Ernst Zundel 1939-2017

If you aren’t aware of it, Ernst Zündel passed away two days ago. Now, in a typical display of jewish vindication, a shabbos goy, paid by the joos, bashes Mr. Zündel wishing that he had a more painful death. Read Cartier’s post, she has dug up the mailbox of this shabbos, and make sure you give him a thrashing, too.

Autor: Gas Mask

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    1. Mr. Bonokoski

      I have read your article regarding Ernst Zündel passing. As a human being who is concerned with truth and historical accuracy, I cannot help but feel appalled by your apparent display of regret over the fact that he had a painless death… What kind of person writes those thoughts (on a newspaper) over the passing of a human being? 

      Of course, I know the answer. You feel appalled by the fact that Mr. Zündel exposed the fact of the Holocaust being a hoax.

      Zündel’s research showed that the Holocaust didn’t happen. And you guys don’t like that. You don’t like it because it makes Jews lose the political leverage that Jewry has over the governments of the West. You don’t like it because it takes their claims of victimhood and torns them completely apart. And you don’t like it, either, because that would mean that your bosses wouldn’t be paid money under the concept of reparations, foreign aid for Israel and the like… Oh noes. The hen of the golden eggs would be dead then. Not good.

      I know what you might be thinking now. I can hear it over thousands of miles away. And I mean THOUSANDS. And for that thought that may be roaming on your mind, I say, yes, I am. So what?

      Yes, I am one of them. So what? For a person that claims to be tolerant and progressive, you sure sound like a bigot! Hahahahahaha! So what, sonny boy?

      And let me tell you something else. You people think that YOU have the truth. Well, no. When you have to jail people for stating the truth, there’s a problem with your case. Of course, you do it because you are afraid that people find out. You are afraid that people might start “hating you”… Well, tough luck, chum. Maybe you should have not claimed to be genocided… Maybe you should have not claimed to be mass murdered when it didn’t happen.

      What you can claim, though, is that the Jews INDEED died in concentration camps. CONCENTRATION CAMPS, NOT DEATH CAMPS. There is a difference in concept. Like the camps that the Americans had for the Japanese-Americans. Like the British had for the Boer women and children in the Anglo-Boer war. Yes, Hitler didn’t invent the concept of concentration camps. It was the British. And Hitler was only ten years old back then.

      And it was shown, sir, that people began to die in tremendous numbers WHEN the conditions of the camps were brought into a state of disarray. When those conditions became chaotic. Like in the last year of the war. Bear in mind, though, that Germany was being destroyed as well. Allied bombings were destroying their routes, lanes, transports, factories, you name it… Do you see where I am going?

      The official stance of the authorities of the camps was to SAVE people from dying. Not to kill them. And they were in a desperate situation, since things were getting more and more dire with each passing day. Food became scarce. Typhus (a disease transmitted by lice) was sending many a Jew to an early grave. Not gassings.

      Gassings (the oh so famous gassings) were in fact a desinfection measure. The “bad Germans” used the famous Zyklon-B pellets to kill lice that could be lurking in the clothes of prisoners. Yes, you hear it. THE GERMANS USED AN INSECTICIDE SO THEY COULD KILL THE LICE THAT TRANSMITTED TYPHUS. TYPHUS KILLS. Moreso if people are starving (again, not by a deliberate policy, but as a dire and unwanted consequence of the reversal of fortune on the war)… THE BLOODIEST WAR EVER FOUGHT IN EUROPEAN SOIL.

      Just think about it for a second… Why the German military (or anyone) would build complexes to house several thousands of people, if they were so interested in killing them? Why? Do you know how much resources are required to make a camp with facilities like the following: a bakery, an infirmary, swimming pools, a theatre, heck, even a brothel(!) Why the Germans would bother doing that? To lull their victims? That’s stupid. The Germans were armed to the teeth since they were soldiers. They could grab the Jews and kill them with a volley of bullets. They could gang them and kill them with a shot to the back of the head. Like the Communists used to do back then… Oops, I said it!

      There are simpler ways of killing a lot of people, specially if you are a meanie and don’t give a whit about Geneva conventions and just general notions of humanity. The Communists used to excel at that, given their somehow primitive methods, compared to the Germans… Have you heard of a gulag that had swimming pools inside it? Swimming pools?!?! People would swim in blood and mud before seeing a swimming pool proper!

      You probably know these answers. What it bothers you is that you guys are being exposed and you know it. The fact that Mr. Zündel, a goy, as Jewish people call the non-jewish male, knew this and was willing to expose that. It speaks volumes that you say that he deserved to die a more painful death. Yes, and preferably, on a sordid jail, too. I’ve seen criminals (real criminals) that got imprisoned in better conditions than him. Criminals that wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, or your loved ones over a pair of shoes. Or rapists that, somehow, get their freedom one day. Yes, you people love to jail old people for stating the truth. Like Ursula Haverbeck… They sent an 86-year-old lady to jail. Her big crime? Saying that the Holocaust didn’t happen as you guys say it. Oh dude, I guess she also had instructions of how to make a bomb. And she was also a gangster… You don’t really know how dangerous are little old ladies! 

      When I see cases like Ms. Haverbeck, I think to myself: “Does the people who prosecute old persons have grandfathers, or grandmothers?” Because it shows a tremendous lack of empathy. I don’t think that either Ms. Haverbeck nor Mr. Zündel are murderers. In fact, those “lovers of tolerance” are worse than any old person that knows history and tells it. Ask Robert Faurisson. He can attest to that. A lovely mob gave him a beating… and he is no heinous criminal.

      Well, I want to finish this message with this note: your words do not scare us anymore! We won’t swallow your claims as easily as people did before. No. You have overplayed your hand and we are not going to let you guys get away with it. Nor we will get lulled into sympathy mode against our best interests. Not anymore.

      Take this last paragraph as you wish.


      PS: I know you are not Jewish. Why you do their dirty work? They don’t love you, sir! In fact, they despise you more than they do despise us.

      Well, let’s wait a bit. This one is much longer than yours, Cartier. I am really puzzled and angry, too. I write long walls of text, you know.

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  1. He doesn’t know it’s me, I “twat” under another name. Did I tell you Twaater shut me down for 12 hours because I didn’t allow some cunt “her safe space.” Hahaha! I called her out for her twat about faggots and children.

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    1. I know, I know… But he has a tendency to insult… Probably more than me. If you call him on his jew butt masters he will retaliate viciously again. Hahahahahaha!
      Bans on Twitter are something to be reckoned, I know that.

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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