26 comentarios en “Jews and Science: a Knowledge of Destruction”

        1. I see, Rudolf. If you find it, post it here. I remember that Tesla had a quote about the chosen ones… or the insanity of the world, which is almost the same thing.

          Me gusta

        2. Well, at last I could reblog it! Sorry for reaching you kinda late, but I’m having internet problems at the moment… My internet connection is very wonky since yesterday, and it works basically when it wants to.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. I wanted to trade a few zio eyeballs Mengele gifted to him, but Im scared rabbi geldenscheisse could tell me its his property and call the ADL..

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        4. And what about the lampshades…? And the soap bars!! I found a soap bar that Rabbi Shekelberg said it was of his friend Michael “Michelin” Cohen…!! That jew was really fat!! He tipped the scales at 240 pounds!!

          Me gusta


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