It’s Time to Seriously Think About Where Your Money Goes

Boycott mass spectator sports… Go play them, instead of cucking yourselves watching how niggers score. Please.

Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

16 comentarios en “It’s Time to Seriously Think About Where Your Money Goes”

        1. Good. They are basically asking you this “be a nice girl, delete that bad tweet and we will give you the account back”. Fuck them, that’s pretty close to ask from you that you censor yourself (in this case, recant).

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        2. I see…
          When you posted that you were done with Twatter, I followed the link to his blog. He mentions a backup tool that costs $7 in the comments, I think.
          I think WP has a way of importing stuff from your blog for free. I am not holding much my breath with it, though.
          Maybe you should check it out anyway.

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        3. I tried the free WP back up but you have only a few days to reimport it to a new WP site. I saw that, I’ll have to see. You know I get confused easy. Hahahaha!

          Yeah, I know I said I was done, but wanted to see if I could do a new one under CM. It worked.

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        4. Hahahahahahahaha!
          I think it’s that you have a week to download the file. I did it a few days ago…
          After that I think you gotta click on the “Import” button on your new blog. Haven’t tried importing anything, though.
          I have been trying to find other free alternatives… to no avail.
          And my WP is not self hosted, nor yours is either. So I can’t even download though FTP the files and posts.

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        5. When I say self-hosted, I mean that you have the WP software but you host the blog on other server. A hosting service, in fact.
          Not that you set up a server yourself! Although is not so hard, but you need good hardware/internet service for serious hosting needs…
          In short, you need a lot of money and a fair share of skills.

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  1. I know. The purpose of a back up is NOT to go back to WP when they deleted you in the first place. I started copying and pasting my articles in Word Docs. Tedious but all the info is there. To do a new blog somewhere else I’d only have to search my links again. I need to get back to it. Twatter is like a box of bonbons, once you start nibbling, the more you want. Hahahaha!

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        1. Also, most of my own essays are saved on my drive anyway. But they are in drafted versions, with no links, though.
          I have to check the rest. That would be still more than 500 articles anyway…
          And now yes, I am going to sleep, good night.

          Le gusta a 1 persona


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