Madrid Fags’ Parade 2017 [More Faggots than Ever]

[Do not miss the controversy between a lesbo and the rest of the organization. To kill yourself with laughter… and really think about what is this really about. My comments go in italics. Translated with Jewgle Translate, because I need speed (not because I don’t know how to translate back and forth between Spanish and English).]

The «International Gay Pride Day» in Madrid, between marketing and combative spirit

The biggest business is run by the big brands that have tried to camouflage their products in the environment that promotes Pride.

Two lesbos seemingly going to kiss.
Believe me, from the original source, it is one of the least shocking pictures. And it’s still disgusting.


One of the most famous series of Netflix is ​​»Orange is the New Black». This week, on the streets of Madrid, the streaming platform for series and films made an advertising campaign to join the celebration of the «World Pride» (International Gay Pride Day), which began on June 23 and will conclude this Sunday.

Well, what could be expected? It is well known that sissies have a lot of money. And also, there is even more money at stake. If guys like George Soros (a Hungarian Jew who won millions and millions of dollars betting that the English pound was to lose its value back in the early ’90s, thus becoming very wealthy with the ruin of others), are behind these kind of «organizations» by financing them, then what do you expect?

In a poster of a bus stop, on a background with the colors of the rainbow, it reads «Rainbow is the New Black», with the signature «Netflix», and the legend «happy pride».

Happy pride to your dead corpse, motherfucker. Also, you have to endure these faggots painting everything on the city with their shit and uploading to the internet images like these:

Según un maricón semi-famoso, no es necesario el día del orgullo heterosexual por determinadas razones

Translation: Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Heterosexual Pride Day

  • Because there are not countries in which is illegal to be heterosexual, even with death penalty.
  • Because there are not countries in which is illegal to marry between heterosexuals.
  • Because when you walk the streets nobody insults you nor assaults you. (yeah right, faggot).
  • Because no parent has expelled his son from home because he is heterosexual.
  • Because nobody complains about sharing dressing rooms with a heterosexual.
  • Because heterosexuality is not on the top of the list of hate crimes. (because you are a minority, and lack numbers).
  • Because nobody says «I prefer having a malformed or retarded son before having a heterosexual son». (because heterosexuality is normal, you prick.)
  • Because there are not radical groups that are dedicated to hunt heterosexuals, and assault them, or even kill them. (not yet, you only like to seduce heterosexual dudes, however.)
  • Because there are not campaigns that ask for the retirement of advertisements because in those appear heterosexual couples.
  • Because there are not books nor therapies that claim how to stop being heterosexual. (heck, that’s a niche market if I see one, but it exists, probably).

Hours later, an activist for «Critical Pride», a member of several platforms that claim the protest spirit of the LGBT community, intervened the Netflix advertising changing the legend to «Rainbow is the New Marketing Strategy»

Faggots complaining about other faggots. The left cannibalizes itself all the time. It never ends.

The reaction is a symptom of the mercantilization suffered by World Pride, the traditional manifestation that the LGBTI universe performs every year to denounce its persecution and claim more rights, and which has come to eclipse its true objective.

Although the trend was already observed in recent years, in 2017, the party has become the most attended and colorful event in the Spanish capital and, at the same time, a millionaire business that no one wants to lose.

Between the 23 of June and the 2 of July, the days that the celebration lasts, the hotels of Madrid have an occupation rate of 100%. With the demand, the prices of the rooms have increased five times. It is estimated that at least 2 million people will arrive in the city to participate in the event.

A source estimated a number in between two and three millions of faggots. There is not much difference. They are still too many.

Restaurants, bars and shops in the city, especially in the Chueca neighborhood, epicenter of the festivities, have dressed their facades with flags, garlands and other party supplies with the colors of the rainbow to attract participants. While in some corners, street vendors sell flags at 5 euros (90 pesos), and bracelets at 2 euros (36 pesos).

Bracelets at 36 pesos! I know that we are speaking about euros, but heck, the hippie who sells bracelets in a central plaza of my city was selling them for 10 pesos not so long ago. (Something like 0.50 or 0.60 cents of euro). Poor thing, maybe he should try to sell to the faggots those bracelets. I bet the fags purchase his bracelets and even invite him to join the party.

However, the biggest business is run by the big brands that have tried to camouflage their products in the environment that promotes Pride. In the same line of Netflix, the dating application, Tinder, has placed a stage in the Plaza of Chueca to spread* one of its latest updates. It has recently allowed users to choose their sexual identity without being forced to choose between men and women.

I want to choose to be a sexual helicopter. Can I? Also, why faggots want to use Tinder if they have their own applications and dating websites?

*Also, notice that the wily Jewgle Translate says «spread». I chose to not correct it for the lulz.

Other brands, such as Vodafone, Paypal, Spotify, or the El Corte Inglés store have made their own chariots to participate in the main parade celebrated this Saturday.

