Dj Qses aka Dark Q – A Long Journey

Thanks to Cartier McCloud for this one.


Autor: Gas Mask

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63 comentarios en “Dj Qses aka Dark Q – A Long Journey”

  1. I like to play it while reading Cleary’s books. It’s exciting yet non intrusive.

    Do you like anything from AC/DC? It’s an old group but my beloved David Garrett plays Thunderstruck. He’s from Germany and is 36 but was the master of his craft while in his 20s.

    Now Vivaldi

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        1. Hahaha! I actually wrote it as a joke, being a poet by nature, but thanks, my little pleb. Poetry is but the dream of the writer, where the hard edges of truth are out of focus and softened, like a scrim across the world.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Yes, I know. Some bands produce a decent album or two, others are a bit better on that regard… others just have a couple of decent songs from an album or two. And yes, sometimes music strikes you, as it happened to me with Therion and that song from Predominance.

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        1. Yes. It has that vibe on it… I always thought it was a good song for an escapist. Like someone who wants to get away from his life… A bit suicidal, in fact.
          Although, for some reason, it makes me ponder into the unknown…

          Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Although, somehow, even on their earlier albums they had, somehow, those symphonic leanings… It was just that they weren’t doing it yet.
      Here is something that is from the year 93’… Although you probably won’t care much for the vocals, it hits you like a sledgehammer.

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    1. Well, Cartier, for being an instrumental type, you sure care a lot for the lyrics!
      Methinks that you (usually) don’t give a damn for music with lyrics because most of it seems to be to you somehow boring, or downright stupid, or just really bad… Can’t blame you for that, though. Popular music (the things the tribe peddle on the radio) is really bad, and I’ve been staying away from it for a decade now… You won’t see Therion on the radio, except for radio music shows that deal with metal…

      Me gusta

        1. It became one, somehow… Do you mean a post or a static page? Maybe I can change the title of this post. Maybe I can do a new post with all of these music videos. I don’t know.

          Me gusta

        2. The Dumbphone… Hahahahaha!!
          Yes, it would be like the categories of my posts in English and Spanish. I also tag my posts, so, it’s not so different. Yes. It sounds like a sensible course of action.

          Me gusta

        3. Well, I have to tell you: the Sorcerer soundtrack is going to get posted too. I’m reading the Judepedia article on it while listening to the music… Very good stuff! And reading the movie plot makes me want to see it, somehow.

          Me gusta

        4. That’s great, I don’t know if Youtube has the movie for free or not. We don’t have anymore rentals as such here in LA, they took down Blockbuster Videos as everything is available on line and they went out of business. However you see it, you’ll love it.

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        5. More at the computer… You guys have no rentals… and the movie was produced in Hollywood. My mother likes old movies a lot, but I bet she hasn’t heard of this one either. It was a flop on its day…! Although it really sounds good.

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        6. Well… Remember that GMB it’s mainly for jew bashing/White Race, so, I won’t be posting that much there… But since I’ve had so positive reactions, I think I might post something there time to time.

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        7. We can’t bury ourselves in jews/race all the damn time. It’s exhausting. That’s why I post different fun stuff on Stand or Die sometimes. Your music section is the perfect relief. For you as well as us, yes?

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        8. Yes, I know. It’s just that I might get tempted and I’d begin posting all music videos and stuff… Sometimes I think of making another blog, just for music.
          It’s not a bad idea, but I’m focused on the jew filth… There are a lot of blogs with music and music videos out there.
          Although, I’m suprised that my weird music tastes have a warm reception around here… Hahahahaha!

          Le gusta a 1 persona


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