On Miscegenation: A Theory of Everything


In the EU, Australia, and North America, all aspects of our lives have now become politicized. Such a demonstrable fact admits that our societies are not only radically shifting to an augmented Marxist paradigm; but that the entire range of our human experience is also under this subversive filter. Perhaps the most significant target of this politicization process is our biology, specifically reproduction. Whether it be planned parenthood, feminism, the LGBT front, or the effects of sterilizing chemical inputs, the attack on Western reproductive behaviour has been relentless for almost a century now. And at present, the coup de grace is taking place: miscegenation. In just a few short years, a massive mainstream push has completely inundated Western society with sexualized white/non-white pairing arrangements in both institutional and commercial settings, earmarking in particular the younger generation for such programming. It is, simply put, a logical, evolutionary component to the European…

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Autor: Gas Mask

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