Dumb whiteys helping niglets.


The good-thinkers, the progressive anti-racist rabble, who never, ever, has a bad thought… Never!

They never have one!! Well, it ain’t that hard for them. They don’t think at all.

They let feelings get on the way. Using their brains to make decisions or to think at all is completely foreign for them. They are too touchy-feely.

When you encounter someone who says «racism is guilty of <<insert calamity here>>» you know that you are dealing with an idiot. Because, the 90% or 95% of the time, they only see the alleged racism that Whites supposedly do.

Of course, they don’t see that Whites (and only Whites) are the idiots who have massive quantities of people who belong to other races in their countries. No, they don’t see that. And that Whites give them everything (or almost everything) to said people who are not of their race. Even at their own expense. Noooo. For them, nothing is enough. Until the last White doesn’t go extinct, the last White woman hasn’t been raped en masse by a group of Somali, or Eritrean migrants, or whatever, and the last White child is not a child-prostitute for hungry pedo rabbis, then, we will be continue to be a bunch of fucking, son of a bitch racists. Right.

And, of course, until the last Kunta-Kinte doesn’t have his I-phone, his I-pad and his home, with the most fashionable clothing a la Western-style and all, with money handouts paid by the same White taxpayers that support the pensions system without seeing the money, then we will be a nazikillersonofabitch. Right.

When you have to read idiots that complain about racism, classicism, sexism, and every -ism that make people not be, basically, an idiot that accepts everything without thinking, it makes you want to punch them in the fucking face. Yes. Because they are traitors.

Because they are traitors, traitor pigs. Because they are idiots that hide themselves behind the fact that they have «a college degree» and «they are intellectuals» o even «I teach in college x» as if it were proof that they are smart or something. As if they had some moral superiority for the fact that they went to an institution that is a machine of manufacturing lobotomized sheeple called «university». They are imbeciles. But they aren’t any kind of imbeciles, okay? They have a degree on Imbecility. A PhD.

Yes. Nowadays, college teaches too many things that can’t stand for themselves in the real world. Yes, that nasty real world in which a lovely negroid can beat you to a pulp. Why? Don’t ask questions, nigga doesn’t have logic. Niggers fail at logic as intellectuals fail to see how violent and stupid are their dear darlings.

Yeah, that kind of intelectualoid that you can see teaching in some university, because they can’t do nothing else than that. They eke out a living teaching what they learned on college, that is, nothing. If you come to think of it, it’s akin to a zombie infection, on which a zombie bites a non-zombie, and the non-zombie (person which used to be healthy) becomes a zombie too. And bites the other people as well.

Yes, those shit-embracing intellectualoids that teach their bullshit in some university, isolated on their ivory towers, without realizing that life is completely different of what they teach on their bullshit classes. But no, they are very busy helping niggers to kill us. That is, they bring in the negroes, and then, the nigger does the rest. How pretty.

In another case we would call them accomplices. In this case too. And besides calling these people accomplices, we would call them TRAITORS. Yes. TRAITORS. These are eight letters that say quite a lot, I know.

Remembering an old essay written by Revilo P. Oliver, it would be (indeed, it is) as if they had an illness worse than kuru. Because these idiots… are really moved by feelings. They really believe that they are doing good. They are doing good at our expense, through.

They are blind. And the worst of it all, it’s not that they are blind. The worst of it all, it’s that they become enraged if we point out their blindness. Really, is akin to an addiction. to a mental illness, or the mental state of who is caught in a sect. You are the bad guy. You are the racist son of a bitch that hates everyone who are not like him. You are evil, evil, evil, evil and evil. Really evil. Worst than Satan…

And that, coming from people that claim to not believe in anything (nor religions, nor pagan gods, not even in the Spaghetti Flying Monster), is quite remarkable.

