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Although I don’t care much for Anglin, he has a point this time. The jews control Hollyweird, thus, they control an outlet of the expression of the American people… Whoever has doubts about this, needs to read the list, and reflect on what SHIT they are airing out for the goyim. Just put 2 + 2 together, man. If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it. Really. Hollyweird is a tool on their toolbox of mind manipulation and dominance, even if you don’t realize it…

Autor: Gas Mask

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  1. What is the shitskin migration in Argentina & where are they from? I’ll bet if Western governments made mandatory sterilization a requirement to immigrate, most of them would stay home.

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      1. Thank you, sometimes I have other things to do then just pound the keyboard, Haha! I have dozens of books to read and several (non jew) projects to tackle.

        I already saw that video and one of the things that disturbs me is he doesn’t specify which migrants he wants to let in. India & China, for example, are much more technically advanced then shitskins from Africa. The jews want trash from the countries they’ve destroyed to come in and further wreck our nations, as is being done in Europe. I don’t know how we can stop it.

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        1. Could be from anywhere… Indians and Chinese would be an advance in some cases, but…… We have some Chinese guys living here. Most, if not all of them do only, and only one thing: they set a supermarket. Yes, the chinks own supermarkets. Chinese supermarkets are an institution now. I have read a report from a nationalist newspaper (it’s a house organ of a small nationalist party of Argentina), that claims that these Chinese guys could be spying on us… It could be. It’s uncanny, to say the least, that the only thing these Chinese guys do it’s to set supermarkets… Makes you think, at least. Even my small back of the woods has at least a dozen of supermarkets, markets, and minimarkets. And we have Chinese bases in our country too… The Kirchners sold us to the Chinese, and Macri is doing the same… (apart from the jews, which is a damn fact of life as well).

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        2. Good point from that angle. We have tons of Koreans & their markets and shops all over Los Angeles. Lots of Pakistanis, etc as well. They seem to run all our little stop n go markets. Heavy accents but understandable. I’m sure they are being given these franchises/jobs instead of Americans. I don’t know. When they slip in to business like food and service, we have to patronize them or go hungry. I’m not friendly, just buy and get out.

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        3. I try to avoid them, but you are right… It’s so damn pozzed that sometimes you can’t avoid them anyway. Sometimes you have to make a purchase in an odd hour, or in Sundays, and guess… Only the chinks open their businesses!! So you have to buy from them anyway. But if I can help it, I avoid them. Also, we have Bolivians that do the same thing as well…

          Me gusta

  2. Ooops, posted question under wrong article. Too much to catch up on, haha.

    I’ve know jews infested Hollywood for years, but it’s not going to stop me enjoying whatever movies I want. If we shunned everything the jews touch, we’d have no life. If we become bitter and reclusive because of them, we will have played right into their trap. Living well IS the best revenge.

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    1. I do, but I never cared much for movies either… I DO care for music, though.
      The problem is that, you and I are conscious of their manipulation, but most people are not… That’s why they are dangerous. The control that they have over an expression outlet of the soul of the American people is a force to be reckoned, though.
      Most people are too gullible, and thus, their power over us. They don’t see the problem with the jewish control over us, nor they can put two and two together… There is lot of shit on T.V, and there is more shit on cinema… Too pozzed. Maybe it’s that I was born after you, you had decent content to watch when you…… Geez! Let’s say you and my mother are alike, in that respect.
      But I repeat again, I always cared more for music than movies. Much more. So it’s not like I lose much, though.

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      1. Being (older??) it’s true and I’ve seen the changes in the past 20 years of jew influence. I’m a voracious reader first, then music then film. I’m grateful for the internet but it is just another tool, like a library or TV. You pick your own content, that’s why it pisses me off when these idiots say “Throw your TV out” because it’s all jew trash. Not true. You pick your content like you pick all other avenues of information & enjoyment. Would you burn your library down because some jew wrote a book in there?? The more savvy we become the easier it is to avoid stepping in shit and live our lives with dignity and joy. So yes, fuck the jews.

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        1. You have a point there… because I’d throw the T.V if I lived alone*. To be honest, I don’t watch it, I don’t watch movies either, so it’s a very little loss to me anyway. I guess that it must be the generation gap talking too. Remember what I told you about Disney, I grew up hating it, you probably grew up loving it, because it wasn’t that pozzed. The only thing I know it’s that the T.V and movies are so pozzed that I don’t even care to bother with them anymore… Movies seemed to be decent up to the 70’s, then they went straight to the shitter, in a slow but steady descent. Now the only thing they seem to do it’s reruns, or remakes, which are complete pieces of shit compared to the originals (even with shows and movies from 20 years ago they do it.)
          But it must be a generation thing too, because for me it’s no much loss (I live on the internet), but for older people, it’s like taking the air out of them, it seems. And because I’m fucking weird as well… You knew that already, right?

          *although, rethinking a bit, I could use it as a second monitor, or I could only use it to watch in better definition some truth videos as well… hehehehehe.
          Yes, you definitely have a point there. The LG set thanks you 🙂

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        2. I think that most of us could consider our childhoods as carefree and unintruded upon by jew influence although jews have been borrowing into our society enmass since 1930s. Now that we’re all older and wiser, we can see the disruption and breakdown of society everywhere.

          Thank you, sir. Please, no applause just throw money.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Well, thanks for the compliment, miss. I do get inspiration from you as well, too…
      I have to complete a translation of the last essay I’ve written (the Spanish one that it’s named: IDIOTAS)… Expect it in a few hours from now.

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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