Shattering the Myth of Ze Genius of Ze Twentieth Centurry…

Einstein sticking his tongue.

[Misspellings intentional… Added image for the lulz.]

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And, if you have plenty of time and like to read, really, really much, check this MEGA link (a .pdf file) to download The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, written by Christopher Jon Bjerknes.

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THE EINSTEIN MONSTER Deconstructing the Fairy Tale of St. Albert the Genius

[Taken from Rudolf’s blog. You see, the jews can sell us almost everything… from saviours to geniuses…]

Excerpts from a essay:

When we do a Google image search for the word “genius”, the first thing, and I do mean, thing, we see is the wretched mug of (((Albert Einstein))). Plug in the word “scientist”, and again, St. Albert is the first face to populate. You can scroll and scroll way down those pages and not even find a hint of folks like Tesla, von Braun, Shockley, and other great names. Why is that? Was St. Albert really such a “genius”? Or is this a case of the press pumping-up a fellow tribesman? Let’s have a look.


* * *


Einstein was a serial, psychopathic plagiarist. Einstein’s plagiarism has been conclusively proven beyond doubt. (here) Indeed, Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” as well as his famous equation (E=Mc2), were actually published before Einstein claimed credit for them.


Einstein’s “discoveries”, stolen as they were, are still disputed to this day. Einstein himself expressed some doubts about his “theories”. Though it is beyond the scope of this author to evaluate theories of physics, the fact that a minority of physicists continue to passionately insist that Einstein’s ideas are false, is very intriguing. We wonder, for every one outspoken critic of Einstein, how many more scientists hold the very same doubts but are too intimidated to express them. Of even greater interest is the fact that the scientific doubters are often childishly ridiculed, but never openly debated. Hmmm…

See more at: THE EINSTEIN MONSTER Deconstructing the Fairy Tale of St. Albert the Genius

How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society

These are the wicked plans the jews have for our enslavement. As the article says… can you trust the banks (the jews) when these institutions themselves create the boom/bust cycles? The Greeks are being used as pawns for the cashless society, just as the people in India are being used, too.