Now it’s $3.49 or more depending on the store.

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