In fact, they have the same mentality. In their worst aspects. They are a mirror, in fact. But they do believe in something. In several things, actually, that are like dogmas for them…

First, they believe in progress. In indefinite and infinite progress. They think that the best has yet to come. That our forebears were poor wretches, that they were stupid brutes that lived in a horrible way, only to suffer and suffer again. Fuck, I don’t know why they didn’t kill themselves. We wouldn’t be here, I tell you. Well, they’d say: «people had very little expectations of life, that’s why». I see. That’s why we have more and more suicides than ever (and yes, I know that the law of the numbers plays a part here too)…

As if ALL of them lived shitty lives. And as if they didn’t have happiness either. As if living in excess comfort and luxury is the best thing that happened to us since sliced bread… Hmmmm. As if living in giant cement jungles it’s the best thing that has happened to us. Hmmmmm… (and you may tell me that this last phrase it’s a bit simplistic). I have a draft that I may finish one day that deals with that topic. Now, I am not telling that EVERYONE has, or can return back to the fields. The Nationalsocialists tried, at least, but, not even doing that you can put everyone back to the fields. It’s impossible, and besides that, uncalled for.

Second, that everyone is equal. And that everything it’s exactly the same. So, for them it’s exactly the same a nigger that arrived five minutes ago to France, who is a voodoo practitioner, and, to make things even worse, also a serial rapist… That he is a citizen worthy of the great French nation, I’m sure!! Even if he doesn’t care where he lives. Even if he could be today in France, tomorrow in England, and the day after tomorrow in Finland, if he is given smartphones, asylum, a house and free money without him having to lift a finger to earn all of them. Right!

«Does somebody care about the French national anthem…?» «Do I REALLY have to sing the French national anthem if I live in France?» «No, that’s racist and bigoted.» «I don’t give a shit about the French anthem!» Like a certain «Argentinian» deputy, he doesn’t care for the national anthem either… (and for the case of that lass, don’t be surprised, she is a leftist, and a jewess, in addition)…

The race of inventors, artists and creators of all the good and nice stuff they enjoy it’s equal to the race of brutish, stupid cannibals that didn’t even invent the wheel to transport themselves. Right. Everybody is equal, goy! Oy vey!

Yes, they believe in that stupid equality thing. I can tell you a place in which all of us are equal…




Yes, I’m referring to this one…


Or like a stupid phrase I’ve read a few years ago that goes more or less like this: «it doesn’t matter that someone is white, yellow, or black, everyone shits brown.» As if the only thing we humans did was shitting. Really, if you have to be disgusting to make a point, it’s because there is a problem. And besides, everyone does breath too, even plants… And I am not equal to a plant! You imbecile!

They preach death, they love death, even if they don’t realize it (the 98% doesn’t)… The most ironic thing of it all it’s that we, the wicked Nationalsocialists, are the people who make a cult of death, right? The Nationalsocialists do not reject death, they accept it as a part of life, but we don’t want to commit suicide stupidly, either.

We want to live, not die. I mean, not dying stupidly and in a suicidal way. One thing it’s the sacrifice that one can do for your fatherland, your blood and home. A very different animal it’s, however, to die chocking in your own vomit, because you were a fucking drunkard, and the last night you  drank like 3 vodka bottles. In the first case, you serve an ideal higher than yourself, in the second one, you only «rebel» in a sterile way against yourself. Yes, because, in fact, that «rebellion» it’s stupid and sterile. It’s just a rebellion for the sake of rebelling. Like a idiot child that breaks his toys and throws tantrums. That is the «rebel» that I’m talking about. And it’s externalized in the worst way possible… In something self-destructive…

Taken into the sociopoliticalracial plane, it’s the racial selfdestruction that the leftists preach. That is, the destruction of the White Race of which they also belong to (that’s why I say that they are traitors, and I don’t lump the jews together in that classification, because jews are not White).

They preach death in practice, although they say that they love life. That they accept it. A walking contradiction, it is. In fact, they only preach death openly for the White Race, not for the other races, although it can be a possible outcome as well.