Are you kidding me? We have several famous brands backing this shit. Boycott these brands as much as possible.

Political activism versus «pink capitalism». «We must generate more awareness in all areas,» says ‘Pili’, who came from Malaga with her daughter Arantxa, who is a lesbian. «That the rights be extended, that they can marry», she demands.

Arantxa’s mother is right even if she’s wrong. Marriage between people of the same sex has been legal in Spain since 2005. More than 30 thousand people have been married since the law was passed. However, many people are not aware. For that reason, she is right, there must still be a greater awareness of the rights of the LGTBI community.

I ask, could it be that they are simply not interested in getting married? I mean, homosexual couples are much more unstable than heterosexual couples. The most promiscuous heterosexual can not compete with the most promiscuous pussyfag. The fag beats him at all counts. And another thing, either you’re right, or you’re wrong. According to that reasoning, then a skinhead (or anyone) who bashes a fag’s skull just for the sake of it would not be wrong. The skin (or anyone else) is simply defending the natural order. Do not misunderstand me. I do not say that you should come out and smash faggots’ heads, (legal reasons prevent me to do it, son.) We all deserve respect and love… Pffffft.

A similar case occurs with the couple of Matt and Carlos. They are enjoying a beer at the Plaza of Chueca. Asked what other rights should be extended, Carlos asks: «Is it possible to get married already? If you can, then it’s all good.»

Matt, who is an American, says Chicago and Illinois are the first cities in his country where equal marriage was passed. For that reason, they were married there three years ago. Carlos arrived in Madrid 15 years ago. However, he did not know that it was already possible to legally marry [in Spain].

I do not believe that. If he came to Madrid fifteen years ago, and we are in 2017, that means he arrived in Madrid in 2002. If you can get married since 2005, and taking into account all the fanfare with that (((they))) cover these news, it only can mean two things: either he does not read the news and lives in a bubble, or that he simply does not care to do it [to marry].

«I think there are ‘elite’ collectives who are concerned about being part of, or of being assimilated by the heteropatriarcal system and its institutions, for taking the photo and giving them prizes for policies and politicians who use our rights to wash their image,» says Ana Murillo, from the Assembly Transmaricabollo. «This undoubtedly makes the movement depoliticize and the only speech that reaches a large majority is that of homonormativity,» she said.

The «Transmaricabollo» Assembly. Fuck, to invent names these fags are born to do. When will you guys do the Sexual Helicopter Assembly? I’m still waiting. (Also, the name means more or less «Transfaggotlesbo». Yes, I said that these guys were born to invent names.)

On June 28, her group participated in the «Critical Pride», a march that rescues the combative spirit of the «World Pride», arisen from the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York, when the LGTBI community confronted the police, tired of enduring their persecution.

The Transmaricabollo Assembly struggles to claim LGBTI rights, but within a broader political framework. While she warns about the increase in allegations of LGTB phobic aggression, or the «mafia» of entrepreneurs who take advantage of the «Pride», also points to the lack of HIV treatments, high unemployment rates in the country, or abandonment of the Spanish State of the Syrian refugees. «Transfagbibutches are the working class,» Murillo sums up in political terms.

Lies. The working class does not give a damn about a bunch of crazy faggots who want to help the entry of «Syrian refugees» who are neither refugees nor Syrians. The working class is the one who can stand these faggots the less. Come on, ask any worker, it’s almost sure that they will tell those fags to fuck themselves.

When this Saturday, during the «World Pride» parade, millions of people take on the main streets of Madrid, dressed in creative and provocative costumes, carrying banners or hitchhiking, to make the struggle of the LGTBI community visible, Ana Murillo will take the opposite way, and leave the city.

«I will not be part of a parade sponsored by companies, and depoliticized. I do not parade, I manifest… and this is a parade in which I’m being invited to consume at every step, designed for white gay men from the upper middle class, I do not feel represented «, complained the militant.

Sure, child, go away. Relieve the poor city of Madrid from your presence. What do you have against middle-upper-class white gay men, eh? I suppose the march to which she would like to go should have more diversity, and more lesbians. That is, nigger lesbians (pardon, people of color) who complain about the heteropatriarchy that is machist, racist and classicist and are uglier than a gremlin. Still I do not understand something. Brands are only doing their job, that is, to sell… Besides, we are already in 2017, enough of that false antagonism between capitalism and communism, that is, right and left. If they blew off their masks about eighty years ago when they declared war on the Germany of the Führer. Anyone who is not completely lobotomized realizes that there is something strange when in 45 ‘they were still allies and in the early 50’s they were already enemies. What was the Cold War, then?




Also, you need the source (in Spanish, however). And for those who have a strong stomach, or would like to scare the living shit out of an ignorant heterosexual who supports faggots without knowing what they really do, here is the first edition of the Gallery of Horrors for you. However, I don’t recommend opening this link if you are a bit sensitive, or are a minor.






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