Netanyajew Vows To Expel Africans From Tel Aviv: “We Will Return It To The Israelis”

Talk about double standards!! If any Western country wants to stop the influx and return the illegals back to their countries of origin, you will hear the cries of “racist!” everywhere… and most of them will be uttered by silly, ignorant White liberals!!

Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

23 comentarios en “Netanyajew Vows To Expel Africans From Tel Aviv: “We Will Return It To The Israelis””

        1. On late November I’ll be probably bitching ‘bout the heat, hahahahahaha!!
          Time flies by, sooner or later you’ll look at the calendar and will realize that October is almost over… and then, November will be ending as well.
          You will get better days, as per your taste. Seeing the news for your area the last couple of days makes me understand why you like rain.
          I’d hate to live in an all-year-round hot place.

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        2. Gloom and doom…
          Remember the long ass comment that I made on Fuhrerious’ blog regarding “evuul naZZi heavy music”? I mentioned (better said, I implied it) a site where I get some of that material…
          They have a section of Dark Ambient music as well. The catch is that you gotta register to see the download links, however… Anyway, if you are interested, it’s the Hammerstorm link at the list of links (below the crossed out jew star).

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  1. Well, I registered and everything, but it downloaded (Destiny’s Spear) as a damn zip thingy and it’s just too complicated to deal with. I get plenty ambient on Youtube. Thanks anyway. You know me, I get confused figuring out hot and cold faucets at the sink. Hahahaha!

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    1. Ouch.
      Try WinZip then?
      I forgot about that little factoid… I deal with compressed files all the time so is not a big deal for me, you know.
      WinRAR complains about expired trials but I never had a problem…… and I never paid for it. I decompress things with it all the time.

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      1. Oh I still have the Knife, I’m just too lazy to go through all the hoops. Most of that music doesn’t seem to be my taste anyway. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

        Going to shut down, soon. Getting tired. See you tomorrow.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Yes, that’s true… They seldom do that. I’ve been visiting it for almost two years now, and that’s true, they usually do not let you sample it.
          I’ve seen some uploads with that, however. Usually, if they do it, it’s the entire album.

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  2. Be patient, I still have a lot to catch up on. Was fiddling with my new phone and am surprised at all I can do on it, check emails, answer, play Youtube, etc. I almost don’t need my computer any more. I ordered my new fan from my tablet on Amazon. Ain’t technology grand! Hahaha!

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