Third, they preach tolerance. Of everything. Even of the unbearable. Specially, of the unbearable things. And to add insult to injury, they confuse it with respect. And it shouldn’t be like that. Respect is something that you earn, or it’s given, but it can never be confused with tolerance (a negative value). Tolerance it’s the capability that somebody has to suffer something without complaining. But it doesn’t mean necessarily that he accepts it, or that he is happy with the situation. And even less that he respects it or worships it. It’s the value that a victim of a crime can exert. And, most of the time, it’s the offspring of weakness. If the crime victim sees that he can smash the heads off of his assailant without his assailant being able to fight, or that he can harm his attacker in a critical way, it’s very probable that he might do it. Because the crime victim it’s not happy with the situation. So, when people tell you to be «tolerant», basically they are telling you that you should cover your nose and that you should accept anything without a protest. Like a pair of transsexuals claiming that they are women, and that they should have it easier to have an artificial vagina. That the taxpayer or the medical insurance companies should finance their surgeries, because they must do it for the sake of their rights, and discrimination, and that you are homophobes if you don’t like it, and blah blah blah…

And that «be tolerant, be accepting» thing, to what it reminds me…?

TO A SLAVE. Slaves cannot protest, because they do not have any rights, because they are slaves, and they should be thankful that they are slaves, because their other alternative is death… Do you understand now?

Yes, basically, in the «free world», we should be thankful that we do not have the political correctness police at our doorstep. The Orwellian thought-police. Luckily, we are living in the free world, because if it were the evuul dictatorship, ooohhhh… Better do not think about it.

Oveja democrática.
Beeeeetter do noooooot think about it, baaaaaaaaah.


Fourth, (this point is related to points two and three as well), it leads to this, to not think at all. Like an idiot, or, better said, like a stupid kid. Now, I am not claiming that all children are dumb, in fact, there are children that are smarter than a lot of adults. But the problem that children have is that they are malleable, and they do not know a lot of things either. A kid doesn’t have the tools to remark a contradiction, besides the most obvious ones. And, I’m not saying either that the left doesn’t have obvious contradictions. In fact, it’s rife with them. But the most hidden contradictions cannot be seen by children. And it is even worse when they are enmeshed in good wishes and nice words. Maybe, at the best, the child’s instinct may tell him that there is something off. But, if he cannot see much beyond that, he might repress it and disregard it anyway. And that, the leftists know it pretty well.

Do not think, and do not judge, either. Do not make judgements, everything it’s exactly the same. Fine. Let’s be all equal. Let’s be equally idiots as well.

The problem with that it’s that it leads to mediocrity. Really. That’s also why leftists are so mediocre. They are so mediocre that the leftists of yesteryear would have laughed at them, or sent them to the gulags (heck, they would even had killed them).


The left it’s mediocrity applied. And also the right it is too, although not so blatant, at first glance… But, in fact, it’s like a circle. If you take capitalism to its last consequences, sooner or later, it will reach the point of mediocrity. Because it only cares about the things it can be sold, if they can be sold, or not, it doesn’t matter if it’s good, fair, or bad… The only thing that matters it’s the money that it can be gained… I know, you probably want to tell me that people won’t purchase your stuff if it is bad. That’s true, up to a point. If it is very cheap, people may buy it anyway from you, if they don’t have so high expectations of the quality of your product. Besides, you have to consider that there are people that can’t pay (or do not want to pay) too much for something that they might use once or twice, so, why bother? The problem is when this stance leads you to forget about the duty that you have with your client. The mistreat that you can give to your clients it’s not limited only to a refusal of treating him decently when you sell things to him in your business: it also can be done using the cheapest materials (disregarding security), or having the shoddiest business practices as well of manufacturing/preparing… For example, if I don’t wash my hands on a restaurant (and I’m the chef), it’s highly likely that people will get sick, specially if I don’t do it after going to the bathroom… Ugh!

It’s not only a matter of marketing, it’s also a matter of decency and duty. You shouldn’t treat your clients as numbers or things that are a obstacle between your product and money, that’s what I mean.

