Predicting The Next Crisis, Programming Behavior: «The Ability To Track Entire Population»

We are all tagged now around the clock. Tick tock, tick tock, the jewish control freaks want to know EVERYTHING about you.

Autor: Gas Mask

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    1. Also, you can not stop shopping online (the Amazon has seen moneys coming from you, amirite?) and I have a dumbphone from which I’m writing to you now… However, my dumbphone is rooted (if it were a iPhone I would say jailbroken) and I installed several apps to limit Jewgle’s intrusion on it… I’m running Android 5.1 (Lollipop), and I have:

      App Ops (to limit permissions of applications) You don’t need a calculator with mic/camera access, nor a game (most of them) with it, either.
      Camera/Mic blocker. Apps can’t take shit without I allowing them manually.
      Orbot/Orweb. Can Torrify internet connections if desired.
      AdAway. Modifies the .hosts file of the system, with the end result that I don’t have to see most ads, even in games and the like…
      I don’t use Faceberg nor Twitter from phone. In fact, I got this phone last year… (I used to have, bah, I still have) a Nokia C2-01. Still works. Model has five or six years…
      I use another mail account (different from my mail addy) with the phone… And I don’t fill much information. I clean the cache/cookies periodically. And I even covered the front camera of my phone with tape (Zuckerberg does that with the webcam of his laptop, dig for that photo…)

      Yes, I know, it’s a lot. And most people don’t know/can’t do all of these. I mentioned the Android version to you because Android used to have granular permissions on the 4.4 version… Now it doesn’t, because the jewgle guys prolly realized that people was deactivating all the stuff I told you before. The camera/audio access from apps that don’t need it it’s a sight to beckon, and probably, a good way to spy on people…
      I also try to use the apps that ask for the less permissions. An app that asks for too many permisions is an app that I don’t like, and I try to avoid it. If I don’t have option I deactivate everything that is uneeded… But there’s almost always an alternative, so I don’t have to put with much crap often.
      Another thing, there are FOSS repositories (that avoid using Gservices and other propietary shit as much as possible). That market is growing. If you have a smartphone you may want to check FDroid (a FOSS market).
      Yes, I know, too much stuff to do. Rooting can be a messy ordeal, although if you follow instructions and use the correct programs for you phone make and model, there shouldn’t be much problem. I rooted my phone on the first week… (Yes, I forfeited the warranty doing that). Samsung is a bitch, and the phone says: Customized (indicating the rooting/flashing of it). Yet, I don’t repent of doing it…
      But you have to see if the pros outweigh the cons. To me, it does. I couldn’t reblog stuff to GMB with the old phone, and forget about answering messages from it. And I can read pdf files from it, which is more confortable to do for me than sitting in front of the computer (the backlight burns my eyes and shit…)
      But you have to see if it works for you. Your mileage may vary, and you may not be willing to root it and install the other stuff (and the rooting part is fundamental to make the other apps work fully. If not rooted, they just won’t work at max capacity.)
      And I never turn on that damn GPS, either. Samsung keeps hounding me to activate their tracking system for the phone (in case it gets stolen or mislaid). I won’t do it, fuck that. And I use OsmAnd instead of the Jewgle maps (which can download maps offline and doesn’t need GPS to function).
      But heck, it’s too many stuff. You may decide it’s not worth it, Cartier, and I don’t blame you for that.

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        1. I did there a long wall, didn’t I? Probably should put a mini guide there. There is something I didn’t mention, simply because I don’t have it. It’s the matter of custom ROMs (a ROM is like an OS for the computer, but for phones.) There exists the option of installing Cyanogen Mod, for example, but I didn’t do it because there is not a version for my smartphone model. And if you botch the flashing of a custom rom, you run the risk of bricking your phone, thus rendering it unusable… and nobody will help you with that, because you forfeited the warranty when you customized it.

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  1. I’ll just leave things the way they are, I rarely use my phone except to curse out salesmen, etc. Thanks so much for the information. You should teach classes on protecting your phones.

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