White People: Meet your Enemy — he is called Dean Hutton and he is a flaming faggot [+18] [NSFW]

[From Rudolf’s blog, by Cowboy. Added some stuff because I HAVE to bash this pig… he is too laughable and infuriating at the same time. If you have a sensible stomach, I recommend you to click in the link instead.]


Listen, people, THIS piece of shit wants South African Whites (and any White, genocided and gone…)

If you look at this one, you may possibily puke, so it's a good thing that you can't see it. Honest
Yes, this piece of shit wants Whites dead… Why it covers itself with the bell? It’s not like the folds of fat let see much of its lil’ pecker… if it has a pecker at all.


Looks like a train wreck… coupled with a multiple car crash and an atomic bomb aftermath. His name, because I haven’t mentioned this peeso yet, is Dean Hutton. (There is an Australian TV presenter with a similar name, but he is called Deane Hutton. And he seems that he doesn’t do this kind of crap, either).

Nigga laughing at landwhale, jewish scum.
If you take a good look at the nigga that is at its left, you see that he is pointing at it with a smile… almost of derison. Niggas are having a hard time trying to not laugh at it.


Niggas gasp shocked in awe at the monstrosity that stands before them...
Niggas gasp shocked in awe at the monstrosity that stands before them… The freaks have escaped from the circus!! Notice that they are trying to ascertain its sex…


Hambeast sleeping with dog,
Where is PETA when we need them?! Poor dog!!! It’s going to die from suffocation… or from… I don’t want to imagine it.






Fat Adonis has a dick...
Look at Adonis using his «smart»phone!  He is confirmed for having a dick, however.




Now I’m waiting for a certain person to say that I embrace faggot hambeasts… and lockjawed zombies.




There is a bit more…

Listen, this is what the selfchosen tribe considers art nowadays… A flaming piece of shit. And racism cranked up to 11.


Here we have the hambeast looking like a retard.
He looks like a retarded faggot on this one… Seriously.


Looks like somebody

Fatso intervened a fine bonnet to write some shit
He says that because not even with a muscle car would get any.

…has a little envy!!

Imagen relacionada
Sorry that I don’t have this one in a bigger size, but it seems that there is not any… It seems that he wants to bury himself, maybe somebody should help him… He has udders, not tits. UDDERS.




Well, enough of seeing photos of this piece of shit… Let’s carry on with his «thinking»…

From his/its biography…

Dean Hutton, (b. 1976, ZA) is a genderqueer artist in Joburg interested in portraiture as co-authorship; social media as narrative; technology as self-reflection and provocation. Dean is exploring ways in which to build a love revolution, from their more personal work, to creating relationships and gathering collaborators to make our public and intimate spaces safer through artist-led creation, mentorship and community organising.

Bullshit. All that paragraph is bullshit that sounds deep, yet it doesn’t say anything at all. «Dean is exploring ways in which to build a love revolution…» A love revolution…? It seems that somebody beat you at that, faggot. You were born like 10 years late. And pertaining to the love of this hideous faggot… he probably does shit featured in the first Gallery of Horrors… I don’t even want to think of what he does.

Dean works across photography, video, social media, performance and community action. They It were was chief photographer of the Mail & Guardian, a Ruth First Fellow, one of the 200 Top Young South Africans, was awarded an Africa Centre AIR Award & is a POPCAP ‘15 runner up. Dean co-curated the #notgayasinhappy #QUEERasinfuckyou Film Festival in June 2015, and is on the organising committee of the Hillbrow public arts festival. Solo shows @ Goethe JHBFNB Joburg Art Fair; Pt Ephemere, Paris &ROOM. Dean is a director of The Con magazine, an anti-media media platform founded as a response to the South African media’s unchecked and unacknowledged race, gender and class bias.

More bullshit… Notice the use of the pronoun «they» and my use of strikethrough. Yes, this peeso (piece of shit) makes «art», curates «art» and is even on an organizing committee… Lotsa artsy shit that, if it’s like the crap we saw earlier, I think that both you and I don’t want to see it…

In a 18-year career as a photojournalist in Johannesburg Dean was chief photographer at the Mail & Guardian newspaper where their work won several awards. As a photojournalist their interest is directed towards an in-depth documentation of stories that may not necessarily seem newsworthy. Much of Dean’s work is concerned with social issues, and includes the rights of women, queers and the dispossessed, and giving voice to those who are rarely heard above the furore of mainstream media coverage and middle class indignation. They have worked extensively and collaboratively with art projects and artists locally and internationally.

Who is they…? Ah, I realized it! He says «they» due to the fact that he is so damn fat, he has to use plural pronouns to refer to himself!!

Also, fuck off with the «not newsworthy» angle… It’s really not newsworthy… except that some of that shit, in a sane society, would appear in the crimes section of the (j)ewspapers… Maybe the (j)ewspapers would be finally newspapers, and not that.

2point8 is a photojournalism, video and design company formed by Dean, focusing on pursuing novel ways of telling South Africa’s stories – servicing the media, corporate and art industries with photography, video and innovative web design solutions. They have also directed several successful social media campaigns including the Rise and Fall of Apartheid exhibition social media strategy. Dean has trained and mentored young photographers throughout their career because representation matters.

As a filmmaker, Dean Hutton has been selected for prestigious film festivals including the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milan, The International Black Documentary Festival, San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival and most recently the Out in Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Whoa, this peeso even does filming!! And, seeing the titles of the festivals he has participated, all of his films must be equal pieces of shit!! Whoa!! Amazing!!