Well, I’m probably ranting too much now. But you can also see that mediocrity a lot in the cultural plane. You only have to see the lists of the most popular music, or the most watched music videos in Youtube to see to what I’m referring to… Or like that painting of Basquiat that fetched a price of over 110 million dollars. It’s just a mediocre piece that can’t be called «art». Nobody can tell me that Basquiat used to do good art…


That silly Japanese guy must think that the above mentioned Basquiat painting is equal to the paintings of the great masters… Come on, he must even think that Basquiat’s painting it’s even better! Better than this, for example…

Girl in Prayer. By Adolf Wissel.


I’m sure he does. Ah, just in case, the name of the painter that painted the painting that I just showed you it’s Adolf Wissel. Don’t thank me, senpai…


That’s the problem with the stupid relativism they have. Let’s accept everyone, everyone is equal, everyone deserves a chance, we are free, let’s be tolerant, hate is forbidden, we only have one thing for you, and that thing is love… Lots and lots of love…


We have a lot of love. And trannies reading books to children too.


Yes, a lot of love. They have so much love, that they even smash your head to show you how much love they have…


Love love love.


They love their own idiocy. And they want us to do the same.

That’s why they are idiots. And dangerous idiots, to make things worse.

That’s why.

Autor: Gas Mask

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9 opiniones en “IDIOTS”

  1. Bravo, damn bravo. Well thought out. I will say, however, we have to operate in the world as it is now. It will crash soon enough and the smart ones will pick up the pieces and start anew. I’ll be right beside you.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Thanks, miss. You wouldn’t believe how this essay started. I literally read some shit from an idiot who said «muh racism killed someone», and inspiration somehow struck me to write this… It wasn’t from the US, the guy who wrote is from my country (the post was in Spanish).

      Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Do you mean the post from the idiot or what? Anyway, it won’t happen, because I completely forgot the website… I tried to search part of the title in the WordPress search, and nothing even remotely close came out… Sigh. When I first did the Spanish version of this post, I used some examples of the enemy mentality as well (posting blog links and stuff, and I tried to search for it, with the known results… Zilch, zero, nada). I changed the examples for this one, for obvious reasons.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. However, I remember more or less the history…
          It seems that the police shot a Paraguayan guy for something… To be honest, it’s not clear why they killed him, or if the guy was doing something at all. Original poster was a leftist through and through, so, I had to read things like «the damned racism killed the poor man», and things like that. What it angered me was the fact of the retarded poster saying «muh racism», more than anything else. Add to this that we don’t know if the deceased was doing something or not, if the police mistook him for someone else… or what happened at all. If the guy was indeed doing something, probably OP would have hidden the fact anyway, since you know how leftards are… You see it in the failure to report Black-on-White crimes of the media there on the US, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the leftard OP of that blog did the same… To say «muh racism» and hide facts they are born to, so, I am not holding my breath… And I recall that the blog peddled all the leftist shit we know and hate as well… Like, for example «a trans activist was detained by the police»… A transsexual activist (a trap, trannie, or whatever you want to call it)… I wanted to use that blog as an example on the Spanish version of this post, but I forgot the website’s name, and TOR browser doesn’t save history of browsed sites, to my chagrin in this case.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. My goodness, that’s excellent recall. Yeah, they’re all alike. Like my recent post on here:

          that you already read. If it were a White cop shooting a Somalian nigger without provocation, you see the shit hit the streets. But nothing from cowering Whites here. Kinda reverse racism. Our own kind won’t even stand up for us. Fuckers. Next week these same bastards will be marching for dirty migrant rights, etc.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        4. Reverse racism is more like endophobia. Damn auto correct, it points to me the word «xenophobia». Endophobia. Hate of one’s own. Nigger auto-correct.
          And yes, you are right… Those fuckers need to die, at the hands of their «dahlings».

          Le gusta a 1 persona

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