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    1. They hate us, that’s for sure!!! Even their bible says that, and they haven’t changed a bit from those times!! If they weren’t such bastards, they wouldn’t have not even half of the problems they have, nor they would have been expelled or sanctioned over 100 times.

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    1. Let me see if I get it…
      Basically, the warning from Bjerknes tells us about all the things that had happened in the last ten years, and other things that are happening now, or will happen (your original article was written in 2014).
      And the other one, states that the jews want to get free of Gentiles, and that they will get a new flesh, new heart, and new souls. They will be free of the Gentile sins, via Gentiles’ extermination. Then, their papa Yahweh will fulfill his lot, and grant to the jews the above mentioned stuff.
      Even if you leave off the esoteric angle (bare with me, I’m not saying that you should), the message is clear: they want to eliminate us. And they want to have a world free of the Gentile beast. A world only for them.
      My stance with this, is that they will (remembering other of your comments, said half in jest and half seriously) use the machines (robots, computers, drones and other fancy stuff) to pick their cotton… Niggers are stupid, but also very violent. And Asians are just unreliable. They have a hive mind mentality… but they don’t bend over to serve their enemies. Unless, they want to stab them in the back.
      The bottom line: they want us fucking dead, so they will rule, after their god creates for them a new earth.

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  1. That’s pretty much it, you never fail me in your understanding. Re picking cotton, yes, niggers are violent & Asians touchy, however, keeping what’s left of the populace in a constant state of hunger & terror will elicit more obedience then you can imagine. While one can starve oneself to death over the principle of not bowing to slavery, hunger is a poor counselor and few would even attempt this, especially after the war the jews will do to get rid of most of us. Let’s not forget they almost killed ALL the Germans during the war, their most hated enemy. Germany (before it was “Germany”) has a long and ancient history of defeating and expelling the jews and they have never forgotten this. I suggest you read Hellstorm, a book that will frighten the hell out of you, with what the jews are capable of. They have had 70 years to perfect their weapons & techniques and determination. I don’t doubt WW III will be the end of civilization as we know it.

    I really don’t think the jews actually believe in any “God”, I know I certainly don’t (gods maybe;)) and consider themselves their own “God” & Messiah. Certainly no real God would chose one race, that He created, over another. While their most ultra orthodox rabbis take the Talmud as gospel to be followed to the letter, many jews, rich or otherwise, have it pretty good and don’t want to rock the boat. But when the rubber meets the road, that could change.

    We have the OT, their Talmud and their behavior to show us what the agenda is, whether or not they pull it off as predicted, may be another thing entirely. At any rate we must not let this affect how we live our lives. We must continue to love and marry and have children, keep our covenants and be as happy as we can. Life is to be lived, and worry about the future does not ensure it.

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    1. Or they could pull a blend of all these techniques. They do whatever works best for them. I mean, they could have niggers (and sandniggers, and everything in between) as starved slaves, but also, they would have them drugged and stupefied so to keep them content… Ever read A Brave New World? I had to read it on my teens, and it marked me, definitely.
      You are right, it could happen tomorrow, it could happen on the lifetimes on my own grandkids, worrying it’s not good… Although sometimes I want to explode, I won’t lie.
      However, I remind myself that I should make it count… One has one shot for certain things, you see.
      So I don’t blow up. I have to learn how to redirect my anger. The time, although is ticking, is not close yet. People are too lulled to understand what is at stake. We do understand, but we are not enough. That doesn’t mean that we should cross our arms and rest, or that we should compromise our message… No! Compromise is what the politicians do, and they compromise so much that they don’t have any principles at all!!
      As you say, we should live life and rise above the amorphous mass. That is more defiant of this judafied world than anything else.
      If we improve ourselves, we are giving the middle finger to the jews and their world… More than some people realize.

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    1. Yeah. It’s almost as if you don’t have to make much effort now. That is not a good thing, because, if one were to be held on the standards of yesteryear, most of us would be just average, probably… Not saying that you are, don’t misunderstand me!

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