Jews Behind Race Mixing

Fast forward forty years and look at the consequences of said “integration”… Pure madness it has been! It thrashes (and trashes) every nation that kowtows to it. It ruins everything, for everyone.

Der Stürmer



By: Dr. Edward R. Fields

circa 1970



Jew Civil Rights Bill Author — Jacob Javits
Jews Behind Race-Mixing in America
The Answers Are Complex
Here Are the Facts
From Their Own Mouths — The Jews Reveal Their Plans
Jews Raise Money for Blacks
Lawyers for Militants Are Jews
Jews Urge White Christians to Marry Blacks but Urge Own Kind to Marry Jews Only
Different Story for Jews
Don’t Date Non-Jews
Why the Jews Seek the Mongrelization of the White Christian People
Self-Hate Instilled Within Whites
Charge Whites Guilty of Negroes’ Crimes
New Jersey’s Little Riot Commission
Communist Party Fought for Race Mixing
Millionaire Jews Back the Black Revolution
NAACP — A Jewish Organization
Jew Civil Rights Bill Author — Emanuel Celler


jews-behind-race-mixing2Sen. Jacob Javits (above) at a dinner given by the Joint Defense Appeal, a Jewish Fund raising organization…

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2 comentarios en “Jews Behind Race Mixing”

  1. Blame the females who too much love “muh dik.” In the end, there’s always a choice, no matter how fucking brainwashed you think you are.

    This looks like a great piece, I’ll read it tomorrow.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Yep. Think that most females (and most males, too) are subject to the same programming/propaganda… Not every woman is mudsharking like crazy, no! There are girls that prolly find it distasteful, to say the least…
      If a girl is considering to play coal chute with Kunta, let her consider the black eyes (the mudshark sunglasses) she will have… SOONER OR LATER.
      Around blacks, never relax! And dating blacks is suicide!

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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