( ITA ) Inmigrantes de Europa del Este y musulmanes son más proclives al crimen de la violación sexual contra la mujer

Una cosa contra la cual el feminismo esquizofrénico no protestará… por que es politícamente incorrecto, a menos que les convenga.

La Gazeta Occidental

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Datos alarmantes que han hecho reaccionar, a la población italiana, con diversas propuestas contra la inmigración masiva y descontralada, como se ha conocido por partidos políticos patriotas italianos en el ejemplo de Forza Nuova. La Prensa generalista ha inscrito esta reacción como xenófoba y discriminatoria en masiva propaganda comunista local e interancional ; debido a que reciben cuantiosas subvenciones y ayudas de magnates de La Masonería, casos que son ya habituales en la Prensa de todas las naciones occidentales, desde hace más de una década.

De las denuncias y casos conocidos, por lo que los números pueden superiores, por motivos políticos contra el supuesto Racismo*. Lo que no extrañaría a los occidentales que cada vez abren los ojos con los ataques sufridos constantemente a su seguridad y a la cultura tradicional de respeto a las féminas, al mismo tiempo que aumentan los Movimientos Feministas ligados con…

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Sins of the Fathers: Racism and Genocide in the Old Testament | The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce

[Oy vey…! The jews sure love to project!!]

Sins of the Fathers: Racism and Genocide in the Old Testament

From National Vanguard magazine, 1986:
Sins of the Fathers: 
Racism and Genocide in the Old Testament
By Frank Candor

Although the alleged sins took place more than a generation ago, they hardly have become bygones to those who claim to have been sinned against.  These victims are determined that the world shall not forget their tribulations or the wickedness of their persecutors; witness only the ongoing National Holocaust Memorial Museum project in Washington and the new nine-hour film epic, Shoa, the latest in a long series of Hollywood “Holocaust” spectaculars.

Over and over again, through every medium of communication, we are presented with two contrasting images:  on the one hand the blameless innocents (both Jews and non-Jews, we are told, although the focus is almost entirely on the former), hounded and humiliated, herded into concentration camps, and brutally exterminated; and on the other hand the callous, arrogant Germans, who either participated in the persecution or went along with it.

With these images before us we hear repeated, either explicitly or implicitly, the accusation of the victims against their persecutors.  And although it is an accusation which first was leveled against the German people before the Second World War, when Germany under Adolf Hitler was striving mightily to free herself from Jewish influences at home and to secure her vital interests abroad (peacefully if possible), through the magic of the mass media it has been given such an aura of currency that the German people today are kept on the defensive by it, and the Jews feel justified by it in throwing tantrums of the sort witnessed last year when Ronald Reagan announced his plan to visit a German cemetery.

That historical accusation may be paraphrased something like this: “You are arrogant racists and genocidal maniacs.  Convinced of your own superiority, you have no compunction against slaughtering all those who are not members of your own nation, and you will stop at nothing in your plan to dominate the world.  Through some psychotic delusion of grandeur you have got the idea that God has given you the right to exterminate and/or enslave the rest of humanity and has authorized you to commit mass murder in your ruthless quest for Lebensraum.”

While Sigmund Freud was way off base in many of his speculations, his theory of “projection” fits this instance perfectly.  According to a Freudian doctrine, a person with a guilty conscience often will accuse someone else of committing the very sin of which he himself is guilty, doing his best to “project” his guilt onto the other person and thus feel himself blameless.  This neatly explains the Jewish mania for denouncing “White racism” and for endlessly repeating manufactured atrocity tales…

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