Let’s call Spade a Spade. True definition of “Racism”: Morphologic Racism

[This entry comes from Rudolf’s blog. It’s important that we begin calling things for their proper names… Who mixes the races, is destroying humanity. Who mates with a person of a different race, is condemning his offspring to be and not to be. He is destroying his legacy and the legacy of his mate…]

“We do not support the superiority of one race over another, but the respect that each race has to have of itself, of its own racial form – that means, of its unique ‘identity’, (meaning the very own culture, traditions, customs, religion).

The only ones who semantically respect the multiracial society it’s us (the Morphologic Racists) as we are respectful of the identity of each race.

We are opposed to the dissolution of the races, the breakup of the peoples and the deformation of cultures via an universal miscegenation.

An interracial community can be natural only on condition that each race lives independently from the other, on its own land, developing within this perimeter a culture that, as a projection of his own racial entity, is different from other cultures…

See the original at: Let’s call Spade a Spade. True definition of “Racism”: Morphologic Racism

Autor: Gas Mask

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  1. Gas Mask, I gave you Smoloko’s blog link a while back, well I tried to retweet an article and his Twitter account has been suspended. Too bad, he’s worth spreading every where.

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        1. I thought it might be content, so I posted these 2 from Google Images, went through fine.

          Posted fine. Pinterest links photos with a red circle and P on it. It means you can send it to your board. Smoloko doesn’t have his photos tagged that way so they won’t load, plus it seems he makes his own memes so he may not know how to tag them for reposting.

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        2. For what I know, Smoloko probably has things uploaded to WordPress… Inspecting the element (image) gives you a WordPress internal link… Smoloko is a WordPress site, although it has purchased a custom domain… thus, you don’t have to type «smoloko.wordpress» to access it, unlike our sites.

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    1. Realized something. Will have to resize every image, since my theme shits its pants with big images… They overlap to the left, and that simply doesn’t look very good. Since I saw that link on the phone, I didn’t realize how big the original images were… My theme doesn’t like big images, it does a terrible job displaying them.

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      1. Never had a problem with them before. I noticed each meme has slomoko.com at the bottom & no photo origin. I’ll bet he makes his own, that’s why we’re having problems.

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