57 opiniones en “Arditi – Sons of God”

  1. Wonderful. At least they left his name in.

    «Humanity accomplishes a step-up every 700 years and the ultimate aim is the coming of the sons of God. All creative forces will be concentrated in a new species. It will be infinitely superior to modern man.» – Adolf Hitler

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    1. Nope. Look, he passed away over seventy years ago, and not even with all the crap & lies they have heaped upon him, they could blot out his name… Three years ago I was just a normie who bashed him, now I am an ardent supporter of him. Even if he is physically dead, his spirit lives on!!

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      1. Ugh, good one. But damn, that could be a glitch of yours, or a glitch of WordPress… I only can tell you that every gif showed up in both my phone (under Opera Mini for Android) and TOR Browser well the first time. Truly strange shit. And if I restored the two comments I deleted, they would show in both devices.
        I look bad, but you look normal, or almost normal, so that’s good enough for me…

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        1. I sent you an email of the tacos. I couldn’t put the picture from my file in here. I don’t know why the photo is dark at the top. I had the kitchen and dining room light on. Oh well, still practicing with phone.

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        2. I see. I like the burn all over my mouth. I was trying to show you the fried onions at the top but it came out dark even though the camera has a flash. Wrong angle?

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    1. Three days ago, it was stormy here as well… I had to do some errands so I just walked anyway, not caring much for the storm. Only lightning, though, no actual thunder were heard. And it wasn’t entirely cloudy either. You could see parts of the sky being blue (it was close to dusk, though).

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  2. I love storms, the more thunder and lightning, the better. Wind and rain too. Hahahaha! Almost wish I was in Florida.

    Still waiting for the email with my new photo in it. Seems to take forever. Yes, it has a very sensitive flash, I accidentally took a picture of my keyboard trying to send the first one.

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    1. Yesterday it was cold (it’s yesterday already for me) and Friday was a bit rainy… Shit, I hate the fact that in this town it seems that weather goes to the shitter on the weekends almost on purpose. Today is going to be cold as well, and then it will improve on Monday… Fuuuuuck!!

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    1. I see your email. I still owe you a dollar, but Opera is wanking itself and I had to shut it down…
      Tasty stuff! Photo is pretty good, despite your… technical difficulties at first. I am suffering those as well, so we are on the same boat, hahahahahaha!!

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