Read this article. It’s long, but explains a lot of things, for example, why the ballot box is not going to help us sort this out…

Autor: Gas Mask

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6 comentarios en “VIOLENCE”

  1. No laws will help us as the jews design the laws to protect themselves. Coloring out side the lines (laws) will keep us moving forward. However, the word violence is another hair trigger word, like holocaust or anti-semitism that flash-bangs all civilized discussion out of reach.

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    1. The article is really long, and it deals with it more from a political stance. Ironmarch is a forum of fascists which are different from your average alt-right meme spammers… But yes, you are right. The ballot box is useless at this point, the same with laws… Laws work against us now, and we are a race of law-abiding people, so it’s as if we were feeding our own destruction as well. Like demockracy, it’s a system so cucked that destroys us, and most people won’t even consider that notion. Nah, they have a fetish with “muh elecshuuuns”.

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      1. A great summary. Yeah, it’s way too long, I don’t have time and it’s really just a distraction. We can babble all night about the role of violence but until TSHTF we don’t know what we’ll actually do.

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        1. They seem to be more determined than your average alt-right kids, however… But is true, their articles are long. It’s an online magazine made by the guys of the Ironmarch forum. They seem to have some IRL organization, or to be in touch with some parties/organizations, however. Sometimes I lurk there, but not much.

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