24 comentarios en “Predominance – Four Symbols”

    1. I see. When I get to listen to it, I just can’t stop… It doesn’t happen that to me with every single song… no, not even with those I like much. Usually, when I really like a song, I listen to it two, maybe three or four times, max. But this one… I can listen to it for hours.

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        1. Its not atypical of the genre: Deep Noise, Industrial and Ambient tends to incorporate elements – distortions and layers which unaccustomed listeners might find unsettling, or difficult to listen to. I think someone once equated such genres to dark roasted blend. Upon consumption one may not take an instant liking to it but it certainly has character.

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        2. I am not that aquainted with those genres… I’m more keen on metal. But anyway, I found it, as you say, that it has character.
          I’ve been listening to most metal sub-genres since I was 13, so it makes more than ten years now… However, I can say that in the last couple of years my tastes have changed a little. Better said, they have expanded a bit. I still like most of the things I liked on my teens, but now I’ve added some other music genres to the mix as well.

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      1. The music in this one I liked, but just can’t stand the “grinding” vocals. I’m more instrumental. This music went well with the video, making both more powerful. Thanks for the link.

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        1. I love the vocals, hahahahaha! But I see. It’s not strictly your cup of tea, if I remember correctly. We just have different music tastes! Mine, as you know, are more oriented towards metal and music with lyrics.

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  1. Now Gas Mask, I gave you a video or two of the dark moody ambient that I like. You had no comment, haha! I like droning ambient when I’m reading so I have the comfort of the sound but no intrusion. Here’s another that I like:

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  2. “Deep Noise, Industrial and Ambient” exactly what I am talking about. I also like some post-apocalyptic albums. Guess you could say I’m an Edgar Allen Poe kinda girl. Haha!

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