The old myth that refuses to die!! Really! For all the seasons! We are hit with these histories about Hitler-in-Argentina from time to time!!

Remember The 14 Words

Over the past 15 years or so, a new industry has emerged to target the ‘conspiracy theory’ community. It appears as though a quick dollar can be made by peddling “Hitler and Eva escaped to Argentina” books to some of the more vulnerable contrarians who have, understandably, developed the habit of doubting everything that we were ever taught about history or are being told about current events.
Napoleon was absolutely spot-on when he observed: “History is the fables that men have agreed upon.” However, just because so much of what we have been taught about history is false, it does not logically follow that everything is false, and that every counter-claim must be accepted at face value. The same rules of evidence must apply to ‘conspiracy theories’ as do towards ‘official stories’.

It’s a fantastic story, told (and sold) with great passion, but is there any logical basis to it?

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Autor: Gas Mask

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