Feminismo… ¿algún problema?

¡Deberías tenerlo!

Como probablemente sabrás, he estado estudiando profundamente el problema durante mi articulada carrera académica. Mis estudios científicos respaldados por ensayos revisados por pares y reportes empíricos proveen un montón de información sobre la raíz del problema feminista: la falla en llegar al clímax. Así, mis Asociados y yo, estamos luchando duro para combatir el Holocausto de Orgasmos que estas zio-chicas “elegidas” están experimentando con cada vez mayor intensidad.

¡Salva una vida! ¡Sumate a nuestra Asociación!


Las diferencias entre femineidad y feminismo son bastante obvias.


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Autor: Gas Mask

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34 comentarios en “Feminismo… ¿algún problema?”

    1. Could be. Dunno if you have heard of it (if you were unfortunate enough to do it) but for us, Latinos, (((they))) put reggeaton and shit like that on the music channels… “Singers” (you can’t really call them that) are similar in appearance to rappers, and have the same shitty base in every song. Most of them are from Central America and thereabouts. And they do a similar “dance” to twerking (they call it “perreo”, due to the motions). Pure vile shit.
      I fucking hate that music.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I just saw the latest post by Fuhrerious… He went to places so beautiful it’s a shame that all of that should disappear… No! We must fight!!
      (He uploaded the second part of the photos of his trip for everyone to see.)

      Me gusta

      1. I saw the first ones. Going out now, will see the rest tomorrow. I know, but I really don’t think they’ll do a lot of infrastructure damage, they have to live, too. And who will repair it? They will get rid of us another way and try to keep the cities intact. Did you read Stephen King’s The Stand? Super flu killed 80% of population, infrastructure just decayed.

        See you tomorrow.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. No, no, I don’t mean exactly infrastructure damage… I refer to the same as you, the people, the culture. If anything, the joos will try to (albeit I wouldn’t hold my breath either) keep it intact…
          See you tomorrow.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. Yes, I get it, but eventually, the jews (according to the Talmud) want a world without gentiles. It may not come in our lifetime, however. But they are gearing up for WW III, to help destroy Russia via Syria and/or North Korea. Using the US as pawns. North America may actually get bombed along the way, we don’t know. That’s why we have to keep watching behind the scenes. There are many jew sites, magazines & newspapers. I’m going to start reading them to see if they say anything.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

  1. Oh, I like it a lot, my best girlfriend has Asperger Syndrome, so I can relate to the kid. I’ll finish it soon to get it out of the way.

    I managed to figure out how to download PDF books to my AT&T tablet, I had to download the drivers from the tablet to the computer so my computer would recognize the tablet’s request for download. Spent an hour on that one yesterday!
    The books come up better & clearer as opposed to my Nook.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I like doing that, but I recon that it can be frustrating at times…
      My hardest case (if you can call it like that) was when I tried to root a Chinese tablet of an virtually unknown brand (it was very cheap so I bought it)… I remember I spent days looking in forums, the maker’s website and more to root it. At last I accomplished it, and I tell you, it took me days to find everything. I think I did like 20 steps to root it. But I did it, and I think that very few people accomplished that task, hahahahaha!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. That’s true, & I was VERY proud of myself for figuring it out. Sometimes I seem to have a strange affinity with machines/technology. Other times I scream at the toaster for not slotting down the bread for toast.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. I get bored and besides, we almost always get blackouts when it rains. That makes it even crappier. It’s not that I hate rain on itself that much, it’s that I’m forced to stay indoors when I could go outside.
          I like watching how it rains, though.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        2. That’s understandable, I wouldn’t like black outs either. Although my tablet has a back light so I could still read. Unless the streets are flooded, I like walking in the rain.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

        3. I’m answering to you from the phone… So on itself, that’s not a problem either. My laptop is off and I won’t turn it on until the weather improves/the power is back.
          Now even if I wanted, I can’t walk because it’s still raining and it’s pretty cold around here now. Remember that we are in winter here.

          Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. Ah yes, I remembered it’s winter there but forgot you would be cold. How sad is that? Hahaha! Sometimes my brain doesn’t follow a straight line. Shutting down now, see you tomorrow. I hope the sun finds you.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. You know, there are parts of this country that have temps very similar to the ones you are having right now… ON THIS TIME OF THE YEAR.
      I shit you not. The north of the country tends to be pretty hot all year round. We have winters and definite seasons, they do not…
      See you tomorrow! Thanks for the good wishes! I hope the sun doesn’t make you melt! 😉

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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