Hungary: Jewish group asks Orban to halt anti-Soros campaign

Look at Soros buttbudies whine about “poor Soros” and “muh antisemitism”.

Remember The 14 Words

In a letter to Orban released Thursday, federation president Andras Heisler said the government’s “poisonous” messages were harming the whole country.
“This campaign is not openly anti-Semitic but it is still very capable of arousing uncontrolled passions like, among others, anti-Semitism,” Heisler said in the letter. “It is the historical responsibility of you, our elected leaders, to prevent hate from spreading in our nation, to not turn the Hungarian people against each other.”


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( ESP ) BCN – Continúan las subvenciones a grupos radicales y anti-democráticos ( 06 julio, 2017 )

En todos lados se cuecen habas… Eso va para algunos argentinos que creen que somos los peores del mundo. No somos los mejores, pero tampoco los peores. No somos un canto a la honestidad, pero tampoco los más corruptos del mundo. Se cuecen habas en todas partes.

La Gazeta Occidental

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Predicting The Next Crisis, Programming Behavior: “The Ability To Track Entire Population”

We are all tagged now around the clock. Tick tock, tick tock, the jewish control freaks want to know EVERYTHING about you.


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Ni « 6 millions », ni « Holocauste », mais une catastrophe


Un argument communément opposé aux révisionnistes est le suivant: «Six millions de Juifs avaient disparu en 1945. Donc ils étaient morts (sinon, où étaient-ils passés?). Autant de morts attestent l’existence d’un meurtre de masse planifié et systématiquement perpétré». Dans cette vidéo, Reynouard explique pourquoi le nombre de Juifs morts de façon violente pendant cette guerre atroce se monte à environ 500000. C’est une «catastrophe», mais pas un «génocide» planifié et systématiquement perpétré.

Pour visionner l’éditorial:

Sur l’ancienne chaîne Youtube (bloquée en France):

Sur la nouvelle chaîne Youtube (frappée par la censure des vidéos)

Et comme toujours, sur notre site internet

Avec les amitiés de toute l’équipe,

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Jacob Schiff: The Most Influential Man in U.S. History


can be made forPaul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, Adolph Ochs, William Paley, Eugene Meyer, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, David Sarnoff, Jack Warner, Carl Laemmle, Henry Morganthau, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisnerand a few others. Just ‘Google’ each of those names and marvel at the power which the chosen ones have wieldedover the last century. And although they weren’t Jews, the Rockefellers and Morgans were not lacking in political-economic muscle either.

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Zio globos. From aangirfan mex board

Here is the “Christian Orthodox” hope of the world… Yessh, he is a nationalist. Nay, he is only a puppet… Of course, he has longer strings than most puppets of the West… But he is still a puppet.


Vladimir Putin – Jewish family? – vs official Jewish story of how Putin came to love Jews & massively support Mossad’s Chabad organisation – ‘Putin’s rabbi’ Berel Lazar & Putin’s Jewish ‘wrestling coach & judo partners’ (gay?)

Reasons why Vladimir Putin might be Jewish himself

(1) For a man whose family is as well-connected as Putin – Putin’s grand-father was a cook for V I Lenin, the Soviet Union’s founder – Putin’s genealogy has strangely become hard to trace, in the manner Soviet security services can arrange

(2) Photo of a historical Russian Jew looks quite like Vladimir Putin

(3) Russians commonly say it is privately known that Putin is of Jewish descent

But there is an Official Story in Jewish media as to how Putin became such a great lover of Jews & Israel, Putin giving millions to the Mossad-tied Chabad Jewish religious group, Putin supporting Israeli campaigns…

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