Arditi – Determination

[Low res video, I know. Even the original uploader admits it. But the images are very good nonetheless, if only for what they depict.]

Here you can see another version of it, without the images.


Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

51 comentarios en “Arditi – Determination”

      1. Lyrics:
        The world is a sinking ship
        Sunk by the weight of six billion people
        We were sentenced to this fate
        By those who preached that they all
        Are as good as you and I
        That they all should decide our destination
        Though none of them has found a meaningful
        Direction for themselves

        Now everything we loved will die
        Unless we get another go at steering

        So here we stand
        On the summit of the aft
        Hurling defiance at our misfortune

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      1. You know what I think? It’s a stylized portrayal of “Nazi atrocities” during the war, the blanked faces suggesting the real ones will never be caught or named, with some porno perversion thrown in for good measure.

        Here is the creator of the images. Regarding his comment:
        “Uniforms create unity and through them we can for example tell apart a soldier from a civilian. The dark side is the seeming justification to violence and the possibility to disappear in the masses when we do something truly evil.”

        He is referring to Hitler’s Germany without directly saying so. The uniforms are clearly those of the German military.

        The music is nice but the video sucks jew cock.

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  1. I just picked up this book by John Sack:

    An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945

    for $4.50 used hardback on Amazon, mentioned in that Holocaust article you posted earlier.

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  2. Desde el Correo Nacional Argentino:

    Hombre local encontrado enterrado bajo 500 toneladas de libros, aplastado tan mal que no podía ser reconocido como humano. La policía está buscando a una mujer de California que, a través de cientos de correos electrónicos, le animó a comprar, comprar, comprar. Reconociendo su superior autoridad mental, lo hizo, pero terminó pagando con su joven vida. No se sabe cuántos leyeron antes de su muerte.

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        1. I know that… It doesn’t need corrections at all. That’s why I asked if you did correct it before posting it. Goofy Translate doesn’t translate that flawlessly, usually. I have to fix the translations I do from Spanish to English all the time, if I translate from there.

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  3. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you didn’t. I don’t speak Spanish so I couldn’t notice any mistranslations, I DID put in HE instead of they. So Así que mierda el culo de Google!

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    1. Jewgle Translate mistranslates all the time… If I use it it’s only because of speed. My own translations are better, and I am not being cocky about that.
      “So fuck Google’s ass!” You wrote something like that, right?

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  4. Absolutely. From the 2 videos, TA does powerful & dramatic music. Their work is good but, frankly, I’m not going to follow them. I have several groups I adhere to, like Tangerine Dream, Cryo Chamber, iron cthulhu apocalypse, Dark Black Core, Noctilucant, and some others, including one album from Ulver. I don’t like everything they put out, but play favorites while reading, etc.

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  5. Is it one of the articles on Jew “bathroom” obsession? I came across it the other day and was going to give it to you but decided I like you too much to do so. And yes, much worse than all that gay porn.

    I’m no delicate flower, but respect your decision to shield me from certain disgusting aspects of our enemy.

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    1. It’s a video on an article on the End of Zion site… One about Indians being basically, unfazed by stench. It was bad enough but then I had to click on that nasty video…!
      The fact that they had to make that video it’s awful, lady! I watched the entire four minutes of it with horror. Seems harmless enough… but it’s not!!

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  6. Yep. That’s the one. My comment you saw was the first one. I only watched 1 minute of the video, was too stupid to continue, and yes, I clicked on the jewish “obsession with feces” link, as well. Jesus!

    Just take it easy, I’m here. But what the jews did to Russia & Latvia, etc. is far worse then a little shit.

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  7. The song has been created by Shri (who holds stunning compositions like the theme for the movie ‘Life of Pi’ to his credit)

    Taken from Youtube, which is where I started watching. Still can’t finish it.

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