Hitler Was Always His Own Man

From Cartier’s blog and Tomato Bubble. May the old canard favorite of half-truthers and disinfo agents die, because it’s due. On any half truther site (and on any site that harps ‘bout the globalists and Rothschilds without mentioning that they are JEWS) you may find this bullshit. Five years ago, when I began researching this stuff I found several pieces that claimed this. I never believed them fully, even being unaware of the JQ. Now I see them as they are: BULLSHIT.

Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit https://thegasmaskblog.wordpress.com if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

6 comentarios en “Hitler Was Always His Own Man”

    1. Eh, nevermind. That stupid canard has to die someday. It’s so stupid my brain explodes everytime I hear it. The other day I was talking to my father about that. I told him that disinfo agents use that lie so to discourage resistance… you see, people think: “Hitler bad! He was with the Rothschilds!” “Rotschilds bad, too!” He believes (or believed, maybe I convinced him) on this canard. That’s why I want that lie to die.

      Me gusta


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