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  1. I’m surprised Smoloko doesn’t realize the fucking jews wrote the bible and invented christianity to weaken Rome, which worked. Those who call themselves christians, and the dupes who echo them, are jew tools. The christians against evil paradigm, is smoke and mirrors which the stinking jews hide behind. I’ve left a few comments for Smoloko but he never responds so fuck him.

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    1. Yes. I don’t care about their stance very much, either. They used to shill for Trump until Trump went too unberable with his shilling for Israel… I guess they had to save face, or they recognized that their “candidate” was a piece of shit. And speaking of their stuff, I never got an answer either when I inquired about reblogging one of their posts -a post you gave me the link to, maybe you don’t remember it but I do- with credit, because I’m no thief. I still have it drafted. Maybe they didn’t hit the reply button but replied me, and thus, I haven’t seen their reply. I have to check that. Give me a while…

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      1. I didn’t know he liked thumper. Just go ahead and post it, and give his link at the bottom for credit. I doubt he’ll even know. I don’t think he has a reblog buttom. I mentioned that to him but he never answered.

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        1. Well, this is strange. I remember posting the comment there, but it’s like it never got published. Maybe I was shadowbanned that day (and the spam filter ate my comment) or they never gave it the greenlight (got eaten by spam folder and they never check). Weird. I was polite, and I even mentioned the possibilty of giving them credit for it (because is not my post, after all). Weird.

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        1. I remember the rest of my comment to him, his Twitter account is blocked and I can’t re pin his photos on Pinterest because of “inappropriate content.” Christ!

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