The Myth of Culpability

Here you will see the myth of German being an agressive nation SHATTERED. You can either read the article or click on the video, which is the article read aloud.

"Neues Europa"

 The 2nd World War?

The Sequence of Aggression

By Michael Walsh

Source: Myth of Culpability.html

One of the great mysteries of life is that despite the evidence to the contrary millions of otherwise intelligent people still believe that Germany was the all powerful aggressor during the 2nd World War. Nothing better than these myths illustrate the mind-bending power of propaganda. The provable facts suggest that Germany was the victim and not the perpetrator of naked neighboring aggression. The subsequent allied military triumph was followed by the triumph of the propagandists whose pressing need was to depict the victor nations as being the victim.


“Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.” – Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936.

“In no country has the historical blackout been more intense and effective than in Great Britain. Here it has been ingeniously christened The Iron Curtain of Discreet Silence. Virtually nothing…

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Hitler’s Quest for Peace

Hitler wasn’t the bad guy that people think he was. Not at all.

"Neues Europa"

„The assertion that Germany affected to conquer the world was ridiculous.“

– Hitler’s Communication to Sir. Nevile Henderson, 25th August 1939

Source: “The Triumph of Reason – The Thinking Man’s Hitler” – by Michael Walsh

Adolf Hitler - Portait-7

A Study of War by Prof. Quincy Wright, shows that in the period from 1480 to 1940 there were 278 wars involving European countries whose percentage participation was as follows: England 28%, France 26%, Spain, 23%, Russia 22%, Austria 19%, Poland 11%, Sweden and Italy 9%, Netherlands 8% and Germany 8%. Sorokin findings concur with Hitler’s: Germany has had the smallest number of years at war.“

„There is not a single German who wants war. The last war cost us 2 million lives and seven and a half million wounded. At such a price, this could not have been a victory even if we had won.   What European statesman today could effect a territorial conquest…

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(video) Ernst Zündel: “Unbowed” – Release from Prison & Childhood Home (2010 Germany)

Will is stronger than death… And no one can bend the truly determined. Thanks to Signasupervestes who sent me this link through a comment.


8:19 Released from prison

18:22 & 25:24 At Childhood home

– –

A personal Telling Films tribute by Lady Michèle Renouf to German-Canadian artist, publisher and dedicated campaigner for historical truth Ernst Zündel, born 23rd April 1939, died 5th August 2017 at his ancestral home in southern Germany. Uniquely interviewed as he was released from Mannheim Prison in 2010 and during his journey back to his childhood home in the Black Forest, and updated in this unexpurgated version after Ernst Zündel’s death, this film documents his decades of legal struggle for source-critical justice in Canada and Germany, literally illustrated by Ernst’s own art works created during his years of imprisonment, and includes an interview with his lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller.

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Published on Aug 8, 2017

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Therion – Fight Fire with Fire (Metallica Cover)

An unbelievable cover by Therion that will have fans of this band saying… WTF!!!! THIS IS NOT THERION U IDIOT!!

But it is. From the 2002 tribute to Metallica called A Tribute to the Four Horsemen. I can even show you this…

Here is proof that is the same band lol.

…although I don’t blame you if you can’t believe it, I had to look at this image too to convince myself it is.

Sonata Artica – Fade to Black (Metallica Cover)

This one comes from a (if I am not mistaken) 2002 tribute to Metallica called A Tribute to the Four Horsemen. In this tribute, you have bands like Apocalyptica (kinda obvious), Primal Fear, Dark Tranquility, Therion (you wouldn’t believe it’s them who do Fight Fire with Fire) and, well, Sonata Artica, besides others. This take on Fade it’s pretty heartbroken, far, far more than the original…