The Eternal Struggle…

…between two forces.

Two forces, two conceptions, two ways of life, two weltanschauungs, two races.

Two opposing forces.

The struggle is between a race that creates, and another race that appropriates.

Between a race that seeks knowledge, and other race that shuns knowledge.

The struggle is between a race that seeks to create, develop, shape and form the greatest, the best and the perfect. And other race that not only cannot create anything worthy at all, they corrupt everything they can. Specially if it happens to strive for the greatest, the best and perfect.

A race that strives for purity, and other race that strives for the basest and more debauched instincts. Nay, those instincts are not even worthy of the name. They are degenerations, deviations. They destroy everything good in man, and replace it with a twisted version of his soul. They debase man, and make him a slave of his vices. A slave of his «freedoms». Which are nothing else but a new and more refined form of slavery. A slavery willingly chosen, not imposed.

Compare its effects…

These girls are probably of the Hitler's Jugend for women.


Ugly feminists with the word "Slut" written on their bodies.

What do you see in the first photo? You see a group of normal girls, not degenerate, nor debasing themselves. Notice that these girls were very young, probably on their teens.

And on the second photo? I can’t see it without cringing, but let’s analyze it anyway. Four «feminists» that debase themselves writing on their bodies the word «slut». Probably they are making a confession anyway, but still, they are painful to watch, on every level. They demand respect and everything. Ha! They don’t even respect themselves, how do they demand respect from others? And look, the girls of the first photo are the product of a saner society, and a government which did not pride itself on debasing its own citizens like this:

The Mayor of Exeter joining on a fags' parade.
The Mayor of Exeter is carrying the flag of the Exeter’s Gay Pride Parade. Probably she is the blond woman who is behind the flag, or the woman at the side of it. Anyway, according to the original source, the Mayor joined in.

Nude faggot in front of two little girls.

Ack! Just look at the photo above! That «man» is parading on the public street completely nude, proud of his deviant lifestyle, in front of children. And somebody brought his/her children to said parade. This is what this race does promote, for people who are not like them. It’s very important to understand that difference between us/them.

In a saner society, the girls of the photo wouldn’t be exposed at such levels of insanity and debasement. Simply because said parades would not exist at all, and the conditions for the organization of such a thing wouldn’t be there, either.

This is the product of a debased race. This is what this race of mongrels of every stock that exists in humanity is capable of creating and fostering. Degeneration, vices, corruption, debauchery, destruction, a complete inversion of every healthy value that is necessary for the good of society.

This race has succeeded to make the former race -the race that creates and seeks knowledge- into a shell of it’s former self.

It infected the race of creators and explorers with bizarre patterns and alien thoughts, not emanating from its soul. Thoughts and ways of acting completely alien and strange, not proper to them.

Enough ellipsis… The races I’m making reference to are two races: the White race and the jewish race. Which you can’t even consider a race at all, because, despite their big cares and everything, to not make themselves spoiled with the blood of other races, got soiled anyway.

And that damage is irreversible. Once is done, is done. You can’t fix race-mixing, at least not with the current methods that exist now.

The jewish «race» is a mishmash of every race that walks on this planet. They have (most of them) white skin, but also, they have woolly hair (like Negroes), oriental thought patterns (since they originate from there), big, hooked noses and more. Check the link for the mixture of the jew in more detail.

The jews hate the White race because it’s the complete antithesis of them. They want to debase us Whites, so they can rule over the remnants of our once proud civilizations. They want to destroy the White race so they can be the supreme rulers over a brown mass of 75 I.Q mongrels, knowing that they will be completely unchallenged by them, since these browns won’t never, never, realize what’s going on.

They always hated us. Probably since the times of their Egyptian captivity, on which they saw what a real civilization was like. A civilization from which probably they stole a lot of things, including their organization, bylaws and laws. So to avoid infighting and conflicts amongst them.

Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans before us knew about the perfidy of the jewish race. And after them, our European forefathers, and even the American Founding Fathers knew about that, too.

That’s why they have been expelled and subjected to sanctions over 100 times.

We have always been enemies. In fact, the jews are the enemies of every nation on Earth that happens to not be like them. But specially, they are our mortal enemies. We stand on the way to complete domination, and they know it.

They never could conquer us militarily. Nay, they always were wiped out when they tried to do that. In fact, they were conquered and defeated more than once by us.

The problem is that the jews changed tactics. No matter how hard they could fight against the Roman Empire with weapons, they always would be defeated by the Romans. They began to wage war against the Gentile world (the Greco-Roman world) differently. They attacked their minds.

