white victims of black crime:

The media “dahlings”, the dindu nuffins. They are always innocent, only Whites can do wrong……….. NOT!!!

Autor: Gas Mask

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4 comentarios en “white victims of black crime:”

    1. Yes. Muh opreshun, muh da man iz holding me down. Although they wouldn’t have the fancy shit they have (and like) without Whites’ ingenuity… oops, I said it!!
      They should get the fuck out if they don’t like Whites. It’s just common sense. Obviously, since they don’t have much of a brain, they can’t figure that out easily…

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      1. HA! Do you really think they’d go back to Africa where everyone bathes in cow piss? They have it way too good here. Muh huffin’ shufflin’ nigga hain’t that damn stupid! Hahahaha!

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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