6 comentarios en “Jew ritual murder of gentiles (GOYIM) AKA “Blood Libel””

  1. I used to correspond with Dr. Rhome & had several telephone calls with him. He lived in Texas and was disabled. Unfortunately, the last time I spoke with him was in 2013. I tried to get in touch a few months ago but he doesn’t answer emails and his phone was disconnected. As he was quite elderly at the time, he may have passed on or is in a nursing home. I knew nothing about his family. I did post his article that he sent me back then via Word Doc. I am more then sorry to have lost touch with such a great man.


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    1. I see. Poor man, I hope that nothing bad happened to him. Maybe, as you say, he is in a nursing home, or, well… you know. I think that I’ve read, some time ago, the Blood Passover book. Or at least, I’ve read a part of it.
      I don’t think I reblogged anything from that book as you did in your post, though. Maybe I’ll reblog yours.

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      1. My posting is Dr. Rhome’s personal updated version of the original, as stated in an email to me:

        Yes, I speculate that the cult continues to exist, but very secretly and covert at the higher levels of Jewish life. And, yes most Jews know nothing and deny it as an anti-Semitic slur, and tell you that Kosher dietary laws forbid such a thing. Toaff’s book is really amazing. My book can be dismissed as a product od a neo-nazi publishing company, plus written by a goy. His cannot. Thousands of young people and children disappear every year, untraceable? Some are victims.
        I wrote an updated version of Blood Ritual but don’t believe I will try to publish it right now, but let me know if you want to take a look.
        Stay cool and Be Well.

        I posted it in 2013 on my personal (another name) site but started losing friends and readers and was threatened by Google blog with deletion so I took it down and put it up on my new WP site a few months ago.

        Yes, but the old must give way to the new, that’s the eternal cycle of life. We must to what we can while we have the time.

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        1. I just reblogged yours, Cartier. And yes, you are right… Time flies by!! So much to do, so little time! I have like 40 open tabs on TOR Browser alone now… not counting the tabs on my dumbphone and the Opera browser on my laptop.

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  2. If I may be so bold as to suggest closing the tabs you aren’t active with as too many can slow down your browser. But don’t listen to me, compared to you I’m just a

    tech dummy.

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    1. I’m amazed my computer hasn’t caught fire by now.
      I’m just acquainted, not a tech wiz that can hack Zuckeyboy Failbook with one hand and steal millions of shekels with the other.
      Those cats should have tried diagnosing the problem first… after opening anything. Static electricity can fry something if they aren’t careful… or they can be fried by electricity as well.

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