Solidarity with our kith & kin



Here we see a visual display of solidarity with our kinsfolk in embattled South Africa, a nation now in the grip of black socialist tyranny, our kinsfolk the subject of ethnic cleansing by the ANC, it’s famers slaughtered & their land seized by its cadres. It is a fact that more perceptive loyalists are awake to the fact that the same fate awaits our own community if the Eire Nua envisaged by the ANC’s political comrades here is ever realised. Whilst we are separated geographically, we are in fact related by blood and faith and are the subject of the lies and eminity of the  globalist left and their liberal bedfellows,

Below we feature a few images of local republicans in solidarity with the third world  revolutionaries, a testament to their cosmopolitanism and a signpost to their post apocalypic intention.

Having seen the lessons of Rhodesia, RSA along with the…

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Autor: Gas Mask

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6 comentarios en “Solidarity with our kith & kin”

  1. “dogmatic liberal-leftism” bullshit babbling & cultural Marxism crap is just more propaganda the jews hide behind. I left a comment to that effect. It’s in moderation. Hahahaha! Articles like this don’t help us. I don’t care how damn in “solidarity” we think we are, unless we identify who the real enemy is, all this is useless.

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    1. Yes. He might be offline, however. I posted a comment on another article a while ago and it got posted, so maybe you have to wait… My reblog is on moderation as well, so it must be probably that case. You see that he doesn’t post much, either.

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    1. Fine then. To be honest, I just reblogged it for the sake of the photos, if anything…
      Sigh. The mainstream political game gets kinda boring after you figure it’s the jews who are behind everything… My mother is watching some videos of people sending Macri’s party to hell, and trolling the Macri shills as well. I don’t have much time for them either. They are all sides/arms of the same judaic beast. She doesn’t care much for the Kirchners, nor for any political party, through.

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      1. I like your mother, she’s very sharp. I hope she doesn’t mind me “messing” with her son, hahahahaha!
        I’m not sure what you mean by “mainstream” but too many “save Whites” bloggers fail to point out our real enemy nor do they track through history to expose the bloody trail the jews have left in their wake, the most telling proof new people will accept, hopefully. In the end, all we can do is keep slogging on, yes?

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        1. When I said “mainstream” politics, I meant the major political parties. The left/right paradigm. All fake opposition, they are both sides of the same judaic coin… I don’t care much for the politicians of my country: they are scum and I always knew that.

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