11 comentarios en “Offertorium – Die Sterne”

    1. I can’t get enough of it… I like the part on which the piano goes frantic, which is a bit before the end.
      Literally the song it’s called “the stars”. The lyrics are somewhere on the Internet, shame that I don’t know enough German to translate them (because Jewgle Translate does a horrible job at that).

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    1. Hahahahahaha…! It depends of the sub-genre, though! I try to keep it tasteful…
      You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve listened through the years. Although, the rule of thumb I follow here is simply my own personal taste.
      I have to like a song much to post it here.
      Arditi (not metal but martial industrial) is pretty good, and some of their lyrics are the best I’ve found in years.
      Like their Profound Truths song, for example.

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    1. I never thought it was that long… 9 minutes long.
      At first I saw desolation, or distress (at the first two minutes)…
      Then… WARRIORS! I saw struggle…!
      And then… damn, I am at a loss for words… Calm? But is not exactly a calm as in “we are going to be happy after…” As in vigilant. As in the cease of struggle. But you better keep watch…

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        1. That made me almost jump on my seat… Not in a startled way, no… I was excited by it.
          I thought of several warriors marching, in fact, and each of them unsheating their swords, ready to fight…

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