Jews Tried To Kill 6 Million Whites

The more you know…!


My thanks to Flanders for his perceptive comments and links.  I had no idea.


We are all aware that jews accuse their victims of doing what, in fact, jews have done.

There was a jew plan to kill 6 million German civilians. It was a large scale operation which had the active participation of Chiam Weitzman, the First President of Israel. The plan involved poisoning the water supplies of six large German cities. There were successor plans which did produce German casualties, and several different attempts following those.

Many of those jew devils remain alive and unrepentant. And still, it is Israel and those who work for the jews who continue to persecute older German men and women, and the entire population of Germany. It doesn’t stop there. The jews are intent on killing all White people, and not just Germans, and there…

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7 comentarios en “Jews Tried To Kill 6 Million Whites”

  1. We have to stay sharp and try to find out what’s going on behind the distracting headlines and some bloggers, too. (Never you, sweetheart) Scare mongering and repetitive re blogging the same source over and over without verifying it does a disservice to real pursuers of the truth, like us. The jews never “sleep” and are far more ahead of their final plans then we can imagine.

    I am trying to learn Hebrew, written & spoken, so I can find out what they’re actually talking about. If I can get proficient enough I’ll start attending temple so I can see what the Rabbis are actually telling them. I even have a jew friend who has given me several books on Hebrew and the Talmud. I need to shut up and get cracking.

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    1. Like you, I’m committed to quality and the truth… Sometimes I reblog more, sometimes I reblog less… Sometimes I’m more whimsical, but the underlying reason it’s the same. Now, after your (friendly) scolding, I’m trying to be more careful. Mind you, you were (and are) right. Too much repeating of stuff without sourcing it it’s bad for our cause… and our cause it’s a really unpopular one already. So, sounding like crazed idiots won’t help us at all. And people NEED to understand what’s going on! We are running out of time, but sounding crazy won’t help us an iota. We need to be firm on our message, and present sources which back up our claims. We know it’s the truth, but we need to show it to the masses… Or at least, to those who will attempt to understand.

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      1. Perfectly said. I also try to recommend books and such by people like Eustace Mullins and David Duke. Sometimes just reading a real book on it can be more convincing then someone’s blog. I also have Victor Thorn’s The Holocaust Hoax Exposed. It’s one of the best out there. Too bad Thorn and Mullins are dead now, I would have loved to talk to them.

        I’ve always said that if we can prove the holocaust a hoax and 9/11 was an inside job, the rest will be easy, so I try to start with that.

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        1. Yes. I’m aware of that, too. Second hand sources are rife on people’s blogs (because most of the time, we don’t have primary sources!) so yes, book writers and historians have access to sources that we, bloggers, do not have access to. A primary source it’s almost impossible to contest, unless you can prove it’s a forgery of some sorts, and that’s not easy to do… In a way, we are sitting in the shoulders of giants, and we should try to capitalize that.

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