We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—



This is what liberals and jews prefer you not to see!! Wake up, White man!! Wake up, White woman!!

We are not equal to these savages!! Do you think that chopping dicks and raping kids is right? Then you may join them… as a victim! Oops, I said it!!

Do you think they will spare you? This is the kind of «refugee» they are bringing onto Europe… Americans (of the entire continent) don’t think that the bell is not tolling for you too! They have the same shit in store for you!!

From Canada to Argentina, not forgetting Australia and New Zealand and the entire European continent, these is the low level scum they are bringing to you. In any place there are significant numbers of Whites, they have the same shit destined for us.

And, if you think that this is their indigenous culture, and we should respect it then, fine. BUT DO NOT BRING THOSE NIGGERS HERE!! GOT IT?

Don’t think that I’m being hysteric, nay. It’s just a friendly warning from me.

You may say that these black people are following ancient tribal customs. Yes, you are probably right. But even if they are converted to either Islam or Christianity, the same blood and genes still lurk on their makeup.

Making them worship either Allah or Christ won’t make them change anything. You may see this on the Voodoo religion of the Haitians. They worship (in name) Christian saints, but they do it in such a way that it differs a lot from the European Christian worship…

Nah, nothing will change. The Conquistadores made the same mistake. The Catholic Church used to think the same, regarding jews. They thought that the perfidy of the jewish race would change if they accepted Christ and renounced jewry.

Race and blood don’t change!! You may be today a Christian, tomorrow a Muslim, the day after tomorrow an Odinist, but your blood and genes will never change!!

The only way that your (the blood and genes of your descendants) may change is by race-mixing. Which you shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Or, do you think that the race that built entire civilizations has to be wiped out of the Earth?

If you are a jew… well, I quite understand you. We are your enemies, after all. We are the obstacle that stands between you and world domination. A handful of Whites is more dangerous than a whole nation of niggers, once the handful gets organized.

But if you are a White, and, after seeing this video, you still think that we should accept niggers and jews in our midst, then…


Or wait (if you are a woman), look here if you think that dating (fucking) «hot black studs» is fine…

Yes, they usually get justice served by their «hot black studs». With black eyes and all (the luckiest ones).

And sometimes, it’s their offspring who does the dirty deed. (In the linked case, not so dirt cheap).

Remember, they still carry (to a long extent, if not completely pure) the same blood and genes than the niggers of the video.

And, the race mixing doesn’t attenuate their lower IQ, lower aggression inhibition, nor higher levels of testosterone, either.

The African-Americans have about 20% White ancestry… yet they still have an 85 point I.Q, in average. (Better than the 70 I.Q from pure Negroes, but lower than the 100 I.Q from pure Whites).

Notice that a 70 I.Q puts you in the category of…


IQ Score Percent Included
Theoretical Normal Curve Actual Sample
Very Superior 130 and above 2.2 2.1
Superior 120-129 6.7 8.3
High Average* 110-119 16.1 16.1
Average 90-109 50.0 50.3
Low Average* 80-89 16.1 14.8
Borderline 70-79 6.7 6.5
Extremely Low*  ** 69 and below 2.2 1.9

Yeah, borderline retarded. And an I.Q of 85? Just Low Average.

Notice than an I.Q of 100 puts you in the average category. Not so good, not so bad. Just average.

But is still better than the I.Q that those blacks have, yes, of those that are jumping and fucking each other and chopping their dicks off on that video.

You still don’t believe me? I will put that video again, son.

This is what the jews and the SJW types claim to be equal to us.

Yeah, right.

Think about that, son. Think hard but do it quickly, because we are running out of time.

And the hordes are coming.

What are you gonna do, pal?

Heck, I only hope that they don’t chop your dick off while being raped and crying like a sissy.

Better be prepared…

Love the fact that the gun keeps firing 200 rounds after it’s on fire!!! Hahahaha!!



Rest of the sources can be found on the text itself.

(also, I lifted that last video from a comment for this post).

Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit https://thegasmaskblog.wordpress.com if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

28 opiniones en “We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—”

    1. Sorry that I pester you through this comment, but check your spam folder on both of your sites. It seems that the Akismet spam niggers threw me in the gutter again. I tried to comment in both of your sites, but it seems that my comments disappear. Since I trolled that fucking SJW shit professor nothing was the same. This time I’ve been leaving links… but, with the permission of the owners’ sites. I guess their spam filter can’t differentiate between consented links and not consented links. What a piece of shit.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Thanks for flagging this. I went in to the spam box and deleted 95% spam and approved a couple of comments for you & Homer. You can always write me at my email for more privacy as Homer does.

        I’ll just have to check the damn spam every day. What a hassle.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Gee, thanks. It’s not just your problem… for some reason the spam filter hates me… You had problems with it not letting you comment a while back, too, right?

          Me gusta

        2. WP uses Askismet filter and it can’t be disabled. I’ve always been able to comment on my own sites, but am still having trouble with some other WP sites. Can’t even flag the own if my comments go to spam. I’m tired and don’t really care anymore. I’m happy with you, Rudolf & Homer. If I can get through to someone else, fine, if not I move on. WP has too many glitches.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. You will be able to comment on your own sites, because they are your «turf». That’s why I nagged you on a reply you made on my site, because it’s the only place I can comment when I’m «gagged».
          Since I trolled that SJW professor shit (who I didn’t insult in any form or shape, BTW), I’m having problems to comment. I guess that spam filter has a nasty memory, because as soon as I «break the rules», it sends my comments on its spam filter.

          Me gusta

        4. I read in a WP post on it that the filter eventually «learns» what is spam and not so eventually you all will be OK on my site, I hope. Chances are the Prof «knows» you now and automatically spams you out.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        5. I never commented there again. But probably I’m banned there anyway. The spam filter thingy seems to be global, as well. If it wasn’t, my comments would pass through your site unscathed, even when I’m gagged, since I commented there so many times already. How many times have I commented, BTW? Your comments reach the triple digits already on my site, LOL.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

  1. I found it. Actually, the video I posted from «view original post» had a video from Youtube, which was removed because of «graphic content.» I don’t know the source of the other video we’re using. It’s not Youtube. I was going to take my reblog of you down, but I like your passionate anger. Can’t hurt to post the same vid a couple of times.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I downloaded it from your original source, Cartier. You may want to try downloading it from there. Yes, the source is definitely not Youtube, because it can still be seen, at the original site that posted it first. Even if it gets erased from there, I still have it and can upload it to my MEGA account if necessary.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. You see that it was taken out from Youtube… Backups are important. Mirrors are important, too. That’s why I downloaded it. It’s «troublesome» content, and they (you know who) don’t like it circulating around. If (gods forbid!) the original source it’s taken down, I can still replace it with a copy of my own.

          Me gusta

    1. Hmmmm, I don’t think so. I think they make a difference between commentors and sites. Anyway, some sites like ours have gotten the banhammer as well, via the excuse of «hateful content» or some stupid shit like that… Hateful content it’s just the content joos don’t like.

      Me gusta

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