Dean Hutton’s work is found in various public and private, local and international collections.

If you feel that you can support a little of Dean’s art-making costs to help make meaningful, socially engaged artwork, please contribute to Dean’s Patreon account.

In 2016 your contribution will help support some of Dean’s costs during their MA studies at UCT, to make more collaborations with other artists and explore ways that artistic practice can contribute to social justice.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for artists, particularly artists who create online, often for free. It allows artists to obtain funding from their fans or patrons, on a recurring basis, or per artwork.

If you feel you could make a small monthly contribution please visit http://www.iamnotgoingtolinktoyourpatreonsitetraitorpig.die

Forget it, niggerfaggot!! I’d only make a contribution if it were to purchase a shotgun and you blew your fucking face!!

Since I’m a trooper I’m gonna check some of his other art that doesn’t imply him getting nekkid… I guess that it must exist.

First, let’s begin with the video that is at his bio page…

[Those were five minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. So many waste, so little substance, and so many people that should face a death squad in a short video. Amazing.]

I know that I (and you too, poor reader) will regret this, but I still have to show you more crap from this faggot… Limited to 10 or 15 photos, and it must be probably 10 or 15 too many.

Thibault and Fred. Paris. 2013
From the alt text: Thibault and Fred. Paris. 2013. Two faggets embracing… Heck, I have to begin with something kinda tame.


Gay Pride 2002.
Cheapo faggots with cardboard signs on some Fags’ Parade of 2002… Man, sure time flies by… 15 years have passed from that… I wonder if at least one of them is still alive...

This comes from his «I have fallen» slideshow…:

Hannes Schoeman, Vanderbijlpark.
From the text that accompanies the photo: Hannes Schoeman lives in a tiny corrugated –iron and cement hovel in Lochvaal Emfuleni, a white squatter camp in Vanderbijlpark…


I am a businessman. Gerhard Vermaak, Danville.
This guy has to sell scrap and rent a flimsy shack to survive… From the picture, he claims: “I’m not poor; if you’re poor you don’t do anything … I am a businessman; I rent the shacks for R40, the caravan for R100, sell chickens for R20, and sell stuff for recycling.” On average, it takes three months to collect a decent amount of trash of each category, from which he can earn about R300 each. “It depends on my luck; sometimes it can take six months to get enough to sell.”


Annetjie Botha. Booysens, Pretoria.
This one broke my heart… and I’m a pretty cold bastard… From the picture: Annetjie Botha, despairs at how her son Frikkie “lives in a hole”. She pays R600 for a tin shack at the back of a house. For a month her son lived there but left when he couldn’t afford to pay R400 for a mattress, cordoned off by curtains, in a garage shared with six others. He moved back to the sloot “I have been trying to get a house from the municipality since 1998. Despite what I’ve been through, I am going to stand up for my rights. Everyone steps on me. I have reached breaking point. I want no more nonsense. Even if I must go see them [the housing department] every day, and make them mad, I want a house … klaar.» Since 1998 she has been trying to get a house!! I wonder (quite seriously) when he took that photo…

(Almost) all fine and dandy, but look at what he says on the slideshow:

This project looks for answers to the questions: What is poverty? And what is it’s relationship to race?
White poverty is not new, or specific to South Africa. Yet perceptions of who can or cannot be poor (or rich) persist in the mind of many of her citizens.
In a country where the gap between rich and poor is ever-increasing, poverty in South Africa no longer has an exclusively black face. More and more white people are joining the ranks of the poor on a daily basis. Poverty is becoming less of a racial issue and more of a South African problem.
Having been deprived of some of their privilege, job reservation, and extensive state support, the white poor are now seeking ways to adapt or at least survive.

«Having been deprived of some of their privilege?!?!» He is a definitely a worse bastard than I. His hatred for Whites surpasses his willingness to «document» their suffering… He doesn’t give a fuck about the people he photographs… if they are normal White people, of course. I bet he laughed at some of the photos, the bastard. Don’t take my word for it, go check that slideshow on his site.

And now for the cancerous shit…


WTF is going on… This one has no story, for obvious reasons…


A zio-chick that could use the FUUC Therapy of Prof. Rudolf.


I don’t even know what it’s supposed to mean… nor what it’s going on there.


Some «deep» quote from Martin Luther Kinga… I wonder if he really made it or if he plagiarized it from somewhere…


Well, that makes it more like nine photos… And three of them couldn’t be considered cancerous at all… except for his known stance on White people, the fucker.

Yes, this traitor (or even jew, which it wouldn’t make him a traitor at all) wants to see White people dispossessed, starving and dead…

From 1998 (date from the photo of the old lady was taken) things have worsened there in South Africa… While this bloody pig can travel around the world parading his «genderqueer» drivel and pretending he has a cunt instead of a dick, or some shit like that, niggers do things like this…



Yes, she means it…

Completely wasted…



Of course, siree!! South Africa is liberated from «evuul Whitey«… Look at how low it has sunk!!!

You see that they do that stuff to their own… or at least, that’s what I found on the photos…




And I really hope that this lardass faggot that pretends to be a she, or even they while pandering to niggers, dies a slow death via necklace… It’s really a slow, painful one… (and you don’t really want to see the picture of a survivor of one).

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