Baaaaaaawwww. Muh democracy, muh liberalism… The Poles know their shit, liberalism ain’t gonna work, it never worked, it never will.



Faggy opinion piece full of kvetching, but here it is:

>The illiberal government in Warsaw is about to deliver a huge blow to Poland’s constitutional system.

>Since winning a slim parliamentary majority in 2015, the Law and Justice (PiS) party has been relentless in its attacks on any institution that could oppose it.

>In stunning defiance of the Venice Commission — the Council of Europe’s constitutional watchdog — and a host of other European institutions, PiS has methodically taken over the Constitutional Tribunal, the public prosecution authority, and the public broadcasters.

>The one check on its consolidation of power has been the Polish judiciary. Now, in a series of dramatic moves, brazen in their contempt for basic European values, PiS is moving to place the judiciary under its control.

>On Wednesday, the Polish parliament passed an amendment to a new law on the National Council of Judiciary — a constitutional…

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