How? They propelled a new cult that had its founder killed by the Romans (albeit their governor didn’t want to do it, he did it at the request of the jews)… Using this cult as a crutch, they began to subvert the Roman nation from within. Want me to use the same source again? Here’s their declaration of war, again.

Did you see that? It’s not an otherworldly affair, nay, it’s a political one… Once you realize it, you will see it for what it is.

Consider again the times on which they were living. Their circumstances. They were subjects of the Roman Empire, and obviously, they didn’t like it at all.

It’s a complete rejection of every Aryan value. Knowledge for their «god» doesn’t mean anything, because he is better and we jews say so! Strength doesn’t mean anything either, because their «god» chose the weak things to shame the strong… Do you understand that?

Who were the strong and who were the weak, back then?

If you have been paying attention, you know who.

Alas, the strong and wise could build things like this:

Yet, their «god» would mock the knowledge of this world. And make the weak laugh at the strong.

The jews preached to the slaves, the mongrel rabble, and the foolish Whites that wanted to reject the values of their forefathers. And since Rome began to lose the racial composition of its best days, the message caved in, slowly, but surely, until Constantine made it the cult of the State in 313. And then, it was the beginning of the end for Rome. Not even the efforts of Julian the Apostate would be enough.

Since then, we have been infected with alien ways, with alien thoughts. Making us reject our nature, the laws of nature, and ourselves.

Mortification of the flesh — saving of the soul. It made our forefathers virtual wretches, coupled with the massive loss of knowledge…

Several centuries passed… There would be a Reformation, coupled with a nifty nice invention that would come in handy to the Renaissance of Europe. But still, we would be caught in the jewish trap…

And now, we are facing the brink of extinction. Two bloody brother wars in the last century, another bloody brother war for you Americans in the nineteenth century… over the freedom of another race!! How racist can you guys be?! Nay! If you mean «racist» as in preferring your own race, clearly Whites are not racist at all… not at all.


Dumb whiteys helping niglets.

Just give those niglets ten years... See if they are still pacific around that blond woman.

A White woman with a little monkey...!! Nah, it's just a niglet.

It has knocked off the will to live and the racial solidarity of Whites!! Albeit we are at the brink of suicide —with shrinking populations–, Whites still help people that, in the best case, wouldn’t help them at all, and at the worst case… they would hasten their demise.

The jewish concoction has attacked the minds of Whites. First, it attacked the minds of Romans and Greeks, then, it attacked the minds of the rest of Europe. Even Euro-descendants have the same problem, inheriting the jewish poison from their forefathers.

It made us forget what is good for us, favoring the good of other races, other peoples that are not our own. It implanted (I am repeating myself, I know) alien thoughts that clash with our racial soul. It made us slaves, and made us reject our own nature. It prepared us for suicide.

Alas, after 2000 years, finally it’s calling the shots. It took longer than the jews thought, but finally, they have convinced White people to commit suicide… without actually mentioning the word suicide.

Check the three photos above… Do you see something wrong? No? In case you don’t realize it…




Sorry for that screaming. But it’s important that, if you aren’t a racialist (aka a racist, a protector of your race), that you realize why it’s wrong… Do you want to know how the world would be without White people? Read this article. All of it.

The race of inventors and creators, explorers and philosophers, doctors and painters, thinkers and doers has decided to commit racial suicide.

Infected by the race of ultra-mongrels that corrupts everything and that only worship themselves –the rest of the world can die a flaming death–, we chose to destroy ourselves and help others. Nice nice, right?

Except that death –and extinction– are definitive. And committing suicide is dumb. Specially, racial suicide.

Just imagine again what the world would be without us. Without you. Yes, you come from a long line of ancestors. And if you are White, your ancestors also belonged to the White race. The race of inventors and creators of civilizations. You are a product of them, and they are a product of you. Of people like you.

There’s no thing as the «human race». There’s no thing as «equality». Nature made us unequal and different, and gave us a space in which we could develop and adapt.

For us, there is only one race, the White race. Nothing else.

For them, there is only one race, the jewish race. Other races can die a painful death, if necessary. Even if they are a mishmash of every race.

We should do the same. Enough of trying to save people that are not going to save us.

We should recover our will to live and will to power! Enough of pandering to people who are not like us! Enough of following the tenets of an offshoot of the jewish religion! We must recover our nature!

We must do whatever is good for us. Not good for others.

Things that are bad for us must go. Alien thoughts and alien religions must be cast out, forever


Or we will be completely destroyed. You don’t want that, do you?

If you are White, and you are reading this, I really hope that the answer should be a no-brainer…

Or there will be hell to pay, for traitors like you…


And for the rest of us…



May we live in a world like that, thinking only on what is good for us.




A good place on where you can start to learn a bit more is here… Also, this post came as a request, from the original poster of said post.


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