Pedophiles rebranding as “Minor Attracted Persons”

And then, they say that the slippery slope is a fallacy…



I don’t know if this is a new thing or not but it’s creepy as fu*ck. There are HUNDREDS of these accounts in different twitter circles and on youtube with hundreds of followers. This shit is the next step in normalization. Instead of pedophiles, now they are “MAP”

They all have the same terminology as well in their twitter bios. Shit like “BL” (Boy Lover) or GL and all kinds of other stuff. If there are any brave ones willing to investigate this hellhole, I applaud you.

Because I sure as hell aint diving into that sh*t!


The fact that they are so brazen about the degeneracy already looks like the next step. We’ve reached a point where pedophiles can hide in plain sight and no one bats an eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if (((they))) used these circles as a recruitment ground too.

They have some creepy podcasts also:

Ver la entrada original 29 palabras más


Autor: Gas Mask

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