meanwhile, back in Londonistan:


Autor: Gas Mask

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  1. Fucking bastards! How dare they threaten these parents?? And most will bend knee and comply. If they would all stand together this would stop, but they are too god damn cowardly. Fuckers. ‘Scuse my goddamn French.

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        1. Maybe for the “cool” shit it allows you to do… if you are male, of course. Still, it doesn’t compute… There is a Spanish TV series that has been airing since 2001. In one of the first episodes (the second, actually), the father tells his youngest son about moodslimes and Lawrence of Arabia (it’s set on the late 60’s)… Kid falls in love with Islam, infatuated with the tales of his father and the fact that he (alledgely) won’t have to go to school, will be able to ride a camel all day long and not bathe (he was a little boy, after all)… His family grows tired of his shit, so they eat lunch, and put lots of ham, sausages and vegetables in front of him (remember moodslimes can’t eat pork). When he wants to eat the ham, his family screams at him, and insist that he should eat peas and shit like that. So, the kid decides that Islam is just not worth it, and tosses the towel he was using as a head covering and wolfs down the ham and sausages.
          To me, as an adult, seeing what you cleverly remarked makes me sick. Indeed: who the fuck wants to bend over to a psychotic god? Fear is the answer, and also, misanthropy.

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        2. Hahaha! I love it. It’s funny the Catholics have to cover their hair out of respect for God but Islam wants you to show Him your ass. That should tell you all you need to know. And for women! Jesus! If a woman is raped but cannot produce 3 male witnesses to it, she is stoned for adultery.

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  2. I have a story about a 10 ft pole.

    I was at a magic show at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and was picked to sit with David Copperfield at the closeup table. He just finished a card trick and was rumaging in his pocket for another. He said: Oh my gosh! I have a hole in my pocket.” Thinking he had lost something. A man in the audience said: “I wouldn’t touch that line with a 10 ft pole!” Wherein I shouted: “A 10ft pole! No wonder he has a hole in his pocket!” The house came down. Hahahaha! Poor David was so embarrassed.

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    1. Hahahahahaha!! That’s priceless humor, ma’am! Sometimes I do those slips too, but never I’ve done them in a place so big…! Well, maybe peeps thought that you were some kind of clique, so they didn’t think bad of you, miss.

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