Alex Jones New Jewess Wife Erika Wulff Jones alias Anja the Escort/ Hooker & Yoga Instructor Does He Have A Jew Wives Only Contract??

Oh noes! Jonestein has married again to anuddah jewess…! Could it be that he is also a JEW? Hahahahahaha! I feel sorry for the peeps that still fall for that gatekeeper. They should wake up ASAP!!

Swedish Green Politician Zaida Catalan who believed in Open borders and “equality of races” brutally shot in the back three times then decapitated while still breathing by homicidal prehumans!

Justice got served. Her “dahlings” turned against her. That should be a lesson for any white traitor that thinks that he should be helping niggaz. They are unhelpable. You could sow in the bottom of the sea and you would get more results.

The degeneracy of the Weimar republic (Serious redpill)

See? The “wicked NaZZis” were cleaning the filth that their country had, at that time. Thus, the book burnings — a symbolical gesture –, but one that would signal that the new government wasn’t willing to put up with bullshit — nor let its citizens, especially the youth — put up with it either.

( ESP ) Elche – Antifas coaccionan e intimidan a 1 asociación patriótica española y a los vecinos por recoger alimentos para familias españolas necesitadas ( 10 julio, 2017 )

Otra de los “buenos antifas”. Parece ser que algunas personitas no conocen el refrán que dice: “la caridad empieza por casa.”

La Gazeta Occidental

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